Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Talent Stays In The Family

I have lots of Cousins
on both my Dad's side and my Mom's side of the family
Some I am very close to
and I just love them,
This is my Cousin Louise
I am close to her and I just love her! We share some of the same interests.
But she is much better at them than I am.
Louise is a very talented gal. . . . .
She cooks, keeps a spotless house, has cute decorations,
sews, embroderies and a whole lot more!
I like to be with Louise she gives me good ideas
and she teaches me
and she inspires me. . . . .
The day I was at Louises's house she was doing a sewing project
I will show what she was doing another day.
She loves to sew things, and she gives them away!
Ya, she does.
Most of the time it is for her daughters
and sometimes it is for a friend
and sometimes she gives me something she has made.
Just a little family history,
Louises's Mom is my Grandpa Daley's 1st Cousin
Louise's grandpa and my great-grandpa are brothers
Her Grandpa, Uncle Arthur
was a most talented man. And very kind and gentle.
He carved wood
The picture doesn't do justice to the fine detail
in the walnut stick he carved

Louise has made a quilt to hang on the carving.
It is beautiful.

Louise makes the cutest aprons and tablecloths
No one can make an apron like Louise!
(sorry my pictures don't do justice to them)

Louise taught me how to do counted cross-stitch.
She does the prettiest cross-stitch
her stitches are so fine and perfect.
She has made a lot of her projects into pillows.
They are so cute!

Her daughter, Heather's birthday is
The 4th of July
So they have lots of 4th decorations and pillows
Heather's room is decorated in the cutest Americana
She has collections from the time she was just little.
Heather is also very talented.
She does the cutest cards and scrapbooks
(another post another day)

Louise's husband Richard is very supportive of her.
Along with her daughters Brenda and Heather she has a
very blessed family.
Brenda is talented also, just in other areas.
I always like to ask her what new book she is reading.

This is Louise's Mom's Rocking Chair
Aunt Flossy is her name,
(well Florence)
She was very creative also,
she quilted the most beautiful quilts.
Did them all by hand.
There is needle point on the seat of this rocker.
Aunt Flossy did it.
Louise doesn't know how old the rocker is.
But her Mom would be over 100 years old.

Louise's house is decorated so nicely
She has beautiful things. . .
Louise has a very "fine" eye for beauty.
She has the creative genius when it comes to color, texture
and how to put it all together.
(not everyone has the talent)

She decorates this shelf for various holidays.
I will show you how it looks
for October
and December is georgous!
"Happy Everything"
That is Louise!
I think she is the happiest when she is doing for others
giving of her self to her family and friends.

An amazingly talented woman

So glad she is my friend and my cousin
When I go to her HOME
she makes me feel so welcome
There is always a Diet Coke for me!
She gives me good ideas
We share a lot in common
We come from the same GARDEN!
Oh, yes, and she loves Roosters.
Did I mention what a good cook she is?
Well she is. . . .
She cans all the vegatables from the garden
and fruits and jams also.
Oh, and her Salsa is to die for!

Yep, Louise is my Cousin
She is a good Soul
With a kind Heart
I like Louise being my Cousin and my Friend

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