Wednesday, May 20, 2015

It Keeps Me Going

Well, hello everyone!
I hope your week is going well.
I am so looking forward to the long weekend.
All though now I am retired, all weekends are long for me.
It has been rainy days this week where I live.
And it looks like more is coming . . 
I don't mind, I like the rain.  But I do need to 
get to my little patio yard and finish planting.
Oh, well it will wait. . .
In the mean time I have inside things that need to
be completed.
I love this little sign my children gave me.
My daughter-in-law found the letters and put it together.
I love it.
My kids know me very well.
Oh, yes!
My home is full of Love, Laughter and
Lots and Lots of
I pop that can as soon as my eyes are open.
It is the "sauce" that gives me my get up and go.
Even if I am not getting up and going.  
I still drink it.
I like it!
This sign looks very cute in my kitchen with my
Coke Cola tin sign.
And a lot of other Coke Cola things.
So here is to you. . gulp, gulp!
Have a wonderful day.
(Don't judge me. . .I can drink Diet Coke)

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Flowers Brighten My Day

It is rainy and dreary today.
I am not complaining though.
It is a blessing that we are receiving the rain.
But. . .I kind of like to have sunny days in May.
I am just sayin!
Just look at this beautiful Lily that just came out in full bloom.
It is in the beautiful bouquet my children gave me for
Mother's Day.
I love it when flowers will last a long time.
Roses usually don't last very long.
But look at the ones in my bouquet.
I love to walk into a room and see beautiful blooming flowers.
I should have picked the roses in my yard before the rain came.
But, I have these beautiful flowers to enjoy.
I love the color!
It is a bright yellow and it is BIG!
It really doesn't take much to put a smile on my face.
Nor to brighten my day.
Flowers will always make me happy.
I love them.
I hope I can enjoy this beautiful bouquet a little longer.
There are a couple of buds from the Lily I would like to see bloom.
Tomorrow the weather is again going to be rainy and dreary.
That is ok, I love being home, with my flowers.
I hope flowers brighten your day also.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tender Thoughts

If I had it to do again would I do anything different?
My life is the way it is, and that is ok by me.
My choice in life was to be a Wife and a Mom.
My family has always been the most important thing to me.
I have always cherished being a woman.
A Daughter of God, 
With the divine knowledge I have that 
Families Are Forever
And the Eternal Plan of Salvation,
I can fulfill my role as mother and wife
and be assured my life is complete.

I have been blessed with talents so that I can
bless the lives of my children and my grandchildren.
In return, I receive more than I give.
I have found that if I have a thankful and cheerful
heart, I can endure and embrace the challenges that
life brings. I can feel complete in my roles as
Mother and Wife.
What a wonderful feeling of completeness I have.

Remember to let your light shine!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Days of May

Oh My Goodness!
What a week I have had.
I am sorry I am just now posting. . 
The modem for my internet went out
So I have been without the internet.
Can I just say it is a boring life without
the internet. . Oh, I have been busy, but
I constantly wanted to look something up, or
catch up on Facebook, check my blog, and
do some visiting with my favorite blogs and finding
new blogs.  I have really missed everyone in Blog-land
And then I was dealing with some sad things in my
extended family.  You know it is hard when people who
have always been in your life grow old and either die, or
have terrible things happen to them, like strokes.
A very dear Aunt suffered a stroke this past week, and I
am so sad.  She is my Dad's youngest sister and the only
one living of my Dad's 8 siblings.  I have been very
close to my Aunt Madeline, and it saddens me to watch her
grow old and have so many health problems.
I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will bless her,
and if it is time for her to complete her journey on this earth
she will pass to the next phase of our existence.  For I know
that death does not end our life.  We continue to live.

I love the month of
I sometimes wish it would always be May
all year long.  
But I know that isn't the way it is. . .
I do like the four seasons.
Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.
It is just that I like some months better than others.

I have a full 12 month set of these cute little embroidery months.
I did them several years ago.  I change them out each month.
 I am afraid I am not going to be able to do Counted Cross Stitch
for much longer.  My eyesight is not as good as it use to be.
I may have to get magnifying glasses so I can see to do the stitches..
I really enjoy embroidering. 
The rain has let up for a couple of days, so while I was without
internet I worked in my tiny yard.
I will show you pictures later.
One reason I like May so much is that I can work in my yard
planting, and fussing around and it isn't too hard.
The mornings are delightful, and even afternoons are not that hot.
I want to get everything planted and looking nice,
I hope you are having a lovely May.
Please do check back soon.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I Have Been Featured

