Friday, September 17, 2010

Thrifty Story

Yesterday was a visit to the Thrift Store (DI)
I think I found some pretty good things.
And nothing cost me over $2.00
 Of course I needed everything I found!

 Cute glass jars, basket, square glass plate, ceramic fruit, ceramic vases

What is it with me and the Ampersand sign?
I just couldn't resist buying it. . .  I don no what  it is!
Cutest ceramic fruit, & square glass plate

Oh, and these vases. . . . love them.
I think they would be cute with bright colored candy in them.

Oh, ya! Spray paint these cuties. . . . Hmmm!

Couldn't pass up this square basket. . .  spray paint here we come!

So I have the process going right now. . . 
First is the primer. . 
Next I will spray paint.  
Some things I haven't decided on a color.
I will let you see them when they are all finished.. . . . 

I am very busy right now getting things done.
Next week I am going to my Aunt and my Cousins
HUGE! and I mean HUGE!
Yard Sale
It really isn't a yard sale, but that is what they call it.
They sell over 300 pieces of furniture
that they have been painting and re-finishing.
Twice a year they put on a sale. . . . .Spring and Fall.
This is the Fall Sale.
They have invited me to come and sell my Crafts and Thrifty Finds.
Last Spring they sold over 200 pieces of furniture.
If you live in Utah you should try to come.
It is in Orem, Utah
As soon as I have the address I will post it.
 I know how to get there but can't tell you the address
It will be September 22, 23, 24, and 25th
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Well. . .  I best be off to do painting and crafting. . .
Lots to do and so little time.
Oh, and I have a Cloche' display I want to post.
Come Back, ya hear!


  1. HI Karie....looks like you found some really interesting things.....good for you!
    They all look lovely....LOVE the square glass plate:)

    Have a fabulous weekend!
    Statements in Fashion Blog

  2. Oh how I wished I lived in Utah, or America for that matter. Love your finds!

  3. Hi- I'm a new visitor : ) These are great finds! One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday morning is tour the garage sales. I'm so sad they will be ending soon as the weather gets colder here. I love how you spray painted some of the items for a whole new look!

  4. Great finds! Thanks for visiting my blog!


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