Monday, September 20, 2010

More Fall Decorating

I am still decorating for Fall
I don't think I will ever be finished.
This is only my fall descorations
I still have my
I love this time of year
I love the warm colors of fall decor
Red, Orange, Brown, Golden Yellow
and all the colors inbetween.
My table in the living room.
Candy Corn in glass vases makes a bright Autumn display
I love my crocheted doily
My Aunt Diane made it for me many years ago.
I don't care if they aren't "in style"!
I like them and I decorate with them!
(So there!)

Do you remember the square wicker basket from
my thrifty finds last week?
Well, a little spray paint and I have a cute basket for my vases.
I am too lazy Oh shoot, just say it I am too lazy
to take everything down from my shelf
and put the fall decor on it!
So I put the fall garland around the things already on the shelf.
It still adds a touch of fall and it is less work!

Aren't those Witches Shoes the cutest things?
They are really salt and pepper shakers
I collect shakers, so I just had to have them.

I like the touch of blue with the orange and yellow.
My turquoise/blue can still stay at home on the shelf
The color just adds to the beauty.
Reminds me of the Autumn blue sky.
Have you noticed how the sky is a different color of blue
in the Autumn season than it is in the Summer?

I will be decorating for the next 2 months
Then I switch to CHRISTMAS. . . .
Oh, my, is it really only a couple of months away?
Didn't I just go to the 4th of July parade last week?

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  1. Hi Karie, thank you so much for your visit ... I appreciate your kind words! Your home is lovely ... your "new" basket is perfect for holding your vases filled with yummies! And, I love the garland you wrapped around your shelves, too. So pretty and festive. Thanks again, Becca


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