Thursday, September 30, 2010

October Begins The Count-down

is soon to arrive!
October is the month that we start the
Count-down to
To begin the count-down to
I made this
Halloween Advent Calendar
My Grandchildren
Sara, Zada, and Maya
will love this
Each day they remove the date.
Some of the days have a message on the back
that says
On those days they have to come see me and I will have a treat for them.
I spray-painted a cookie sheet I got at DI
Used cute Halloween scrapbook paper
and cut-out the numbers with my Cricut.
Easy as could be!
I need to make 2 more
Old cookie sheets are hard to find at my DI
so I bought 2 new ones at Wal-Mart.
Not Good! The black spray paint won't adhere
to the pan.
Because of the Non-stick coating. . . . .  
They may have to be just plain old "baking pan" color. . .
So there you have it.
Halloween Advent Calendar
Now I am on to another project

I am making a Halloween Tablecloth
for my dining room table
Cute, bright fabric, will be the choice for this tablecloth.
Halloween decorations go up on Friday, October 1st.
I am excited to show you the finished tablecloth
The Halloween Decorations!
Hooking up with
Sew Dang Cute/Crafting With The Stars
eighteen 25
House of Hepworth

Monday, September 27, 2010

Vintage Sideboard

My Vintage Sideboard is in my
Dining Room, and she looks WONDERFUL!
My Aunt Colleen and Cousin Janie
found this old sideboard (sorry no before pictures)
They said it was in pretty bad shape. (All the better)
As I have told you before they re-do furniture.
This piece caught my eye. . .
I just had to have it.
The size and the style was perfect for my dining area
So here it is all re-finished and decorated
Now living in my home

The drawers at the bottom will come in handy.
I need more storage space for table linens etc.
Love the old vintage handles.
They were really ugly, but after using a brass polish
Look how lovely.
I am so in love with it!
I have that very pleased feeling when you find something
that you feel so connected to.
That's why I love vintage and second-hand furniture
There is that feeling of  Connection.
I am sure the beautiful sideboard
from my Auntie and Cousin
will bring me many years of enjoyment and beauty.

Thanks for letting me share!

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Re-Do Furniture & Yard Sale

I think I have recovered from the
Re-Do Furniture and Yard Sale!
It was a great success
My Aunt and Cousin did  great on the sale of the furniture
and I did good on my sales. 
We all came out ahead!
Here are just a few picture of the sale
I was so busy I didn't get very many pictures.

My black sideboard is right there.
Oh, it is sweet!
This is just part of the sale.  There was so much more to it. . .
Can't wait until next Spring when another one is planned.
I'll be sure to let you know when.

Tomorrow begins a new week for blogging projects
Can't wait to show you my side table I got from my Aunt
I have it in my home and all decorated.
I will reveal it.
Be sure to come back. .


Saturday, September 25, 2010

I've Been On Assignment!

Hey, Blogger Friends,
I haven't forgotten you.
I have been on Assignment. . . .
Ya, it was an Assignment
to help my Cousin and my Aunt
with their Re-Do Furniture and Yard Sale.
(They worked my tail off!  Really!)
Oh, boy do I have a lot to tell you
and some Pics to go with it.
Just give me an hour or two to rest and I will be
back to my computer
giving you the low down on my Assignment.

Monday, September 20, 2010

More Fall Decorating

I am still decorating for Fall
I don't think I will ever be finished.
This is only my fall descorations
I still have my
I love this time of year
I love the warm colors of fall decor
Red, Orange, Brown, Golden Yellow
and all the colors inbetween.
My table in the living room.
Candy Corn in glass vases makes a bright Autumn display
I love my crocheted doily
My Aunt Diane made it for me many years ago.
I don't care if they aren't "in style"!
I like them and I decorate with them!
(So there!)

Do you remember the square wicker basket from
my thrifty finds last week?
Well, a little spray paint and I have a cute basket for my vases.
I am too lazy Oh shoot, just say it I am too lazy
to take everything down from my shelf
and put the fall decor on it!
So I put the fall garland around the things already on the shelf.
It still adds a touch of fall and it is less work!

Aren't those Witches Shoes the cutest things?
They are really salt and pepper shakers
I collect shakers, so I just had to have them.

I like the touch of blue with the orange and yellow.
My turquoise/blue can still stay at home on the shelf
The color just adds to the beauty.
Reminds me of the Autumn blue sky.
Have you noticed how the sky is a different color of blue
in the Autumn season than it is in the Summer?

I will be decorating for the next 2 months
Then I switch to CHRISTMAS. . . .
Oh, my, is it really only a couple of months away?
Didn't I just go to the 4th of July parade last week?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Take A Walk Thru Bloggerville

It has been a beautiful week in
Everyone is showing their
Decor and Projects

I like Cute decorations. . . .
I don't like scary!. . . .
Here are some of the cute things I found in Bloggerville
the week
As always Jen at Tatertots and Jello
has the cutest decorations!

She has done some really cute things check her out.

I like this Halloween Advent Calendar

My favorites have been the traditional Fall Decor
showed us the beautiful cloches that everyone is making.

