Saturday, August 21, 2010

I Just Wonder?

I am just Wondering?
Do the Bloggers that I follow
ever feel inadequate?
Not very talented?
Do they ever have projects fail?
Does every picture they take
show off their projects perfectly?
Does their house ever
look like a mad woman's nightmare
because they have been working on projects?

Is everything perfect in their lives
like these pictures show?

Just look at the beautiful work
of some of these talented gals out there in Bloggerville!

Impatiently Beautiful
Antique Chase .

Not sure who did this
Yellow Cape Cod
Just Something I Made
(who would think to use a old red wagon for a tray?)
Not sure who made this
It was on CSI

Such talent!
No wonder I get thinking
my work isn't that good.  . . .
I am determined to run with the "big girls"
My picture taking will improve
and my talents will imporve.
I am inspired by all these great talented ladies.
But, I bet their houses are all perfect just like the pictures!


  1. I regularly feel inadequate in my projects and posting and hope I'm not the only one out there who thinks that her house can't possibly compete with some of the ones I see out there. :)

  2. I believe everyone has a unique and wonderful style! My house is a craft room is a mess...I mod podge my pants regularly...but I keep on truckin.'

  3. I feel inadequate every post I write pretty much! I wish I had more confidence than I really do. I try to fake confidence sometimes and hope that I'll trick my brain into thinking that I AM more confident! haha. I wouldn't worry too much about it though. I think we all, at some point, feel a bit less than perfect. And as far as the pictures go, well, if everyone else is like me...I take about a million and one photos of something and only end up with like ONE that turned out decent haha! So, maybe all these 'perfect' pictures we see out there are just a snapshot of one 'perfect' corner of someones house, and the rest could be chaos! haha. NEVER KNOW. :o)

  4. All I can say is yes, yes, yes, and yes!


  5. I love the red wagon as a tray, but it made me think of using one on the wall for a shelf like a shadowbox. Now to figure that out!


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