I am so thrilled!
I have been featured at
Brenda who is the author and owner of
She has featured my living room make-over.
Now mind you, Cozy Little House doesn't need a shout out from 
Karie's Chic Creations, because I am just a small little
drop in the bucket. . .compared to Cozy Little House.
I am a nobody out there in Blog-land
But Cozy Little House is BIG!
I am very honored to be featured twice on this blog.
(these are pictures of her pretend family she was an abandoned child)
Brenda, has an amazing story. . her life journey is very interesting.
She is honest and open about her life.
I admire someone who can tell their story.
I have learned a lot about life from reading her story.
Everyone has a story to tell. . .We can look to others and 
see what their life has been like, and we can glean important
lessons for our own life.
Brenda is a survivor. . .I admire her.
I like people who are honest and truthful.
Someone who is genuine.

I read her blog every day.  
She takes beautiful pictures of nature.
She shows how you can live a full life on a small income.
Her home is small, and is decorated with color and life.
Like me she has two little Yorkie's that are her babies.
The outside patio of her tiny home is decorated with her
plants, and full of color also.
 Can you see why I am so honored to be featured by 
Take some time and visit Brenda.  Read her story.
And view her beautiful little home
And it is a home, a Cozy Little House
I am sure you can see why I enjoy reading her blog.
By the way she is a professional writer.

Oh, and a little note:  Did you see the little photo-bomber in this
picture.  That is my little Teddy Roosevelt.
Oh he is a stinker.  When he see me with my
camera, he wants to be in the picture.
Little Stinker.  But I love him and little Cash so much.
I hope you are having a wonderful May!
I am. . .Keep the sunshine in your life.
Even when it is cloudy and overcast!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thursday Thread Day

Well Hello Friends!
And Hello last day of April.
My, oh my, where is the time going.
It is gorgeous weather where I live.
I need to be in my tiny yard getting flowers in.
But instead I have been puttering inside my home,
Nothing like spring cleaning. . .Honestly I love it.
Refreshing, refreshing!
Now hopefully in the next few days I can get busy outside.
Well today is
Let's see what Little Dot has for us today.
I have been crocheting dish clothes.
Ya, they are easy, and quick and I like them.
If you haven't used the crocheted clothes you are really missing out.
They are much better than store bought dish clothes.
I have a couple of patterns that are my favorites.
This one is just a simple Granny Square.
I posted another pattern HERE
I just make whatever fancies me.
Mother's Day is coming up, so I wanted to have some
Gifts on hand to give.  These make the best gifts.
While I am watching t.v. or taking a break from other things.
I like to crochet.   My hands are always busy.
My Grandma taught me well.
I hope you are enjoying the beautiful  day
Wherever you are may you be able to see the good.
See ya in MAY!

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

It Is New To Me

Well, hello friends!
It is a beautiful spring morning where I live.
In fact it is beyond gorgeous!!!
I was out early taking pictures of the beautiful
world the Lord had created for me to enjoy.
I just had to share with you my changes in my living room.
I am thrilled when I can find something that belonged
to some else, and is in perfect condition, was cheap, and now
belongs to me. . . 
Well, that is what I found with my living room couch.
I have actually had this couch for 2 years.
 It was in my basement family room.  
Of course there is a story behind me finding this couch.
Which I won't go into . . .but let me say I bought it from
a professional baseball player for the Philly's.
Ya! Can you believe it.
My intention to begin with was to change my couches.
Put this older couch in my basement, and put
the newer couch in the living room.
That was 2 years ago.
Well, the older couch couldn't make the turn
down my stairs.
(yes, my movers were complaining) hehehe!
So long story short, I put the "new to me couch"
in the basement family room, and kept the
"old" couch in the living room.
Well, needless to say the "old" couch got older.
It was showing it's age.
I convinced my movers to make the change for me.
I LOVE it! I love the style, and I love the comfort.
And one of the best things is it fits my living more much better 
than the "old"one.  Also, it didn't cost me anything to make the change.
Right now, I don't have the m.o.n.e.y to make changes that I
would like to make.  
But, this beautiful couch is 
Of course one change leads to another.
I Spring-ified. my shelf in the living room.
Oh, how I like decorating this shelf.
Painted my initial K.  I like it!
Well, there you have the
New To Me!
All things are clean, and refreshed.
Before the changes were in place I did a little
spring cleaning.
Spring cleaning always makes a home, fell like new.
Now I will start on a room or two, and make then
feel new to me.
Have an awesome day.  Enjoy some sunshine.

"Some old -fashioned things 
like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat."
                              Laura Inggals Wilder

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