Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lamp Re-do and Thrifty Treasures

I wonder if
My Thrifty Treasures
JUNK!Honestly WHY
am I so obcessed in finding
this Crap?
I really am a tidy person
I don't like junk
But I do like "things"
(I am not making sense !)
So I will just go on with what I have found lately
at my favorite thrift store, DI
(the only one we have in my small town)
These glass pieces grabbed my attention.
I have never seen diamond cut glass
in black.
I grabbed all 5 pieces, (.50 a piece)
As I strolled around the store I thought
"you don't need all 5 pieces, just get 1"
So I was going to return 4 of them to the shelf
A lady stopped me and ask if I knew who
made this glass. . . . .
Huh? ? ?
Aaaaaa, NO!
Well, she didn't know either, but she has a book
with glass pieces in it and these are in the book
and they cost a lot more than .50
I decided to keep all 5 pieces!
They are unique!
I needed a lamp in my Craft (crap) Room
Came across this red & white lamp shade and
Loved It!
(only $1)
So I put the ugly peachy $1 lamp. . .
I like the swirly design on the lamp
With the lamp shade
with a little spray paint. . . .
This is what I got!

Just Love It!
It looks real cute in the "craft" room.
It cost me $2
(I already had the spray paint)

Always amazes me what a little paint can do. . . . .
And really thrity things are
fun to re-create. . . . .


  1. Hey there - thanks for stopping by The Frosted Gardner blog and for catching our segment on Studio 5! I often wonder the same thing - why do I bring so much junk home! :)

  2. oh my word I love the black glass! And don't ya just love how a little spray paint changes things up? So cute!

    ~Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  3. LOL I'm with you on the "not liking junk" but always bringing pretty stuff home anyway LOL

    I love your finds, I've never seen black glass either - who was the creator?


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