Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Modpodge Trays

Oh, they turned out so CUTE!

My Mod Podge Trays
Last night when I went to bed I thought I had
Project Failure!
This morning,
To my Delight. . . .it worked!
I started using Mod Podge in the early 1970's
(I know it dates me, but I don't mind)
You are all much younger than me, it's ok
I have lots of Experience
(at least that's what they say)
I wish I still had some of my Mod Podge projects. . .
You'd get a chuckle!
But these~ ~TODAY
I think turned out cute
At least I think so. . . . if you could have seen the trays before. . .oh my!
Now just look at them!

I will find so many different things for my trays to do.
Right now I just think they are cute
doing what they are doing. . . .

I have always loved Mod Podge!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Fabric Love

I love FABRIC!
Have I told you that?
I swear it is genetic. . . It runs in my family! 

Michael Miller Collection
Notice the Peace sign fabric
My Mother loved fabric, my Grandmother's loved fabric
my aunts love fabric and my girl cousins love fabric.
Amy Butler Collection
Michael Miller
We are a FABRIC loving family!
Deer Valley Collection

When I get new fabric I like to "soak" it in. . .
(do you understand?)
I like to look at it. . .
I like to feel it. . the texture.
I like the colors of it.
I like to think about it
How is this going to look when it is all sewed and finished?

I love browsing the fabric isles in stores.
I love looking at fabric on-line.

I love getting the package of fabric
in the mail!

I just love FABRIC!
Another one of my obsessions!

Free Shipping on orders $35+

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Kitchen Table

Have you given much thought to
Your Kitchen Table lately?
I really like this Kitchen table 

Well, I have given thought to mine!
I am afraid to even show you what
mine looks like today. . .
(You may think I am really a bad person)
Really I am not!
It has been a rough, busy week.
And today has been especially rough.
I just got home from a week-end trip
and sad to say this is my dining room table.
The best thing on my table is the
Diet Coke!
I promise you I will have my Kitchen table looking all clean and nice
just like the pictures in the magazine. . .
Country Living

I am not promising when!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Thrifty Finds

Just thought I would show you some
of the junk stuff
I found this week at,
of course,
For those who may not be familiar with DI
DI is short for Deseret Industries.
It is a thrift store, (like Goodwill).

Millions of things are donated
to DI every day. 
This is from the official site
Deseret Industries
Deseret Industries is both a nonprofit, vocational rehabilitation facility and a thrift store.
Deseret Industries is composed of three related parts.
First, trainees work, receive training, and find long-term employment.
Second, the public may purchase inexpensive,
quality merchandise in a clean, safe retail environment.
To those in need, merchandise is provided at no cost.
Third, all people may provide meaningful service through
 the donation  of time and merchandise.
Deseret Industries is sponsored by
 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
 Established in 1938 as a single thrift store,
today there are 46 stores serving people
in seven western states:
Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

I am really lucky because I have a DI in my community
I go there all the time just to check things out
see if there is any junk  treasures I might need want.
So here is some of my finds for this week,
The glass candy dish I will do as one of
my pedistal dishes.
Whoever heard of black doves!
They will be spray painted white. . .
I am a sucker for anything cloche'
A greenish blue mason jar. . .mmmm Sweet!
I can see the vase spray painted yellow or turquoise
The wire basket will be silver
I couldn't pass up the cute bright placemats.
I spent around $5.
Oh this little cutie I have looked and looked for
$8. . . . .Sweet!
It will be painted Black
This little sweetie will be spray painted Turquoise!
I could not believe it when I saw this beauty!
Only $6
I have looked and looked for a chair like this
It has a spindle that is broken
and I have studied it and figured out how
to fix it myself!
Oh, I am getting good at this.
Won't she look cute painted a ligth Blue?
I had a good week this time at DI
But now the works begins.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Where Much Is Given~~Much Is Expected

A few things are going on with this cute little blog
I never thought I would reach
Over 5,000
So Soon!
I am thrilled to say the least . . . .
Your comments have been much appreciated.
I just love each one of you
I have never met you in person!
But thank you so much!
You have no idea what
you have done for me.
Seriously. . . you are the best!
Along with having so many viewers
I am now at a new level in
(I am not in the "in crowd" yet)
But I have some new
things on the horizon.
I am looking forward to the future
One of the things for the
future is
Product Reviews
from places like CSN Stores

But one of the things I firmly believe
Where much is given
much is expected!

I hope I NEVER
Disappoint you my dear friends
In Bloggerville.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Simple But O' So Sweet

Sometimes I like to do things that are just
But they turn out so SWEET
That is how this little stool felt to me. . . .

I wish I had taken a "before" picture.
I always forget!
It was another dirty, disgusting, discarded little friend.
It just needed some TLC
Of course a little paint and new fabric always helps.
She has sweet lines.
And a simple appearance!
I like how she turned out!

