Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sharing My Talents

If you are wondering where I have been
well I will tell you
I have been sitting in 102 degree weather
All Star Girls Softball Tournaments
And there is no where else I would rather be!
2 of my granddauthers are on the team
Their Daddy's are the coaches
And where they are is where I want to be!

It is in the heat of the day when

the girls play,


we try to keep them hydrated

but they need something to keep them cool

Here comes the idea and the project.

My son, the coach, and my DIL (daughter-in-law)

came up with the idea for COOL WRAPS!

They are the neatest thing

so after research on the internet we came up with how to make them


gets to share my talents and make 25


I will share the directions with you when I get them all made!


"Keep your hands busy", that is what my

Grandma use to say all the time. . .

so I guess I come by it naturally.

Along with cool wraps,

I made hand-outs for my Young Women

that I teach each Sunday in Church

It may have been the heat and all I could think of was water,

so. . . . my idea for the hand-out was WATER!

If you THIRST for


You will TASTE the

sweet fruits





A decorated sack

with water and sweet peach slice gummies

tied with a ribbon and the message.

The girls liked it very much!

I like them, and I enjoy being with them and teaching them about

The Savior Jesus Christ.

So this week I only have 3 days to get my "things" done

(or at least started)

and then I am off to more

All-Star games.

Oh, by the way,

Did I get even started on my Quatrefoil project?

Ah, that would be a NO!


  1. I'm loving those handouts!
    I always have to do handouts for my yw, and this is such a CUTE idea :)
    Thanks for sharing!

    I HAVE to ask.. how is your quaterfoil project going!?
    I can't wait too see what you've come up with! :)
    Good luck!
    ~Shelley Smith

  2. Hey Karie! What a thoughtful thing to do! You must me a great grandmom to have! Thank you so much for stopping by and the kind comment on the chair. So nice to meet you! -shaunna :0


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