Friday, December 31, 2010

Clearance Sales

Oh, I did take time to check out
The After Christmas Sales.
I wasn't going to, because I have so much "stuff"
But, alas, I just couldn't stay away. .
And of course I found a few things!
 Wal-Mart had their things 50% off
I found these plate chargers.
The cute candles with the ceramic shades
And 18 feet of pre-lite garland. . .
 These candles will be cute as gifts.
 Then I went to "Real Deals"
I just couldn't resist these adorable birds.
80 cents apiece. 
I can decorate with them for a couple of months. . .
 I could not resist this darling Nativity Set
Regularly $21. on sale for $3.00
Ya, I said $3.00
How could I pass that up?
 In the background is a package of "natural" decorative balls.
Six for $1.25!
 This is a candle ring. . .  I had bought one earlier in the month
(paid full price)
Today it was $1.25
 The little figures for the Nativity Set are so cute.
 The expressions on their faces are so dang cute!
 My Grandkids will love this Nativity. . . .
And this artificial tree will look nice on my porch
It was $3.00
I think I did pretty good. . .  I spent $13.00 and some change.
I love buying things on sale!
Now I look forward to January Sales . . . .
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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Enjoying Christmas Week

I am enjoying this week between
Christmas and New Years so much. .
I don't want to take down my decorations just yet.
I have enjoyed my home so much
During the Holidays. 
 At night I love the glow of the Christmas Tree.
I am one of those persons who cries the day I take the tree down!
Ya, I do, and I am glad to say that I do.
 My beautiful Poinsettia should last for a couple of months.
Oh, it is gorgeous.
And I love my decorated side-board and table
 My brother and sister-in-law were here to visit
During the holidays.
Oh, how I love him and miss him. . .
My sweet niece was here also with her daughter.
 I enjoyed dinner together with all of my family.
 Of, course we had a visit to Temple Square
To see the beautiful Christmas lights and Nativities.
It was a cold, cold night but we loved it.
Being together warmed us all!
 My Three Sons.
How blessed I am!
 Joseph, Mary and The Babe
On a crystal clear pool.
The beautiful Salt Lake Temple
In the background
20 of us at dinner after seeing the lights.
I think I have had one of the best Christmas Holidays. . .
For so many years I have been sad during this time.
But this year my Heart was full and
I feel so Blessed. . .

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Best of 2010

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I began my blog on July 8, 2010
Just wanting  a way to journal my projects and my life. .
It has been a Blessing to me
And the wonderful people I have met in Bloggerville
Are the Best. . .
Thanks to everyone who have peeped at my projects.
As you can see I have a lot to learn about blogging
 I am just an amateur at this
My photo taking really needs to improve for one things
I sometimes feel so inadequate . .
And wonder why I even show off my projects
But, I keep doing it.
So here are some of the ones I am the most proud of
I hope you will visit me often in 2011.
My Favorite Projects for 2010

Emma's Dresser
 Picture Frame Wall Grouping
 Chair I found at side of road and painted Yellow
 Quatrafoil Design Stool
Yellow Patio Table 
 Ruffled Table-Runner I made
My Dining Room decked out for Thanksgiving
 Vintage Santa Prints I framed
 Candelabra I created from "Junk"

Thank you for visiting my blog. . . Please come back again

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Fitz and Floyd Salt & Pepper Shakers

Just looking over the wonderful gifts
From my Family and my Friends. . .
I received some great gifts
Love them all. . .
One I found very unique and special
I received from
My long time friend Vickie.
 I can't remember a time that me
And Vickie have not been friends
Our parents were best friends
And we just fell into it. . .
She is one of the nicest persons
you would ever meet.
 She knows I collect Salt and Pepper Shakers
And this year for Christmas she gave me
These adorable Shakers
 They are from
Fitz and Floyd
(Don't ask me why the picture turned out red!)
(I promise I am going to work on my picture taking for next year)
 I just love them!
Isn't it a great feeling to receive such wonderful gifts
From people who Love you.
And you Love them right back
I feel so blessed to be living the life I live
Surrounded with Family and Friends
I cherish and Love. . .

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

A New Snowman

Hello Everyone,
I hope you all had a wonderful
Merry Christmas!
I sure did .
My family is so wonderful to me,
They make my Holidays
Memorable and Happy!
I don't know what I would do without
My children and my grandchildren
Every day they Delight Me and Bless Me!

I received some beautiful gifts
I collect Snowmen
And this year for Christmas
I received a New Snowman from the Jim Shore Collection
 Isn't he adorable?
The detail is just gorgeous
The Red Cardinals
Are stunning . .
I am thrilled with my newest Snowman.
I like to keep my Snowmen
Out through January
After taking the Christmas decorations down
I need something cheerful
And Snowmen do it for me
They make me Smile!
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Merry Christmas To All

I am taking this time to wish everyone a
May you be surrounded by the love of
Friends and Family
I will be with my family celebrating this wonderful time. . .
I will be surrounded with
Love and Peace
I want to share with you a very beautiful place
No matter the time of year
But especially now
Temple Square
In Salt Lake City Utah

 The beautiful Salt Lake Temple
 The Nativity
 The Temple Grounds
Illuminated with millions of lights
At Temple Square
 The Son of God
Jesus Christ
The Great Redeemer
May the Love of Jesus Christ
Fill your hearts and your minds
This Christmas Season
Karie Jackson

I will be taking a few days off from blogging to be with my family.
I will return next week.
Merry Christmas

Pictures courtesy of the Internet

Monday, December 20, 2010

Decoration Show-Off

Have you ever noticed that
It's the little things you decorate with
That seem to "show-off" your decorating efforts?
I have a few "little things" that
I love decorating with
And some have a sentimental value to me. . .
Take a peek at a few of the things that
 This precious little decorations is so cherished
I would leave it out year round if I could
You see, my little boy made it over 35 years ago!
In a little art class in school. . . .
Some people would have discard it a long time ago,
But, Oh, NOT ME!
Whatever my children made I hang on to

 His little boy is checking it out.
He helped me put decoration out. . .
 This is a Fitz and Floyd dish
My sister-in-law gave it to me along time ago
 I fill it with red and gold ornaments
And display it on a table.
 Look at the detail of the bow. . .
It is so pretty. . . . I really enjoy it.
 This is a beautiful milk-glass bowl
I found it at the thrift store this summer
It is part of my milk-glass collection
(I'll show you someday)
I also fill it with red and gold ornaments.
 I wish I knew where I got this snowman.
And I wish I had bought more!
He is part of my snowmen collection
 A friend gave me this snowman
And that is what started me seriously collecting
It is a Jim Shore. . .  I like his figurines. .
 This snowman is the largest one I have
He is so beautiful
The detail is incredible.
(Another Jim Shore)
I leave my Snowmen out for January decorations.
I have more and I will show you them later.
Like I said,