Thursday, July 29, 2010

Missing In Action!

Let me tell you it is Action, with a capital A!
I will be posting tomorrow night. . . .
I have Girls All-Star Softball games, Thursday and Friday.
(I am not use to humidity)
Between games I had some time so I went to
Michael's Craft Store
Ooooooo, it was fun, and I got a bunch of things. . .
Friday between games I am heading to the fabric store.
Oh, this could be serious damage to the budget.
Oh, and by the way
I should have checked my spelling
I spelled DOILY incorrectly!
How embarassing. . .
I am sorry, things like that bug me.
I will see you Friday night
I am linking up to
my Friday Linky Parties.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Talent Stays In The Family

I have lots of Cousins
on both my Dad's side and my Mom's side of the family
Some I am very close to
and I just love them,
This is my Cousin Louise
I am close to her and I just love her! We share some of the same interests.
But she is much better at them than I am.
Louise is a very talented gal. . . . .
She cooks, keeps a spotless house, has cute decorations,
sews, embroderies and a whole lot more!
I like to be with Louise she gives me good ideas
and she teaches me
and she inspires me. . . . .
The day I was at Louises's house she was doing a sewing project
I will show what she was doing another day.
She loves to sew things, and she gives them away!
Ya, she does.
Most of the time it is for her daughters
and sometimes it is for a friend
and sometimes she gives me something she has made.
Just a little family history,
Louises's Mom is my Grandpa Daley's 1st Cousin
Louise's grandpa and my great-grandpa are brothers
Her Grandpa, Uncle Arthur
was a most talented man. And very kind and gentle.
He carved wood
The picture doesn't do justice to the fine detail
in the walnut stick he carved

Louise has made a quilt to hang on the carving.
It is beautiful.

Louise makes the cutest aprons and tablecloths
No one can make an apron like Louise!
(sorry my pictures don't do justice to them)

Louise taught me how to do counted cross-stitch.
She does the prettiest cross-stitch
her stitches are so fine and perfect.
She has made a lot of her projects into pillows.
They are so cute!

Her daughter, Heather's birthday is
The 4th of July
So they have lots of 4th decorations and pillows
Heather's room is decorated in the cutest Americana
She has collections from the time she was just little.
Heather is also very talented.
She does the cutest cards and scrapbooks
(another post another day)

Louise's husband Richard is very supportive of her.
Along with her daughters Brenda and Heather she has a
very blessed family.
Brenda is talented also, just in other areas.
I always like to ask her what new book she is reading.

This is Louise's Mom's Rocking Chair
Aunt Flossy is her name,
(well Florence)
She was very creative also,
she quilted the most beautiful quilts.
Did them all by hand.
There is needle point on the seat of this rocker.
Aunt Flossy did it.
Louise doesn't know how old the rocker is.
But her Mom would be over 100 years old.

Louise's house is decorated so nicely
She has beautiful things. . .
Louise has a very "fine" eye for beauty.
She has the creative genius when it comes to color, texture
and how to put it all together.
(not everyone has the talent)

She decorates this shelf for various holidays.
I will show you how it looks
for October
and December is georgous!
"Happy Everything"
That is Louise!
I think she is the happiest when she is doing for others
giving of her self to her family and friends.

An amazingly talented woman

So glad she is my friend and my cousin
When I go to her HOME
she makes me feel so welcome
There is always a Diet Coke for me!
She gives me good ideas
We share a lot in common
We come from the same GARDEN!
Oh, yes, and she loves Roosters.
Did I mention what a good cook she is?
Well she is. . . .
She cans all the vegatables from the garden
and fruits and jams also.
Oh, and her Salsa is to die for!

Yep, Louise is my Cousin
She is a good Soul
With a kind Heart
I like Louise being my Cousin and my Friend

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blue & White Doily Pillow

Oh dear, I have become that very person
my kids have been afraid I would become. . .
WHO IS THAT you ask?
Well, I picked up something that was so gross
and dirty and ugly
I picked it up with two fingers!
I am the person who finds things no one wants
in all kinds of places. . . . . .
So here is my story
and my blue and white blue doily's story
You see this beautiful doily. . . . well I found it
laying at the side of the re-cycle bin.
What it was doing there I have no idea. . . .
It was gross! Really gross!
So gross I didn't dare take pictures of it
because I didn't think I could make it pretty and clean.
I was embarassed!
I actually thought I wouldn't pick it up
but then
I knew that someone lovingly crocheted this beautiful piece of thread
and someone else didn't appreciate the work that went into it.
I am a Crocheter. (and a rescurer)
How could I leave it laying there, all tattered and torn and gross?So I brought it to my HOME
and I rinsed all the grime and dirt off of it
I soaked it for a few hours in OXY CLEAN
(wonderful stuff)
Then I rinsed and soaked it all night in OXY CLEAN
I then washed it in soap and water
and gently stretched it out on a towel to dry
And the doily returned to it's beautiful self
It has a few scares, but it gives it character and shows it is a survivor!

I made an envelope pillow out of "old fashioned" calico print
Then hand stitched the doily to the front of the pillow.
This is what I now have!
A beautiful pillow for my bed

I am so glad I was the one to rescue the
tattered, worn, dirty and gross doily
( I know I talk about my rescues as though they had a soul)
(Hmmmmm maybe they do!)

She matches my blue bedroom perfectly.
Just like she was meant to be there

Monday, July 26, 2010

Young Women Camp Mail-Box

The Young Women in my Ward left this morning for
Girls Camp.
(I don't go. . . . I Do Not like camping of any kind)
They left early this morning
and will be gone for 5 days.
They are high in the Wasatch Mountains.
For their camp they needed a "Mail Box"
A very special couple in the ward
John and MaryBeth
designed and made this
adorable mail box
for the girls.

