Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Witches Hat~

Well hello my dear blogging friends.
It is another beautiful September day here in 
my beautiful spot on earth.
I love, love this time of year.
I just want to be home.  Doing what I love to do.
Making my home and my little spot a little prettier and a little kinder.
How about you?  Are you creating and making the world a little
Prettier and much more kinder. . .? Just wondering.
Well I finally finished my little 
Witches Hat.
You know in my world Witches are cute and they are nice and sweet.
So she had to have a pretty little witches bonnet.
This witches hat is crocheted. . .with a lot of embellishments.
Felted flowers are the jewels on this crown. . .
For witches need flowers and such.  
Ribbons and bows flowing down the back of the hat.
A witches spells are much more kind and sweet when she
is adorned with a lot of colorful bows and flowers.
Oh, I am not a Halloween person.  I like a few decorations (still)
But I never dress up in costumes. . .no, no not me, I am not a
Dresser-uppper (may not be a word)
I have someone in mind for this cute little Witches Hat
I have a friend who goes to the Witches Night Out every year.
I do believe I will see if she would like to have this hat.
And no I am not decorating for Halloween. . .yet.
I am still enjoying the few Fall things I have sitting out.

I have totes of Halloween decorations.
When my children were young, I decorated.
After they grew up. . .Mom was still decorating for holidays.
Such as Halloween.
I don't know what it is with me. . .I think I have to decorate, and decorate.
I think the ole' gal needs to minimize the holiday decorating.
Except of course Christmas. . . so remind me when I get carried away with
 Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine's, St. Patrick's Day, Easter and 4th of July
And whatever else comes along. . stop Karie. . .minimize the decorating.
(It will never happen!)
Have a wonderful Day, and see you next time. . 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pass The Salt and Pepper Please

Just how does a collection begin?
For me there is usually a sentimental  connection to my collection.
I am drawn to something because of something from my childhood.
Or maybe it is because one thing was given to me,
And soon I begin collecting items that are similar.
I have shown you some of my collections.
My Milk Glass Collection
It began because it evoked memories of my childhood.
And my young adulthood. 
My Tea Cup Collection began because of one single tea cup set.
To a extensive Tea Cup Collection.
It just seems one thing leads to another.
(Another day I will post about my Tea Cups.)
Well, today I say
Pass The Salt and Pepper!
I also collect Salt and Pepper Shakers.
It all began with a set of Salt and Pepper Shakers 
That belonged to my Great-Great Aunt By (Tabitha)
She had a rather large collection of Salt and Pepper Shakers,
After her death, her daughter would give some of us "special"
Nieces a set of Salt and Pepper Shakers.
This is the one I received. And yes, it is One!
Many years ago I broke the pepper shakers, so I just have one.
It came from China Town in the early 1900's
I have another set from Aunt By
This is the set that she gave my Aunt Carol.
And I inherited it from Aunt Carol
I am guessing that they too came from China Town.
Are they not the cutest little things. . I just love them.
And they are all the more loved because they belonged to
My Great-Great Aunt By and My Aunt Carol.
It seems once people hear you are collection they love
To give you gifts of those items.
I have received many gifts of Salt and Pepper Shakers
And I love everyone of them.
My cute friend Sue gave me these little beauties.
I love them. . .she has also given me others.
These are a gift from my cousin Claudia.
She knows how much I love milk glass, 
Along with Salt and Pepper shakers. . .I have these on display a lot.
Little animals are one of my favorites.
Along with Roosters.
Recently I was at Fleaology and I came across these 
Little Darlings. . . and they are Fritz and Floyd.
How lucky could I be.
Are they not the cutest little things. . .I immediately fell in love with them.
Well, have I overloaded you with Salt and Pepper Shakers yet?
I thought I was done with this post when my daughter-in-law
Shelly and my Granddaughters, Sara, Zada and Maya came to visit.
Low and behold guess what they had for me. . .?
They happened to be in a shop. . .when they saw this set of
Salt and Pepper Shakers. . .and of course they thought of
Grandma. . .so home the cute little hen and basket of eggs came with them.
They came right over to give to me. . .the little girls were delighted to add to
Grandma's collection.
I have only shown you a tiny, tiny portion of my collection.
I have holiday salt and pepper shakers. . .I have very old salt and pepper shakers.
I have Coca Cola salt and pepper shakers. . 
I absolutely love them all.
Now you ask. . do they have salt and pepper in them.
Ah. . .NO! Well, some of them do.
The Grand kids get a kick out of the fact Grandma has all these
Shakers and there is not any salt or pepper in them.
Well, what can I say. . .?
How about you . . .I know there are lots of collectors out in Blogland.
What are your collections?
Be sure to come back for more.

