Monday, August 30, 2010

Fabric Love

I love FABRIC!
Have I told you that?
I swear it is genetic. . . It runs in my family! 

Michael Miller Collection
Notice the Peace sign fabric
My Mother loved fabric, my Grandmother's loved fabric
my aunts love fabric and my girl cousins love fabric.
Amy Butler Collection
Michael Miller
We are a FABRIC loving family!
Deer Valley Collection

When I get new fabric I like to "soak" it in. . .
(do you understand?)
I like to look at it. . .
I like to feel it. . the texture.
I like the colors of it.
I like to think about it
How is this going to look when it is all sewed and finished?

I love browsing the fabric isles in stores.
I love looking at fabric on-line.

I love getting the package of fabric
in the mail!

I just love FABRIC!
Another one of my obsessions!

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  1. I love fabrics also. I love to run my fingers over the bolts while I walk among the rows.


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