I don't know what it is about me and stools.
I am always looking for them at the thrift store (DI)
If I see one I have to have it.
I have another one I have been waiting to do.
The fabric came today,
Fabric from Hawthorn's Fabric

I am thinking I will do her in
one of these fabrics.
I will show her off when she is done.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ampersand? Huh You Say! & & &!

That's Just What I Said!
What is Ampersand?
Well, it is
It is another one of those
design things that I just love . . .
Like the
Eiffel Tower
(I have one I found at TJ Max)

The Fleur de Lis
( I have on plates, finials, pictures)

So, because I really like these things
I like to bring them into the things I create.
I made a pillow with the &
One day on one of my trips to the thrift store (DI)
I found these 8" chipboard shapes of the &
I paid .75 for a package of 3
Thought I would use them in my scrapbooking.
But then I decided I wanted the design on a pillow. . . .
I traced the & on some fabric, painted it black

I have a cute pillow

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cheap Pottery Barn Knock-Off

Cheap and Pottery Barn
Do Not Go Together!
They have great things,
But Oh, they are overrated over-priced!
Well, I guess if you have money to burn
then you could buy there without
feeling guilty.
Since I am not in that group
of money burners
I have to find the cheap alternative.

I love these "Voluminous Vases"
Pottery Barn price $59-$79
I set out to make my own
Ya, make my own!
I found cheap glass candle holder and glass containers
at the thrift store (DI)
I used my trusty old friend
Gorilla Glue
And this is what I got!
My Voluminous Vases cost me
about $2 a piece!
Oh much better.
(notice my Eiffel Tower, I found it at TJ Max)
The only thing Pottery Barn can do better
than me is
take pictures.
I really like my Vases
And they were easy to make

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I Just Wonder?

I am just Wondering?
Do the Bloggers that I follow
ever feel inadequate?
Not very talented?
Do they ever have projects fail?
Does every picture they take
show off their projects perfectly?
Does their house ever
look like a mad woman's nightmare
because they have been working on projects?

Is everything perfect in their lives
like these pictures show?

Just look at the beautiful work
of some of these talented gals out there in Bloggerville!

Impatiently Beautiful
Antique Chase .

Not sure who did this
Yellow Cape Cod
Just Something I Made
(who would think to use a old red wagon for a tray?)
Not sure who made this
It was on CSI

Such talent!
No wonder I get thinking
my work isn't that good.  . . .
I am determined to run with the "big girls"
My picture taking will improve
and my talents will imporve.
I am inspired by all these great talented ladies.
But, I bet their houses are all perfect just like the pictures!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Where Did This Week Go?

Well where did this week go?
I have been so busy I missed it. . . . .
My house looks like a mad woman's nightmare!
I have been busy doing other things and have neglected
the day to day upkeep of my house.
Oh, well it is waiting for!

I am a little stressed though.
I did some rearranging on my blog
and now I can't see my posting!
If I use Internet Explorer
I can't see my posts,
If I use Firefox
I can see everything!
Don't know what I did
I just hope you, my peeps  viewers
can see my blog!
That damn darn Microsoft Explorer
sometimes plays tricks!
Hope you have a great Friday!
I am off to go shopping with a couple
of little darlins' and of course their
mom will be with us.

Have a good one!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

She Is A Beauty

Just completed this little
for my daughter-in-law
GinaI found her on KSL Classified
No, not Gina, the table!
She (the table!) doesn't look too bad
in this picture,
but the color was yucky
and the paint was all chipped
and not looking too good.
So you know the process
sand, prime, paint. . ..
I had to bring it all inside
the day I was working on the table
it was hot, hot!
The paint does funny things when it is not
the right tempeture. . . . . . . . . .. anyway mine does.
The paint I used is Martha Stewart
Fennel Seed is the color
That Martha knows her colors!
This is her all completed.
Isn't she pretty?
(Ya, Gina is pretty too!)
I almost didn't want to part with this.
It went perfect in my house.
I am happy to give it to Gina
she has been wanting a tall slender table.

She is a Beauty!
The color is perfect.
I think I am going to do some other
pieces in this color
I really like it.
KSL Classified is a great place
(for those of you not living in Utah KSL Classified is like Craigslist)
Gina and Blake
the table!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just So You Know ~ ~ Projects I Am Working On

Just So You Know
I have several projects I am working on
So the blog may be neglected for
a day or two.
Gotta get these things done!This cupboard door has been sitting around
for several months.
I know what I want to do with it,
I keep putting it behind everything else.
Now is the time to "Getter Done"

Oh, Yes, and these stool frames!

They too have been waiting to be completed.

I had so much fun doing my Quatrefoil stool

that I just had to do more stools
And this little darlin'

This is my focus for today.

She will be done by this evening.


And yes, I am painting in my dining room!

It is way too hot outside to paint.

I tried it yesterday and I about died, and the

paint does funny things when it is hot.

So I moved it inside.

Now, if I get off this computer, I will

be able to go to work and finish up these