Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Will Soon Have Completed Project !

Do you remember how much I love this
Quatrefoil Stool from
Jen at
Tatertos & Jello?
I have been working all day
(in the heat)
so I can get my stool ready for the
quartrefoil designThis is my pathetic looking stool. . . .
It is sad
It wants to look like Jen's
Right now it is painted and drying
tomorrow morning I will
Quartrefoil it!
(I wish I could hurry up the drying and I would do it right now!)

I have Sanded, Primed & Painted
My little sad stool
I bet tomorrow it will be happy and cheerful
because it will have a new design on it.
I am so excited!
Check back tomorrow
I will be crying or cheering
and so will my little stool

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