Monday, February 8, 2016

Valentine You Hold My Heart

Well hello!  I am happy you found me, and want to see some of the things I have done for this Sweet Little Month of February. . Isn't she a little sweetheart. . A short month but she is packed with lots of goodies.  Of course Valentine's Day is her bright shining, all around, loved holiday.  Wouldn't you say?

The Valentine Shelf
I am still decorating for holidays even after all the children are grown and have children of their own.  I don't know what it is about me, but I just can't resist a little decorating for the small holidays.  Maybe it is because it makes me happy. . Hey! Whatever makes me happy, I want to do.  I really do like Love Valentine's.
No pressures, just pure goodness in my heart.  How could you not love it. . sharing your thoughts of love to those who mean the most to you.  What can I say. . .I like spreading the words of love.

You Hold My Heart!
Hurrah! I finished the chalkboard counted cross stitch. . .My second one. . Not as hard as the first one. I think I am learning some of the tricks of working on black cloth.  I can't help but love it. . .And the adorable frame I found at Michael's (on sale, of course) is perfect for this piece.  What I look at it it makes me Happy.


So, I am just puttering around doing a few little projects.  I am loving doing these chalkboard designs.  I have one going right now, it is for Spring.  I always like to think that February let's us know that Spring is just around the corner.  Today the sun was shining.  Even though there is still 20 inches of snow on the ground.  The sky was a beautiful blue.  So, I know Spring will be coming . . . but I live in Utah, and it has been known to snow on the 4th of July.  Many Easter picnics have been ruined because it was cold and snowy. But at least I have a comfy cozy little home, that makes me happy and I decorate to celebrate whatever the weather is outside.

Oh, goodness, there is that little Terrorists Teddy.  He is always up to something.  And as soon as he sees I have the camera he is right there, photo bombing.  But if I try to get a nice picture of him and his brother little obedient Terrorists, Cash. . .Teddy won't have anything to do with the camera. But, what would my life be like if I didn't have these two little Characters. . my life has always been full of characters, and terrorists.
I hope you are having a delightful month.  Be sure to come back, I have a few more things to show you.  And a real special post about something that I cherish. . .Very old and very unique, it has been in my family for over a hundred years. I can't believe I inherited it. . .Be sure to check back.

Hugs to all

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Slow Going For Me!

I am a little, (a lot) slow at blogging.  So sorry,  I really don't mean to be neglectful, but I guess I really am.  You have been on my mind, and when I get a chance I check on everyone.  But I certainly have been slow getting to my blog and letting you know I am still here.
left me in a hurry.  For being a long month it sure did go by fast.  
So now it is
And I am determined it is not going to get past me so fast.  And it is a short month. 
Well, none the less, I do have proof that I did not waste my days in January.  I have 20 inches of snow in my yard, so that tells you I have spent a lot of time inside working on my projects.                                           
I follow a cute little blog called Priscillas (click here) she stitches the most beautiful cross stitch. While visiting her blog I noticed all the cute "chalkboard" counted cross stitches she has done.  I love to cross stitch also, so of course, I wanted to do the "chalkboard".  Oh, let me tell you.. . . . I love it! But, it is hard! Cross stitching on black cloth is HARD!  But. . . Oh! The design is so fun and I love it.  
Don't tell anyone but I unpicked a lot of stitches.  Black cloth is not very forgiving.  Nor is the pattern.  Shhhh!  Don't tell!  My next one has improved. . .Thank goodness!
I will be showing the February one in a few days.  
Please do come back.  And leave a note to tell me you have been here.  I love hearing from you.
I was in a panic when I saw that I had lost some of my followers, but then I read Marty's post at 
A Stroll Thru Life and she said you have to be signed in with a Google Account to follow the blogs now.
I was afraid some of my friends didn't like me any more :(  That would make me sad.
So please get a Google Account if you don't have one, and follow me back.  
I thought I would leave you with a pictures of my Little Terrorists.
Teddy and Cash
They are on neighborhood patrol. . I feel so secure!

Please sure to come back again.

