Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Kitchen Table

Have you given much thought to
Your Kitchen Table lately?
I really like this Kitchen table 

Well, I have given thought to mine!
I am afraid to even show you what
mine looks like today. . .
(You may think I am really a bad person)
Really I am not!
It has been a rough, busy week.
And today has been especially rough.
I just got home from a week-end trip
and sad to say this is my dining room table.
The best thing on my table is the
Diet Coke!
I promise you I will have my Kitchen table looking all clean and nice
just like the pictures in the magazine. . .
Country Living

I am not promising when!

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  1. I can sure relate to that first picture. I have had several projects going and had to clear it off (temporarily) for my husband's birthday dinner. I have a sewing/craft room but have enjoyed using my bright sunny dining room lately.


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