These are just a few of the delights of Fall
I found in Bloggerville this week
But be sure to check out the beautiful delights of
 Mother Nature
She is beautiful this time of year.
Have a wonderful day

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Technical Problems

I have had major Technical Problems
with my blog.
A dear sweet visitor e-mailed me and to let me know
she could not view my blog
It showed a blank screen.
For Three Days
I knew this was going on. .. ..
But, I didn't know how to fix it.
Where do you get help when you just know the basic of the computer?
Well, I went to the Blogger Contact.
It actually listed the problem I was having.
Gave great directions on how to solve the problem
The problem was one of the Blog sites
that I was linking up to for their Linky Party
had a button too large for my blog.
I had to remove All of my Linky Party Blog Buttons.
Someone out there in Bloggerville
Has a Button that is too large!
So now I have to do something else for the linky parties
If you are a hostess and you don't see your button
on my Blog, be patient I will add your name to
the Blog Party Roll soon.
Oh, the joys of Blogging.
Have a great Day everyone

Friday, September 17, 2010

Thrifty Story

Yesterday was a visit to the Thrift Store (DI)
I think I found some pretty good things.
And nothing cost me over $2.00
 Of course I needed everything I found!

 Cute glass jars, basket, square glass plate, ceramic fruit, ceramic vases

What is it with me and the Ampersand sign?
I just couldn't resist buying it. . .  I don no what  it is!
Cutest ceramic fruit, & square glass plate

Oh, and these vases. . . . love them.
I think they would be cute with bright colored candy in them.

Oh, ya! Spray paint these cuties. . . . Hmmm!

Couldn't pass up this square basket. . .  spray paint here we come!

So I have the process going right now. . . 
First is the primer. . 
Next I will spray paint.  
Some things I haven't decided on a color.
I will let you see them when they are all finished.. . . . 

I am very busy right now getting things done.
Next week I am going to my Aunt and my Cousins
HUGE! and I mean HUGE!
Yard Sale
It really isn't a yard sale, but that is what they call it.
They sell over 300 pieces of furniture
that they have been painting and re-finishing.
Twice a year they put on a sale. . . . .Spring and Fall.
This is the Fall Sale.
They have invited me to come and sell my Crafts and Thrifty Finds.
Last Spring they sold over 200 pieces of furniture.
If you live in Utah you should try to come.
It is in Orem, Utah
As soon as I have the address I will post it.
 I know how to get there but can't tell you the address
It will be September 22, 23, 24, and 25th
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Well. . .  I best be off to do painting and crafting. . .
Lots to do and so little time.
Oh, and I have a Cloche' display I want to post.
Come Back, ya hear!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pillow Decor Needed More

My little Ampersand Pillow
that I created a few weeks ago,

Needed More Friend Pillows
I made two new pillows to go with Ampersand

They have added a cute whimsey to my home.
Welcome, ? and !
I just love whimsical elements to any room.
Hope you enjoy!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fall Decor II and More

I have been busy doing more
Fall Decorating.
I found these wooden blocks at DI
I couldn't leave them the way they were (ugly)
So I spray painted and put some cute paper on them
and used my Cricit to cut the FALL letters.
(I did this at 2:00 AM this morning!)
They sit on top of my T.V.
Ya, I know I don't have a flat screen. . . just a little behind times.
This cute little orange basket I also found at DI
(it is Fenton Glass)
It proably  belonged to some sweet mother that
had passed away
and her children were cleaning out her house and
just gave it to DI. . . .
(That will happen to me, and believe it or not it will happen to all of us!)
It goes great with the Fall decor.
I added this to the table vignette. . .
Found the frame at DI
Spray painted it.
I had the word on the plexi glass but it didn't fit the frame size.
I took it to the glass company and they cut it to fit.
(No charge! Can you believe it?)

While I was having a sleepless night, I decided my
Jackson needed to be changed.
So I put this turquoise paper behind it
and tied a new ribbon on it
Added it to the black shelf

When I was younger and raising my family
I changed my decor for every season and holiday
I am OLDER now, AND, I am lazy it is a lot of WORK
to keep changing the decor.
But there are just some things I can not let go. . . .
So I keep changing what I can and
leaving some things as they are. . .

Come back and see what I am going to do next.

Sunday September 19, 2010
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Fabulous Fall

Welcome to my Fall Home
My Front Door Will Greet You With
The Welcome of Fall

Please come in and see what
I have done. . .
(it is still a work in progress)

Fall Tablescape with lots of Little Fall Vignettes
(The handsome youngman in the picture is my adorable grandson)

I love this amber depression glass apothacary
I actually made this with a candle stick and a jar
both are depression glass found at DI

Of Course my PB Knock-off glass vase is part of the vignette.
gorilla glue a candle stick and a tall vase, (cheap)
The Little Fall Princess

I love the Fall Season. . . .
The colors
The sunny days and cool nights
Children in school
Football Games
Fun Holidays
I like living where the seasons change
and I can change with the seasons. . .
Hope you enjoyed the tour of my Fall home
I will have more to show another day
Come Back, OK?
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