Thursday, September 30, 2010

October Begins The Count-down

is soon to arrive!
October is the month that we start the
Count-down to
To begin the count-down to
I made this
Halloween Advent Calendar
My Grandchildren
Sara, Zada, and Maya
will love this
Each day they remove the date.
Some of the days have a message on the back
that says
On those days they have to come see me and I will have a treat for them.
I spray-painted a cookie sheet I got at DI
Used cute Halloween scrapbook paper
and cut-out the numbers with my Cricut.
Easy as could be!
I need to make 2 more
Old cookie sheets are hard to find at my DI
so I bought 2 new ones at Wal-Mart.
Not Good! The black spray paint won't adhere
to the pan.
Because of the Non-stick coating. . . . .  
They may have to be just plain old "baking pan" color. . .
So there you have it.
Halloween Advent Calendar
Now I am on to another project

I am making a Halloween Tablecloth
for my dining room table
Cute, bright fabric, will be the choice for this tablecloth.
Halloween decorations go up on Friday, October 1st.
I am excited to show you the finished tablecloth
The Halloween Decorations!
Hooking up with
Sew Dang Cute/Crafting With The Stars
eighteen 25
House of Hepworth


  1. Awww.....what a super cute calendar!! Love it..How exciting that all of the Holiday sare coming soon!!


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  2. Cute countdown calendar. I'm gathering ideas this year so I can make one next year. My little one isn't quite old enough yet and we don't have the space. I did a menu board on a cookie sheet and had the same problem with the paint sticking. I roughed it up with sand paper and it seemed to do better. I used fine grit so it didn't leave weird scrapes in the pan. Seemed to work ok. Just a thought.

    Thanks for stopping by While He Was Napping. If you do try the Halloween tiles, I'd love to see them!



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