Sunday, August 12, 2018

A Refuge From The Storms of Life

Hello my friends,
Well, the summer is almost to an end.  Darn!
It has been hot, which it should be. . . it is summer and it is August.
But, OH, this smoke is really causing problems for many of us.
My little valley has been really smokey from the 
wild fires that are going on in the Western United States.
Lately this is what it looks like in the mornings.
As the sun is rising. . . 
The picture doesn't capture the deep red-ish-orange the sun was.
Nor did it capture the orange sky.
It was beautiful. . .in spite of the smoke and the haze.

With each passing day, week, month or season
It is a good time for me to reflect
on the amazing life I have.  
There is goodness in many places.
We live in hard time,
 This is true
  The world is in chaos, and turmoil. 
This is true. 
But there is safety from the storms, and the fires of life.
This is true.
I find refuge in my HOME.

I feel comfort and peace in my Home.
And that is part of the reason
I like to keep my home nice.

I feel it in my everyday details

It is part of my 

The small little memories 
will brighten my day.

My strong courageous ancestors 
Will all give me comfort and refuge from the storms.

The laughter of children, and the
close family tie. . 
What a blessing of comfort they give.

My family and I enjoy an abundance of blessings
Not only in temporal blessings,
But also the blessings that come
through knowing 
The Savior
 Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
 A Refuge from the Storms of life.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Well it is July
and yes, i have been missing in action

Actually I think all the action is going on
and I am missing out

I am here, I am ok and I have only
one excuse for not posting.

I have nothing to post about!
Seriously I just live a regular life.
And my decorating has been staying the same.
So what can i say!
I guess no news is good news.  

Hopefully I will get back in the groove and
show you what it is like to just be living a regular life.
Now don't think I am complaining, I am not.
Just saying I don't have much to show or much to say.
Stay tuned. I have a few pictures on my camera and
just a few thoughts running in my mind.
I hope you are all well, and life is good.
See you in a few days.

Hugs to all


Saturday, June 2, 2018

A Little Cottage On The Corner

I love my Home!
And this time of year I really love where I live.

It is just a little Cottage on The Corner!
I call it Home!

I once lived in a big beautiful home on the hill
I loved living there also,
But my life changed and I moved many times.
I eventually landed here!

Nothing spectacular about it. . 
But it is the place I call 

My porch is actually a "stoop".
But that is ok,
I still like to keep it pretty
Flowers and my little bench.

Sit a Spell
Yes, come sit a spell and spend some time.
It is just a little place,
but I love it.

The Little Cottage on The Corner
I call 

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Family History And Projects

Well Hello!
My dear blogging friends who are still with me!
Yes, it has been awhile, but you know that is ok.
Sometimes to have to let one thing go so you can
enjoy something else.
Thanks for staying with me. . 
I think about my blog all the time
It is just not at the top of my 
"to do list".

 Lately it has been Family that has been on my list
of "to do".

Not only my children and grandchildren,
but I have been doing Family History.
Oh, what fun it is to find pictures, stories
of my ancestors.  
I love it!

 My Throw of Many Colors
 I have done a little sewing and crocheting
I just love my Throw (Afghan) of Many Colors.
It was so fun to make. I just took scraps of yarn and
away I went creating free style as I call it.
No pattern . . .just what I felt like doing at the time.

No it is not St. Patrick's Day

But, I have also been sewing.
Here are the pillow cases I made for my 
daughter, Emily.  Her Birthday is St. Patrick's Day
so of course Momma makes something 
with Shamrocks and the color green.

So there you have it.
I am busy busy.  Now Spring is here I will
be even more busy.  Between my Granddaughter's
Softball games, I have my little postage stamp 
back yard to get all ready. . 
Thanks goodness for a Grandson who is
willing to help me.
Yeah for Grandkids!!!

I hope you are enjoying the lovely weather

Friday, April 13, 2018

Finding Balance and Joy In Life

I am busy!
My poor little blog is suffering because I 
can't seem to find the time to enjoy posting on my blog.
I think of my followers all the time.  Thank you for 
sticking with me.  Anyway I hope some of you are 
still following.

I have found that one of the hardest things for me is to
find balance in my life.
My last post was on putting our families first.
Well, sometimes family can not always come first.
And that is ok.
I believe finding balance  and enjoying life is the
secret to happiness.  Not always am I able to
accomplish everything I set out to do,
but I do my best and some how my best
is good enough.  
An important part of balance is happiness.
Happiness in being busy, and enjoying what you
are doing.

I have been blessed with many talents.
I love to crochet, sew and do about anything
to keep my hands busy and create.

But again I can get out of balance spending too much
time crocheting. . . .(LOL)

Each day as I try to keep my life in balance.
I begin my morning, with prayer and I ask the 
Lord that I can accomplish the things that are
most important for that day.
The Lord is amazing, and He helps me to
Balance my list of "to do's" with the important
having my attention.  Some times I am
surprised at what he thinks is more important.

The trick to life is balancing all of our responsibilites
and being happy and cheerful while doing it.

Have a wonderful day with Balance!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Families Come First

With all the things that are happening in recent weeks, I believe we need to stop.... take a good look at our society and the values we are embracing and the values we should be embracing.

We are blaming the ills of society on things. . when will be take notice that the ills of the our society is we have lost the values that mean the most.  To foster a caring, kind society it all begins at home.

Family. . .Children. . .Parents. . . Grandparents. . . and extended family and friends.  We all need to pay attention to what is most important.  Spend more time at home! 


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Hello ~ Hello

Well hello my friends,
I really am still here.
It just seems the time got away from me. . 
Or maybe I was stuck in time!

Any hoo. . It is January. . 
And I really missed you. I visited many
blogs, but I just wasn't in the mood to show you
the same things I show all the time.
You have seen my decorations.
I don't change much from year to year.
Just starting to do less and less changing.
I like my home how it is. . .!

During the Christmas holidays I did decorate.  Very little though.
I figure what goes up must come down.
So I kept it simple.

One thing or I should say four things I am proud of
that I did during my absence from blogging
I made four Christmas quilts for my 4 children and their spouses

A Labor of Love.
I would do it a thousands times again. . 
My kids were so thrilled with the quilts.
And I was thrilled I did them.
Boy, oh boy did it take a lot of time.
I should have started months ago, but
my usual style is to think of some grand
thing at the last minute.  
I started the Christmas quilts at the end of October.
I was still binding one on the 23 of December.
But, like I said I would do it again and again.
In fact I may do quilts for all the holidays.

Well, I hope your new year is going well.
I am doing well,  and I look forward to 

Please do come back!

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