Monday, August 8, 2016

Homes of the Old Western Frontier~ Kanab, Utah

My friend recently took a little road trip to Southern Utah to visit my friends and family.  Particularly my brother and his family who live in Kanab, Utah. What a great time we had.  The trip was short but full of memories.  One of the things I like to do is travel the back highways and see the little western communities.  I like to see old houses that were once cherished homes of strong and industrious families who lived in harsh elements and far from the growing cities of the West.  My imagination will wonder and search for what it must have been like for them. I have been to Kanab many times, but this time I stopped long enough to take pictures of two houses that have always caught my eye. They have been well taken care of over the century plus years they have existed.  Beautiful structures that are call Home.  "If only wall could talk."

Roses were easy for the early settlers to grow.  It seems there is always roses
that line the front fence, and a rose garden to the side of the house.

Old houses have multiple porches.  I love the big old front and side porches.
 Love this house with the unique architecture 
 The front steps and porch or situated at an angle.  I also love the 
front boy windows.
 Sandstone brick. . .remember this is red rock country.
Notice the colored spindles on the porch.
 There were lots of trees planted to cool the homes from the
hot desert summers in Southern Utah.
 Tree lined streets and large grassy areas.  I can picture a lot of
picnics and family and friend gathers on the large lots.
Beautiful homes of the long ago past. Well preserved and some restored
to their original beauty.  My imagination can go wild in picturing what it must
have been like for the people living here.  I know life was not easy, seldom is it even now
but no matter the day or the time or the century we live in we can cherish
and be thankful for our wood and stone houses that we call home
Home Sweet Home.

Monday, July 18, 2016

The Spirit Of A Home

Well, good morning to everyone. I hope you had a good weekend.  Not so good for me.  I don't know what is going on with me, all I can say is I am "out of kilter".  Something is just not right with me.  I had a migraine on Friday so that really put me "out of kilter".  Migraines are horrible.  If you have never had one be grateful.
 But that isn't what I want to talk about today.  
I like to take picture of old house.  Houses that are well taken care of.
Houses that have some character. . . Houses that are Homes.
Now remember there is a big difference in Houses and Homes.
As the poem goes,
"It takes a heap of livin to make a house a home."
I have found this to be true.
This is my childhood home.
My Aunt Diane lives in the home now.  But originally it belonged to my Grandma Dot.  My Grandma was a young widow. My Grandpa died of strep throat.  Long before we had antibiotics. They were living in Washington state at the time.  It was in 1930.  My Grandma was left with three young children and was expecting my Aunt Diane.  After my Grandpa died my Grandma returned back to Utah to be near family.  Her parents my Great-Grandparents were living in our families home town of Payson, Utah.  Basicly my Grandma was homeless. . .she lived with my Great-Grandparents for awhile until my Aunt was born.  Now remember this is 1938.  Not much opportunities existed for young widows. . especially in rural Utah.  They family knew they needed to get a place for my Grandma to live and raise her family.  So in the Old Mormon Family way, everyone worked together to build this home for my Grandma.  

My Great Grandparents Home.
Not long after my Grandma's home was completed the family helped build this home.  My Great-Grandparent home.  Soon after my Great-Uncle build his home on the other side of my Grandma.  

It was in these secure surroundings that I grew and matured.  Many of life lessons was taught to me in the confines of these homes.  Under the care and love my my Grandma, and my Great-grandparents, Aunt, Uncles and Cousins I learned life lessons.  Lessons that would carry me through the storms of my life.  Lessons that would help me see sunshine, when I was surrounded by darkness. In these homes I was taught strong Christian values, and standards.  Under the nurturing care of my Grandma, I learned how to face challenges with faith that I can be happy and at peace.  

Yes, it does take a "heap of livin" to make a house a home.  And it is the lessons we were taught in the home that we will carry forever in our hearts.  I believe that houses have a spirits. . .yes, Spirits.  The spirit of the home is created by the people who live there.  These houses I have shown you here have GOOD spirits.  You can feel it the minute you step in the door.  Housekeeping is just keeping a place. . .but Homemaking is making that place a home. A Home  with a Good spirit.  Maybe that is what has happened to our society today, there is not enough Homemaking.  It is just streets and cities with houses and not enough homes with Good spirits.  

