Thursday, May 27, 2021

Education~It Takes a Village

My goodness time is moving fast.  May is nearly over!  It is Memorial Weekend, which seems to kick of the summer season.  The children are out of school, and those that work in the schools are doing the "happy dance."  

For many years I worked in the schools.  I retired last September. 
 I have  observed and learned 
many things over my 20+ years in the education business.  Times have certainly changed since I was a child
attending school, and they have changed from the years my
children went to school.  In today's world there are many
challenges children will face. Moral values have shifted. 
More families are in crisis, more and more children are
left in a sea of confusion to which they must figure things out 
for themselves.  I have observed that the more stability in the family
the child is better prepared to learn, to make correct choices, 
and to face whatever challenge may come along.

One of the most important things  I have observed, 
was the more involved the
parents are in the education process, the more  likely 
the child will enjoy learning.  Oh, yes there are a few
that challenge even the best of parenting
But in my observations eventually the child will come back
to the foundation the parents have given them.

I believe we embrace the uniqueness of each other.
We are all created with gifts and talents. 

Parents, Teachers, Administrators and School Staff are all 
in this together.  It truly does take a village to raise a child.
When everyone is involved in educating a child, I have found,
the child will find it within himself to learn and to thrive.
They will become responsible adults.  They will be involved
in contributing "GOOD" to the world 

I certainly believe we should teach our children to
be life-long learners, to make good choices, 
to be a contributor of
kindness, goodness, and self-reliance.  

I strongly believe we as adults set the example 
for the younger generation.  
Let's all contribute GOOD to our world.
It all begins with our self.
The ONE can make a difference.  

Have a lovely Memorial week-end.  
Be Safe. Be Happy!

Monday, February 15, 2021

Home Is Part of Our Story

 Well Hello!

It is a cold snowy evening here in my little part of the world.  And guess what I love it love it.  My little fur babies are snuggled on my lap watching t.v while I work on this post and I take a peek of what's going on.  

I like being home.... Actually I love being home!  It has not been hard at all for me to be home for the last year because of the pandemic.  Of a matter of fact, I stay inside more than I should. When good weather comes I will go out more.  I do love visiting with neighbors when I am out for a walk.

As a child growing up I was a child that didn't stray too far from home. I lived with my grandmother, "Grandma Dot." She is my maternal Grandmother.  She was wonderful.  Just the sweetest person you would ever meet.  She loved me..... I knew she did.  She was a kind gentle soul. And a Cute sweet personality.  

Grandma Dot

When Grandma Dot was a young mother and wife my Grandpa, her husband and father of my Mom died suddenly.  It was 1938.  Things were hard for single mothers in that time period.  Not many opportunities for work, or child care was hard to find and money was scarce.  Not to mention my Grandparents lived in a "Company" home. So she didn't have a home.
She went back to our hometown and our large family who were  "the salt of the earth". Loving caring people.  Her parents, my Great grandparents, her brothers, Uncles and Aunts joined together and helped my Grandma get on her feet.  They built her a nice little house to meet the needs of her and her young children.  She soon found work and then found found an even better job.  Most important to here was her children. The nice little house was a  HOME! 

Yip,this is Grandma Dot's house.

When I was 7 years old my Mom, Grandma Dot's daughter died in an automobile accident.  Me and my little brother went to live with Grandma. We were loved, well taken care of and surrounded with people who were good, honest and hard workers.  Who taught us high values, and helped us develop into who we are today.  

Maybe it is because of this little house that was my home that I never wanted to wander too far.  And my desire was to create a home for my family like the one I came from.

A Home Is Part Of Our Story.


Sunday, February 14, 2021

A Happy Valentine Wish For Everyone

 Hello my dear friends,

It is Valentine Day..... Some may think it is just another holiday that is not necessary.  Well I disagree!  I like Valentines Day,  I think it is good to pause our lives to give honor to those who mean so much to us.  

My Sweetheart has been gone for many years. But I feel his presence and his love for me all the time. I pause on Valentines and smile.  I am loved.
I always do something special for my children. And they do the same for me.  One think I know, never take the small gestures of love for granted. 

My Dad gave me a Valentine card every year.  He always called me His Valentine.  He gave me my last Valentine from him the week before he died unexpectedly.  I miss those sweet Valentines from my Daddy.  The tender remembrance of how much he loved me.  