Isn't it the cutest tent?
It has the YW emblem on one end

More Precious Than Rubies
is the Camp moto this year
Isn't this cleaver?

stands for
Overlake 2nd Ward
Notice the flap on the tent.

That is to put the mail in!
I just think this is the cutest
Mail Box
The girls are going to have a great time.
They will be so busy with
hiking, crafting, learning, growing, and so much more
I look forward to hearing about their camp experiences
next week in Church.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sabbath Day Reflection

The Sabbath is made for man.
Not man for the Sabbath.
It is a day of Worship
It is a day to reflect upon the Greatness of God
and His never ending Love for all His children.
May your Sabbath be filled with Serenity, Peace, and His love.
Be Still And Know That I am God.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Yellow Chair

This is my Yellow Patio Chair
It is bright and pretty sitting on my
small little patio My Yellow Chair
did Not always look so
cheery and cute!
Sad to say it was
One Sunday coming home from Church
I saw on the curb this ugly blue chair
my neighbor had set their garbage out
and next to the garbage can was the chair. . . .
This is the before picture!
I did the right thing and ask my neighbor if I could have the chair.
They couldn't image me wanting the ugly chair and gladly gave it to me.
I had it for a long time before I painted it.
I always wanted to have the reed (I think that is what it is called) seat on it
But, I don't know how to weave the seat and it would cost more than I want to pay
for me to have someone weave the seat. . . . . So
I tore the seat completely out
I don't like "pots in the hole"
So, I painted an old cupboard door
just so I could have plants on it.

I sanded and primed then
yeah, for spray paint
It no longer is an ugly "road kill" chair
it is bright cheery and
makes me Happy!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quatrefoil Stool- My Chic Creation

I am so pleased with myself!
Ya, I did something, I didn't think I could do
and my self doubt made me feel like
I could never make something look as good as someone elses. . . . .
Well, I proved myself WRONG
I can do it!
I did do it! This is my, yes my
quatrefoil design stool
I got my idea from
Jen @
Tatertots & Jello
(she is amazingly talented)
She introduced me to quartrefoil
and I fell in love with it. . .

So I looked for a old ugly stool I could transform into a beautiful stool

I found this little beauty at DI. .
It was waiting for me.
It was ugly but I knew I could
make it beautiful
So the process began. . . .

I could have left it like this
It looked really pretty and fresh
I was on a mission
I wanted quatrefoil
I wanted to prove I could do it.

So the sanding, priming and painting
began on a very HOT summer day in July
It was painful
(I was sweating)
and the little stool was patient and waiting to be beautiful

And this is what I created!

This beautiful stool
I almost don't want to use it- - - - it is too pretty

Like I said. I got my idea from
Tatertots and Jello
Jen has a printable template for the design
She gave real good directions on how she did hers

I like doing it so much I think I will do
another project using the quatrefoil design.

I really did do it!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Will Soon Have Completed Project !

Do you remember how much I love this
Quatrefoil Stool from
Jen at
Tatertos & Jello?
I have been working all day
(in the heat)
so I can get my stool ready for the
quartrefoil designThis is my pathetic looking stool. . . .
It is sad
It wants to look like Jen's
Right now it is painted and drying
tomorrow morning I will
Quartrefoil it!
(I wish I could hurry up the drying and I would do it right now!)

I have Sanded, Primed & Painted
My little sad stool
I bet tomorrow it will be happy and cheerful
because it will have a new design on it.
I am so excited!
Check back tomorrow
I will be crying or cheering
and so will my little stool

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sharing My Talents

If you are wondering where I have been
well I will tell you
I have been sitting in 102 degree weather
All Star Girls Softball Tournaments
And there is no where else I would rather be!
2 of my granddauthers are on the team
Their Daddy's are the coaches
And where they are is where I want to be!

It is in the heat of the day when

the girls play,


we try to keep them hydrated

but they need something to keep them cool

Here comes the idea and the project.

My son, the coach, and my DIL (daughter-in-law)

came up with the idea for COOL WRAPS!

They are the neatest thing

so after research on the internet we came up with how to make them


gets to share my talents and make 25


I will share the directions with you when I get them all made!


"Keep your hands busy", that is what my

Grandma use to say all the time. . .

so I guess I come by it naturally.

Along with cool wraps,

I made hand-outs for my Young Women

that I teach each Sunday in Church

It may have been the heat and all I could think of was water,

so. . . . my idea for the hand-out was WATER!

If you THIRST for


You will TASTE the

sweet fruits





A decorated sack

with water and sweet peach slice gummies

tied with a ribbon and the message.

The girls liked it very much!

I like them, and I enjoy being with them and teaching them about

The Savior Jesus Christ.

So this week I only have 3 days to get my "things" done

(or at least started)

and then I am off to more

All-Star games.

Oh, by the way,

Did I get even started on my Quatrefoil project?

Ah, that would be a NO!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Quatrefoil Project In The Works

Ok, I am in love, well not love, I really like
I love the pattern and the history
of the pattern.
It is in many architectural (spelled right, I checked) designs
(Just look it is there)
Jen over at
Tatertots and Jello
does the most amazing things!
She has done some projects using this pattern. . .
I bought this ugly old tattered and lonely stool
(Of course at DI)
(I have a soft spot for old, tattered and lonely things)
I bought it and
brought it homeDo Ya Think
I, Karie, can turn this poor stool
into something like what Jen has made?

She also did this adorable platter
with, of course,
I am a pushover for anything that hangs on a wall!


This is what I want!
I want my poor lonely stool
to look like this!
I like the color
I like everything about it. . . . .
For the next few days
(well maybe more)
I will try to copy Jen
Tatertots and Jello
and make my stool to look as cute as hers.
Check back with me and see if I can do it!

Be sure to check out Jen