Friday, August 20, 2010

Where Did This Week Go?

Well where did this week go?
I have been so busy I missed it. . . . .
My house looks like a mad woman's nightmare!
I have been busy doing other things and have neglected
the day to day upkeep of my house.
Oh, well it is waiting for!

I am a little stressed though.
I did some rearranging on my blog
and now I can't see my posting!
If I use Internet Explorer
I can't see my posts,
If I use Firefox
I can see everything!
Don't know what I did
I just hope you, my peeps  viewers
can see my blog!
That damn darn Microsoft Explorer
sometimes plays tricks!
Hope you have a great Friday!
I am off to go shopping with a couple
of little darlins' and of course their
mom will be with us.

Have a good one!


  1. Hi Karie, thanks for linkin' up to Frugalicious Friday today! Well, I can see your post, and I also see some fun projects around here. I like you.. HEART spraypaint too and love revamping older pieces of furniture as well. In fact, I haven't done many projects this summer, but can't wait to get my project ON this fall! Nice to meet ya!

    Finding Fabulous

  2. If it helps, I can see the posts usign explorer. Visiting from New Friend Friday. Have fun with the shopping!

  3. I could have written your first paragraph..word. for.word...

    Thank you so much for the visit!!


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