Show you love by simple acts of sweet will never be forgotten.

A Happy Valentine to you from me!

You are loved.

Friday, February 12, 2021

What Will BeThe Next Step For My Blog?

 Hello Friends, if you are still with me!

  It has been almost 3 months since I posted on my blog.

I really don't know what I am doing with my blog.

I don't know what my niche is... I really don't know what direction I want to go in with blogging.  I am just a simple little blogger.

Nothing fancy, no major DIY projects. I have decided all that changing of my decorating is really a lot of unnecessary work.  I like my style, I like what I have on my walls and my tabletops.  I don't want to keep changing out.  I still enjoy decorating for holidays, but.....I don't decorate that much anymore.  I have actually given most of my holiday decorations away.  I like what I have already collected, I don't need more. Even some of my collectables have been given away.

I still like to sew, crochet, needle work, and genealogy.  So I am busy all the time. I liked blogging for many reasons.  But some of those reasons have changed.  I really enjoyed the friendships I have made.  Blogging has really changed over the many years.  I started blogging 12 years ago.  I have learned a lot in those 12 years.  I have enjoyed visiting my favorite blogs. 

I have never made a dime of money with my blogging.  I have never been what I call a "mega blogger." I never had hundreds of followers.  I just did it for the pleasure of showing my humble home and creations. 

So having said all that.... I still don't know what the next step will be.

Stick around if you would like.  Stay in touch if you care to. I will most likely just post here and there with random thoughts.  A few pictures if they are worth viewing.  You can be sure I still like to visit some of my favorite blogs.....I just can't shut down my blog.  Not yet anyway. 

Here are a few pictures of what has gone on in the last few months.

My children all went to Moab, Utah.  They had a blast.  Rafting the mighty Colorado River.  hiking to the beautiful Arches.  Enjoying the beautiful red canyons and hiking the red sandstones.  I was home recovering from a wicked fall.  Not fun for me, but they sure enjoyed their summer adventure.

This cute grandson graduated from high school.  In the midst of a pandemic, school closures, and wearing masks and social distance, life went on.  Senior high school students still graduated.  2020 strong for sure!

My granddaughter Emma got married to Ryan.  A December Bride
Look at the love in their eyes.  Oh my heart! 

2021.  I turned a year older.  I am thankful for that. 

Birthday dinner with my cuties

 A few weeks ago I lost my Step Mother.  She was 88 years old.  She married my Dad when I was 10 years old. It really is a blessing....but grief is still there.

To sum it all up..... Life Goes On.  ....No matter what.... life keeps moving.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

#GiveThanks Grandmas

 Day three of  #GiveThanks
Third day for me to share my thanks 
on my Blog and Facebook.

I don't know what I would have done without my
Grandmas, especially my Grandma Dot.
She raised me after the death of my mother
when I was a little girl.

And my Granny was a stable and loving Grandma.

I was loved, I was well taken care of.
I had stability in my life.
I was taught values, Faith in God.
Because my Grandma's were such nobel women
I was able to build my life on
a Firm Foundation.

Friday, November 20, 2020



Something so simple as giving Thanks.
can heal the wounds of a troubled soul.
And can bring Peace to a decaying and chaotic world.

Gratitude. Thankfulness. Thanks.
" When thou riseth in the morning let thy
heart be full of thanks unto God."
           Alma 37:37

"Ye, must give thanks unto God."
      D&C 46:32

There is so much to be thankful for.
One of the things I am very Thankful for is


I have been blessed to be surrounded with 
good people, I call friends.
They enrich my life in many ways.

Many have been with me for a long time,

Some a life time and beyond.

I am thankful today and every day for

The blessing of blogging is the wonderful
Friendships I have made.
I may never see them in person, but 
none the less they are my 

Thursday, November 19, 2020


I have been Reflecting 

on the beautiful memories of 

Thanksgiving Pasts!

I love Thanksgiving.... It is much more relaxing

and Counting my Blessings is always so 

Comforting and Peaceful.

Covid 19 has changed many thing in the last year.
Thanksgiving 2020 
will be different for many of us.

There is always something to be

Enjoy you Thanksgiving! 
Reflect upon your many memories
of the beautiful life you are blessed with.