Monday, July 26, 2010

Young Women Camp Mail-Box

The Young Women in my Ward left this morning for
Girls Camp.
(I don't go. . . . I Do Not like camping of any kind)
They left early this morning
and will be gone for 5 days.
They are high in the Wasatch Mountains.
For their camp they needed a "Mail Box"
A very special couple in the ward
John and MaryBeth
designed and made this
adorable mail box
for the girls.

Isn't it the cutest tent?
It has the YW emblem on one end

More Precious Than Rubies
is the Camp moto this year
Isn't this cleaver?

stands for
Overlake 2nd Ward
Notice the flap on the tent.

That is to put the mail in!
I just think this is the cutest
Mail Box
The girls are going to have a great time.
They will be so busy with
hiking, crafting, learning, growing, and so much more
I look forward to hearing about their camp experiences
next week in Church.

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  1. That IS clever! I would have never come up with it. :-)

    I hope the girls have a great time!

    Just returning the favor of a drop by. Hope you're having a GREAT week!


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