Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Finding Joy ~ Happiness In The Journey ~ Happy Valentine

Hello my dear friends, thank you
for staying with me as I have
been a hit and miss blogger.

I started my blog with sharing in mind.
Sharing with you my journey through life.
I like to share my talents, my home,
my love of all thing beautiful and praiseworthy.

Along the way I share with you my joy, my
happiness, my ups and my downs. 
My pillars of strength.

And since Valentine's Day is only a day away
I want to share with you 
a few of my favorite things.

Yes my Family is the light of my life.
My Faith is the pillar to hold me up.
And Friends.
Oh how empty my life would be without
these three.

These two little characters are part of my
life and oh, how I love them.
They are my loyal companions.
They love me no matter what.
And I love them.
Teddy Roosevelt and Johnny Cash!
Who would have thought?

I am blessed and I am grateful for my
Talents. . It gives me joy and happiness
to create.
And Share.

Picture overload!

But I want to share!

And so. . . 

I wish you all a 
Happy Valentine's Day!

With love in your heart
Find the joy and happiness
in your Journey.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Little Amish Boys

Hello from my snow covered  part of the country
It is beautiful.

This was actually taken before the 
Big storm hit.
18 inches of snow in the valley, 
Much more in the mountains.

But the focus of my post today is not
about the snow or the beautiful mountains
that surround me.

This precious picture is what I want to tell you about.
I gave this to my Dad and Step- mother
27 years ago as a Christmas gift.

The moment I set my eyes on it I knew it
belonged to my Dad.

It now hangs in my home.
My Dad passed away 23 years ago this month.
My step-mother has moved from their home
so she can live with her daughter.
My step-mother is 86 years old
and cannot live alone.
This beautiful watercolor that my Dad loved 
so much has been returned to me.
It now hangs prominently in my living room

It was painted by
Eric Mohn
who was injured in a car accident in 1963.
He is confined to a wheelchair with
limited use of his arms.
He paints with the brush between his teeth.

My Dad was injured in a auto accident in 1955
He lived the next 40 years confined to a wheelchair.

The painting has significant meaning to me.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Here Is A Little Update

Hello Everyone
Thank goodness it is

Oh this short little month
is a very welcome sight.

For me
means there is light at the end of
my dark Winter days.

thank you for giving me

I am serious, I have really had
a struggle in the last month
with my depression.

Oh yes, I suffer with the curse of

The illness no one wants to talk about.
Most of us do not
want anyone to know we have it.
At least that is how I am.

I put a very good mask on so no one
will know I am in such turmoil and chaos
on the inside.

Believe me I could write a book on how to
to make yourself feel better.
 Have positive thoughts,
Get plenty of rest.
 Simplify your life.
Serve others.
(there is a good one when you can't even serve yourself)
Trust God
Have Faith.
Seek professional help.

It is hard my friends!
It is real, it is all consuming.
It is a constant battle for some of us.

There are periods of good days and months
And then the "beast" rares its head.
And I am barely able to breathe.

"They" can mend and fix just about
anything. . . . . BUT. . . 
What about me?

Sunday, January 27, 2019

What About Me?

Now there is a good question to ponder
What About Me?

I recently celebrated my birthday.  
If you have not figured it out yet 
I am not a youngin . .
I am old more mature.
I have traveled the road of life. . 
 I can tell you it has not been a
fully paved, super highway.

It has been a bumpy, dusty road, 
full of potholes and dangerous switch-back curves.

Now where am I going with this?
Well let me tell you. . . .

Along this journey I have pretty much 
taken care, to make sure everyone that
traveled with me, was safe, happy and comfortable.
From the time I was a young child
it seems I have had the responsibility to
take care of someone.  Just make sure
things are ok.

Now at this time in my life, after
70 plus 1 years- - - I am
beginning to wonder
What about me?

Who is going to make sure I am ok?
Oh, sure I have a wonderful family
friends who care and a church full of
good "intentions" people.
When I come to one of those dangerous
switch back curves that could possibly 
take me over the edge. . . or
Sometimes it  is not something so
dramatic and terrifying. 
It could be a "bump"
that knocks my breath away.
Who is going to take care me?

Many years ago a doctor ask me
"Who takes care of Karie?"
Well, I still wonder and I am still asking . . .

What About Me?


Friday, January 25, 2019

January Ramblings

Well, hello!
I hope you are all doing well.
I have a few January ramblings.
Just me, and my life, and the
way I see things.

Isn't January lovely?
It has it's own unique beauty and feel.
I am one of the few who really likes this
month of JANUARY.

Well why wouldn't I?
I celebrate the whole month.
I have my brother's birthday
I have my son's birthday
I have 2 grandson's birthdays
I have a granddaughter who has a birthday also
And I celebrate my BIRTHDAY!

Yes, I like birthdays. . . I like growing older.
I know too many people who never grew old.
I am thankful the good Lord blesses me with life.

After all the totes are put away from Christmas
A little January decorating takes place.
Although it is about time to bring out a few
Valentine decorations.

I changed the grouping a little. 

My daughter and family gave me this
beautiful picture of the Savior
Jesus Christ.
The frames in the grouping are all white or cream
So I needed to balance the grouping when I
added the darker frame picture of Jesus.
No worries!!

I already had a picture with a dark frame of
The Salt Lake Temple.
It went perfect on the opposite side of the
grouping.  I like it.

Sometimes I wonder about all this changing and fussing.
Does anyone care but me?
Well, who knows, but I care
And I am important.

As long as I keep having those January birthdays
I will be changing and fussing about my house.

I live in a small condo, and I am happy.
I want to have an inviting cozy feeling,
So others can feel welcome and at peace.

I wanted the picture of the Savior
for me to enjoy, to remind me of
His constant presence in my life.  And to
let those who enter my home know that
He, Jesus Christ is at the center of my life.
He is at the center of my home.

Now I know that a picture does not give the peace
His peace comes from Him as we
live our lives the best we can to honor and love Him.

I hope you have the most enjoyable
 days with abounding kindness and peace.


Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Greetings To A New Year 2019

Well Hello
Welcome to this beautiful life.
It is a cold winter day on January 1, 2019.
Usually it is on the arrival of a new year.
It is January in Utah
It is Cold!
I have been trying to get my 
Home back to order
After Christmas it seems good to
try and get things back to normal.

The problem is. . .
Everything looks so bare.
Every table top and shelf looks
Dull and bare.
So New Years Day
I will spend time trying to liven the
winter decor to not look so bare.
Arrange and rearrange.

Welcome to my world

Sunday, November 25, 2018

December Is Waiting To Enter

It is waiting to makes it's entrance.

Ready or not all the hustle and bustle
is knocking on the door.
Am I ready?  Haha! no but I had
better get with it.

I told my daughter, I am just not
going to decorate this year.
She laughed!

She said,
"Mom you say that every year, and guess what?
You always decorate."

So she was really saying,
Stop, complaining and do what you always do. . 

Decorate for Christmas. . .
So it all begins. . Come back and 
watch the Christmas decorating  of my home.