I am joining

Saturday, September 6, 2014


Please indulge me while I tell you about my
Little Terrorists. . . 
Teddy Roosevelt and Johnny Cash.
Or commonly known as
Teddy and Cash
They are my little fur babies.
They are Characters and they are Terrorists!
Most of the time they are terrorizing ME.
Spoiled as could be
Loved abundantly.
Teddy is the real character and terrorists.
Cash just goes along with Teddy.
Teddy is a funny little feller.
He makes me laugh at his shenanigans.
Cash is shy and more mild.
He is happy to just be on my lap.
Most of the time they are patrolling the neighborhood.
Nothing gets past them. . and I mean nothing.
They will let me know if there is a tumbleweed or a
Plastic sack flying through the air.
Oh, and the kids,  they watch for them. . 
And beg to go out and play with them.
They honestly think they own the neighborhood.
They love each other. . .they are half brothers.
They have different mothers.  
I didn't want a dog. . I didn't want to turn into one of 
"Those People" who fuss and dote over their dogs.
Well I am now one of "those people" and proud of it.
They are my buddies, my partners, my babies.
They keep me company and they give me comfort.
They even sleep with me!
Yip, right in the covers. . .I have to remind them every now 
and then that it is MY bed!
I truly believe All Dogs Go To Heaven.
And I understand now that they really are mans best friend.
They are loyal, loving, always forgiving.
I believe God placed them on this earth to give us happiness.
And my little Teddy Roosevelt and Johnny Cash
Have given me happiness and beyond. . 
They are part of my family.
I thank God for sending them to me.
I have a few things in store for you. . 
Please do come back and stay awhile.
I don't dare say terrorists too much I am afraid the CIA or FBI will come knocking on my door
Know what I mean.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Autumn Wreath

Hello, Hello my friends,
I hope where you live the weather is beautiful.
As I have said, I love September.  
We are having delightful weather, not too hot
Not too cold. . .just right.
The sun is shinning and the sky is so blue.
From where I sit at my computer, I can see the gorgeous mountains.
In the high elevations the leaves are starting to turn. . .
I will be traveling up the canyons soon just to see the
Beautiful show of color and enjoy the crisp air of the mountains.
In the mean time. . .I have been doing a few things
I wanted something a little different for my
Autumn Wreath.
A little yarn and felt, buttons and ribbon.
I crocheted a long, long single crochet with two strands,
Then wrapped it around the wreath form,
I used felt for the flowers, and buttons for the centers.
Then of course lots of Fall colored ribbon.
I rather like what I created.
I wanted something I could leave up for a couple of months.
Then I made this color combination.
I like it too. . .if someone doesn't want it, I will use it in my house.
I like wreaths, they can fill in anywhere, they are not just for doors.
So now I am off to other projects.
I have so many ideas going on in my mind.
I have just got to stick with it and get them done.
I have a stack of fabric, I want to start working on.
Oh, not to mention the bins of yarn. . 
Plenty to do for sure.
How about you. . are you creating. . .?
I hope you will come back again.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September Oh, How I Love You!