My Home
It could be that if we all tried to bring back the Home in Homemaking, and thought less of the House we could change the world to a more nurturing and loving place.  Now by all means a Home should look nice and clean, for a good spirit can not reside in a messy cluttered house.  I truly believe the tide must change and more time and thought and action needs to be placed in the Home. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Summer Time and I am Returning

Hello my friends!  Well, we are mid way through summer and I am finally returning to my blog.  I just needed a little break. . .I hope you understand, and I thank you for sticking with me during my absence.

During my break from blogging I was busy doing things I love to do, and learning new things to add to my creating spirit.  And of course there is always the day to day things that need to be done.  Summer brings an added joy . . . Something I love to do. . . . . Gardening. 

I have just a small little back yard.  Really is is the size of a postage stamp.  It seems to be just enough for me to take care of.  When I first moved into my condo, the little backyard was a mess. . really!  weeds, and hard rocky soil.  A nice little patio, but who wants to sit on a patio when the surroundings is a dry weeded patch of rocky dirt?

So with the help of my children and my grandchildren. . and a few good friends my little dry rocky yard is turning into a nice little paradise for me.  Oh, believe we there is still work to do, but I just do a little at a time and it is gradually turning into a space I love and enjoy.  

The flowers have grown since this picture was taken. . . I am amazed at how well shrubs and flowers can do when you water and fertilize and give them tender care.  Like I said it is a work in progress, a little at a time and soon it will be where I want it to be.  

I don't have to worry about the front of my condo or the surrounding grounds.  It is all taken care of my a lawn care service.  It is nice to not have to worry about mowing and taking care of the shrubs and trees.  For me living in a condo is a perfect fit.  I really love where I live too.  I have good neighbors close by, and I am centrally located in my community.  I like having the end unit. . . call me crazy but I like to hear the sound of cars passing on the road.  It assures me I am not alone.  I guess it is something with me being afraid of aloneness. It is not even a "word", but believe me it is a feeling.  It is different from loneliness.  It is hard to describe, and the only way I can put it is being alone for so long. . . you have the feeling even when you are with others and enjoying your time. . .the aloneness become part of who you are. ALONE.

I try to stay busy as a bee as much as I can.  I have so much to be thankful for.  I also have so much to do.
There is always a project or two going on at my house.  

You may wonder why I took a break from blogging. Well, I was a little tired of it.  Sometimes blogging made me feel I wasn't good enough. . .I wasn't content with who I was, and the things I do.  I read some fantastic blogs, very creative and beautiful.  But seldom did I read about the person behind the blog.  I don't expect people to bear their souls on social media, but it is nice to know that not everything is wonderful and beautiful all the time.  This is life, and life can be very hard at times.  In fact most of the time.  Not always do our homes look picture perfect, and not everyone has the money and the resources to have glamorous homes and yards, and cars and children. . . . .and blogs. So I had to decide what direction I wanted to take my blog.  I don't have nor never have had a glamorous life. . picture perfect is not me.  I consider myself a good person trying and trying every day to better myself in some way.  Some days it works and some days it doesn't but I keep trying.  So. . .I am taking Karie's Chic Creations in a little different direction.  I am going to be real. .. .I want to talk. . . I want to tell you my feelings and I want to write of my frustrations, and my hurts, and my faults. . .but I also want to talk about the good things in my life.  The things that make me happy and the things that help me get through each day. You will still see the things I am creating, and you will still see my home, but there will be a new look to Karie's Chic Creations.  It will be more about creating a life. . .I hope you will join me as I change the focus here . . .It will be an interesting journey.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Day Junking With Cousins