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Monday, January 18, 2016

January Hutch

Well, hello to you.  I am glad you stopped by.  I want to show you my "Aunt Carol" Hutch all dressed in blue.  I think Blue is an appropriate color for January.  It just seems to be a blue month to me.  Do you color code the months of the year?  Well, I do. . .I have heard that some people color code days of the week.  I am not there (yes), but I do give months colors.  I guess it is just a little quirk of mine!  Oh, I have many quirks . . .just sayin.
I am sure you don't remember but way back in the summer a sweet lady gave me these beautiful blue dishes.
At the time I was trying to downsize my collection of dishes. . but hey! I just had to have these. And they were free.  How do you pass that up?
I love the color blue. . therefor these dishes are right at home with me.
The perfect place for them is displayed in the "Aunt Carol" Hutch.
I love looking at them.
Here is the little cow creamer. . she is so cute.
I have my snowmen displayed and some of my milk glass.
(I love my milk glass)
The white roosters and hens are mixed in there also.
A teapot and sugar bowl and creamer are also there.
Can you see the little blue Fiesta-Ware salt and pepper shakers?
Well, they belonged to my Grandma. 
January Blue
The little milk glass lamp is also one of my favorites.
Plus it gives the my little dining area a comforting glow at night.
I am happy with the Blue January Hutch.  This hutch always brings back memories of my Auntie.  It didn't belong to her, but it is like the one she had.  Don't you just love things that bring sweet memories to your mind?  I do. . And this hutch is beautiful in my home.  It is not a piece I would ever paint.  The wood is too beautiful to cover with paint.  
What projects do I have going right now?  Well, I have been doing counted-cross stitch.  I can't wait to show you what I have done.  That will be for the next post.  Hope you are doing well, and staying busy.  Keeping your hands busy it keeps the winter blah's away.  Anyway it does for me.  
 See you soon!
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Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Oh, how I love this month.  It is the month of New Beginnings, or the month of just continuing on the long journey called life.  Isn't it great?  I don't like to set resolutions, I do like to set goals though.  But mostly I like to pick a Word,  Sometimes I will choose 2 words.  But for now I have one word I will be working on.
1.    a state of happiness and satisfaction.

Contentment is my word for 2016.  Contentment is the door that opens happiness.  No matter what the circumstance I can be content.  I am reminded of the words of Paul, from the New Testament.
Philippians 4:11 Not that I speak of want;
for I have learned in whatsoever state I am,
therewith to be content

Being content influences happiness and enjoyment. I can recognize the wonderful things that fill my life with abundance.  Counting my blessings, will bring contentment, as well as taking the time to enjoy my blessings and my life. I have found being thankful increases my happiness and my contentment.  Showing people how much I appreciate them will also bring contentment.  I believe that smiling helps to have a feeling of calmness which also brings a feeling of contentment.  Learning to enjoy the simple things of life will also bring contentment.  

There are season to our lives.  Each season brings it own blessings, and enriches our life.  I can find contentment in my season. . . . And I will enjoy and give thanks to the many opportunities my season offers.  And I give thanks to the season's I have experiences.   
So. . . today and every day I will try my best to be 
Happiness is self-contentedness

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Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Year In Review

Well, it looks like another year goes down in history.  Soon the shouting of Happy New Year will usher in the New Year 2016.  WOW!  Where oh where does the time go?  I can't believe how fast the days, months and years pass. . .So with all that said, I thought I would look back on 2015 and savor the time I spent here at Karie's Chic Creations.  Showing you the things that I like to do. . Oh, you don't see it all, but you get a pretty good look into my life.

As I have reflected upon the past year, I realize I have been very blessed.  Of course there have been some bumps in my journey.  That is just how life it.  But, when I really think about it, I have had very few bumps in 2015.  My journey has been delightful.  I lost some very important people in my life but somehow I was able to move on, and thank the good Lord for having spent a life time with them.  

My time is spent with family, friends, and enjoying my home.  My church, my worship of my Savior Jesus Christ are very important to me.  

 Connecting with old friends and family members is something I really enjoy.  And thanks to technology I have been able to re-connect and just plain connect with so many people.

Re-connected with cherished friends from my youth.
These are the friends from my youth, and we still get together whenever we can.
I put together a HUGE Family reunion. . .Oh my what a wonderful time we had.  Over 100 cousins gathered to celebrate our wonderful heritage.  It was amazing.
Just a couple of months later, I gathered together with my other side of the family and again celebrated my heritage with the people I love the most.
I spent time in The Motherland and visited cousins, and old family houses.
I could not ask for anything more than to be with family and friends.  Isn't that what life is about?
Families and Friendships. . .they are eternal.
I also filled my days with my many hobbies and creating, and decorating.  Making my home a place of beauty.  It may be small but it my home, and I love it.  Of course the little Terrorists, Teddy and Cash helped. And most of all my children and grandchildren helped.  Oh, those Grands of mine.  How I love them.
We had a garden party.  It was officially called Help Grandma Clean Her Yard!  They loved it, but most of all I loved it.  We spent so much time, giggling, and laughing, and lots of food and good times together.  The Jackson Grands are my precious Stars.  Oh, how I love them.
All the decorating continued "smooched" in with a lot of sewing, crocheting, and having fun.  
 Stitching and crocheting, sewing and oh my a lot more!
Decorating for holidays, and whatever else I can think of.
I love all my "Little Things".  
And a little "junking" is also added to the list.  
So from my house to yours, I wish you all a 
HAPPY 2016!
And I hope to see you at my blog. . .I send hugs to friends who I have never met face to face, but you have become my friends none the less. And to my long time, stay with me friends and family I love you all.   I am thrilled when I see that you have visited, and left a message. Though there may be miles between us, I feel the connection.   So take good care, and God willing I will be here for more blogging for a long, long time.  

Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Merry Christmas From My Home

It is Christmas Eve, and in anticipation everyone is waiting for Santa to arrive.  Including me!  This season is beautiful.  And even with all the stress and work it causes me, I love this time of year.  It truly is a Merry Christmas.  The Angels proclaimed so many thousands of years ago, A Savior is Born!

We decorate our homes, and wrap gifts.  We greet each other with a cheerful Merry Christmas.  And so it is we gather together to celebrate a sacred day. . . and sing our hymns of praise. . 

From one generation to another, the traditions are carried.  A tree, with ornaments, each reminding me of Christmas Pasts. Pictures to remind me of sweet memories.  The color red, and green are my preferred decorations for Christmas.  Carried from one generation to the next.  

The light and the shadows are unique to this time of year.  The shortest day, the long winters night.  I like the way the sun casts it beams upon the wall.  It gives me comfort, and warms my heart.  It makes me feel at home. I remember the Christmas Past with my Grandma, and how the room looked all decked out for Christmas, and the shadow of the day, and it made me feel at home.  Remembering!

The "Aunt Carol" Hutch is ready for the Christmas Season.  She is outstanding.  She is a sweet reminder to me of my dear precious Aunt Carol.  At night the glow from the little lamp warms the room, with memories of  my Aunt, who taught me so much.  She helped me grow and to learn the art of homemaking.  

The greenery, the Santa's, and the little deer peeking over the pines makes me happy to look at.  They too are reminders that God loves the earth and everything therein. . .the animals know Him, and He knows them.  If we could understand we would hear them proclaiming. . . . A Savior Is Born!

I wonder some times when I am exhausted from the hustle and bustle of the season, why, oh why do I do all of this. . .and then the day arrives, and I realize why. . .It is done with Celebration in my heart and soul. . A Savior Is Born! And I want everyone to know. . I BELIEVE! And I decorate with my Red and Green, my Santa's, my Snowmen, my little things that brings back memories. . . because of Him who was born so long ago. . .He lives, He lives. . .and I Celebrate to give glory to Him!

Merry Christmas to all. . Merry Christmas to all. . .
May the Peace of the Savior, Jesus Christ fill your homes, your families, and all those you love and care for.  For His Peace surpasses all understanding. . .He is the Light. . .He is the Way. . .He is the Living Waters.
A Savior has been born. . and His name is Jesus Christ.  

God Bless you all.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas Tour of My Cousin's Home's

Hello everyone!  So happy you have stopped by.  I am happy to feature my two cousins homes.  Joan and Kim are a mother and daughter decorating duo.

 They are both so talented.  I can't express enough how much I love them both.  Joan has another daughter Alison, but I don't have pictures of Alison's home.  I am sure it is every bit as cute and decorated as these two.  Ok, let's see these Christmas Homes.

Joan has a beautiful home and at Christmas time it is even prettier.  When Joan and I were young we spent a lot of time together.  Her and her husband, Kay lived close to Lloyd and I.  We were just a couple of young married  couples, just starting our own homes.  Joan taught me a lot about decorating.  Of course we come from a family of homemakers.  Women who love their homes and love to make them pretty.  

Joan has always had the prettiest Christmas tree.  She just has that natural touch to decorating.  Actually everything she does she has the natural touch.  Joan's mother, my Aunt Madeline, was one of the sweetest people you would ever meet.  Everyone in the family loved her.  Aunt Madeline had that natural touch with what ever she did.  She was a surgical nurse, and one of the best.  So Joan and her daughters come by there beauty and natural talents through a wonderful family. 

Now, here is Kim's home.
Just as beautiful as ever.  I love her style.

Kim's Mom Joan, and I were expecting our first babies together.  I was expecting Mathew in November and Joan was expecting Kim in December.  Mathew and Kim are only 2 weeks apart.  Joan and I had so much fun having these two babies.  We spent a lot of time together, with our babies.  Mathew and Kim developed a strong cousin bond also.  They now live miles apart and seldom see each other, but their closeness is always in their hearts.

Kim's Christmas Tree

As you can see Kim is very talented and creative.  She lives in another state, and I have not been to her house.  But, I have seen many pictures, and I know how Kim is.  Talent and Creative.  Kim, has an adorable personality, cute bubbly and full of live.  Of course she comes from the same family garden.  Amazing how family traits are so strong. . .though miles may separate us, we are still very connected, and a like.  

I don't spend as much time with my cousin Joan as we have grown older.  I live a short distance from her.  But, when we do get together we have so much fun.  We practically grew up together, and I cherish the memories of our childhood, and young adulthood.  Whenever we gather as cousins we can see the similarities and the creativity we all share.  I am so thankful for cousins, and that close relationship.  

I hope you enjoyed our tour of my two cousins Christmas Homes, Joan and Kim.  I love ya.