My oh, My! Where does the time go?
I am wondering how SEPTEMBER slipped in without me knowing.
I love September. . .
I love her weather. . .Not too cold, Not too hot. . .Just right!
I love her Sky, her Moon, her Stars. . .
I love the September Rays of Sunshine 
As they shine through the windows of my home.
I love the feeling in the air. . .the hint of crispness.
I love the display of Mother Nature as she begins her
Autumn Color Symphony. .
Ah, September I welcome you with open arms. . 
I spent my last weekend of Summer
In my Motherland.
The big Labor Day Celebration
And one of my favorite things is my 
Grandma's side of the family reunion
We have been having this reunion since 1967
And I love it.
I like just sitting and visiting with my Aunts and Uncles, and my Cousins.
Families are so precious. . we have lost many family members since 1967
But they are never forgotten. . .I am so thankful to know I will see them again.
Families Are Forever!
Families are precious. . they are never to be taken for granted.
I am blessed to belong to this beautiful family and to share their love.
It was a beautiful day. . at Salem Pond. . .just sitting and enjoying.
Of course lots of food was enjoyed.
Now, it is on to embrace September. . 
I have a few things to show you. . 
Be sure to come back.
A lot of projects have been going on in my craft room.
See you shortly,

Saturday, August 23, 2014

AUTUMN---Knocking On The Door

There is a feeling in the air. . and it is crisp and cool.
To me it feels like 
I am just afraid summer is going out the back door. . 
She may have already gone.
After several rain storms,
The weather here is much cooler than normal.
And I feel it. . . .!
It always amazes me how we "feel" the season. .
Before it even shows definite signs, we feel it in the air.
Of course a sure sign is Sunflowers.
And they are popping up all over.
I have told myself "no, no not yet!"
But no matter how much I say it. . 
Fall or Autumn is in the air.
I really haven't decorated for Fall/Autumn
But, I bet this next week, I will start adding a few fall-ish things.
I love to decorate for Fall/Autumn.
I love the warm colors of the season.
So. . .I had better get my projects finished before I am
Onto another season, and new projects.
I have a few ideas swirling in my head.
I had better get going on some of the ideas or 
You will be seeing them next year.
It seems I am always a season late. . .
I just don't understand.
I did get a sewing project finished, and I am excited to show you.
I haven't taken any pictures yet. . so you will have to come back
To check it out.  Nothing fancy. . 
I am on a sewing kick right now. . .I even bought some
Christmas fabric yesterday. . 
Oh, good grief! 
More projects swirling in my head.
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
And be sure to stop by soon.
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Thursday, August 21, 2014


Can I just say I admire those
Who take on the challenge of living in an old home.
I have showed you the Taylor Home a few days ago,
And now I want to introduce you to another old home.
Cristie's Home
My dear friend Cristie took this old home and turned it into
One of the cutest beauties in my hometown.
She has done most of the work herself.
Like so many of us she is a single woman, doing her best
Trying to make her home and her surroundings more beautiful.
Cristie has beautiful flourishing flower beds and pathways of plants.
She is handy at building things.
(Something I am not good at)
I love this. . . So charming!
And yes, her pathways are surrounded with beautiful plants.
I love all the cute garden decor she has.
Very rustic and olden. . .Mmmm...so pretty.
Is this not the cutest? How the ivy has grown up the wall.
The birdhouses are nestled in with the ivy.
Nature has it own style doesn't it?
I love her little garden shed.
Hummm...maybe I will paint stripes on mine.
It was so fun taking pictures of her yard.
So much to see.
I am amazed at all that she does and can accomplish.
When I was taking the pictures Cristie was not at home.
So I didn't get any pictures of the inside.
That will be for another day.
The inside is just as charming and unique as the outside.
There are so many homes, that I want to show you.
I love to see people take such good care of their surroundings.
There is something about the character of a person who
Takes pride in having a well maintained yard and home.
I know for myself, there is a sense of peace and accomplishment.
As I tend to my natural surroundings I feel my life is in order.
Thank you for stopping by.
Please come back again.
Today I am sewing. . . let's see if I have it ready to show you.