Well, Hello everyone.
I am so glad you have come to visit.
I hope you are enjoying the Spring weather like
we are here in Utah.
It is gorgeous. . blue skies, sunny, and not to hot.
Just right!
A few days ago I met up with my Cousins.
Karma, Joan and Vickie.
Oh, how I love these gals.  We come from the same garden. . .you know.
We needed some time together and time Junking and being with our Aunt.
We were able to do it all in one day.
First we went to Reclaimology. . they were having a show.
What fun it was. . to wander through the many booths of reclaimed beauty.
I passed up buying so many things I would  like to have.
There was so much, that I couldn't decide. . and then when I 
went back to buy something. . .it was gone!
Story of my life.
There were some really cute ideas too.
I took a lot of pictures, and most of them didn't turn out very good.
Being the picture taker that I am you would have thought I would
bring my good Canon camera. . .Oh, no!
I left it home, so I was taking pictures with my phone.
And they just didn't turn out very good.
Needless to say it was a fun filled day.
After Reclaimology we went to visit my Great-Aunt Colleen.
She is 86 years old and still very active in-spite of some health challenges.
I know I have shown her beautiful yard before, but I
don't think I have shown her beautiful
Magnolia Tree when it is in full bloom
I didn't think we could grow Magnolia's in Utah
But my Aunt Colleen sure can.
Here she is sweet Auntie. What a sweetheart she is.
I have had some wonderful times with her. . .she has taught me so much.
We had lunch with her at her home, and we talked, and giggled and 
had so much fun.  She has taken up oil painting again.  I will show you some
of her paintings in another post.
I truly believe it is good for the soul to get together with family, and
friends often. It sure makes me feel good after I have been with
them.  Well this day was no different.
Love you Cousins and Auntie so much.
 Hugs to all.

BTW, our next Saturday together is in May. 
Fleaology is being held. . it is our favorite.

Monday, April 4, 2016

A Hankie ~ Families Are Forever

Hello to everyone this beautiful April day.  
A few weeks ago I attended the dedication of a new
Temple of The Lord.
It is a blessed event that we hold very sacred.
I am a Mormon!
Yes, I belong to 
The Church of  Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
The Temple Dedication was for the
Provo City Center Temple
Located in the beautiful city of Provo, Utah.
The first Temple Dedication I attended was in  February 1972
The Provo Temple
Is also location in Provo, Utah
At the beautiful foot of the Wasatch Mountains.
The Provo Temple was the first temple to be dedicated in Utah
since the Salt Lake Temple, which was dedicated in 1895
I personally felt so humble that I would be able to attend the dedication.
All who attend the dedication  of the temple must bring a white hankie, 
which is used in the dedication ceremony.
In 1972 my Granny Daley was still alive and I ask her to
crochet a white hankie for me.
She was so happy that I would ask her to do that.
This is the beautiful hankie she crocheted for me.
Since 1972 I have attended seven temple dedications.
Each time, I take this beautiful hankie my Granny crocheted for me
to the dedication. It was with me when I went  to the temple 
to be sealed for time and all eternity to my beloved husband.

The temple is a Holy House to the Lord.
It is where eternal ordinances  are performed so that
Families can be together Forever.
Temple's are a magnificent blessing to the people of this earth.
The Lord blesses us through the Covenants we make in 
His Holy House.
I love and cherish my white hankie, but more than  that
I love and cherish the covenants I have made.  I know that
some day I will be with my beloved family.
Families Are Forever.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter ~ A Glorious Time of The Year

I just love Easter!
So here is a little show of Easter in my Home.
We have a big Easter Picnic planned for later today.
Saturday is the day we play and have our picnic.
Sunday is reserved always for Church
And giving thanks for the glorious 
Atonement and Resurrection of
Jesus Christ.
Spring means Easter. . .Little bunnies are suppose to welcome
all the pretty flowers and sunshine and blue skies.
But, I live in Utah and we never know what we might get
for our Easter weather.  Especially when Easter falls in late March.
So. . having said that. . .
We will be having our Easter Saturday Picnic in
Yip, this is what we woke up to this morning.
Snow is beautiful. . . but. . . not at Easter time!
We, will just have to make adjustments to our plans
The main this is that we are together as a family.
I hope you have a wonderful Easter. . .
It really is the most glorious time.