Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Turquoise Accent Bathroom

I am a little obecessed with Turquoise
I would like everything done in Turquoise.
I just love the color
I think it is
and pleasing to the eye.
I accented my bathroom in Turquoise
and here are a few pics to show you
My Bathroom is nothing spectacular like so many
It is rather plain. (I live in an apartment)
But I recently did some changing of color
it makes a big difference.
It doesn't take much to change the accents in a room
Since I have to have white walls
I accent with a lot of color
is my favorite
New rugs are always fun to have and they can give you a pleasing change.
There is that cute Quatrafoil Stool I painted.
Oh, how I love it!
New shower curtain
Re-painted shelf
New towels and rugs
and there you have it my
soothing, calming and pleasing to the eye
Turquoise bathroom
(and done on the cheap!)

I am linking my Turq bathroom to
The CSI Project
challenge this week
Bathroom Re-Do


  1. Super cute little accent touches:)

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  2. Oh, you are so right...it is a beautiful color. Your bath looks so great, it makes me want to get off my duff and make MY bath pretty...:)

    Oh, and do you make those cute pillows with the ampersand?

  3. Love it!! Turquoise is such a fun color and makes such a dramatic difference!

    Great job!

  4. i love the color turquoise too!!! the color is slowly infiltrating my house in every room.

    thanks for visiting my blog... :)

  5. What a cheery and fun bathroom. Saw you at CSI.

  6. Turquoise is a beautiful color! That color looks really nice in your bathroom!! Great job!


  7. You really perked that bathroom up - LOVE the turquoise and that stool is fabulous!

  8. Turquoise love! Indeed this color is so refreshing to the sight. Your bathroom now radiates calmness all over the space. Oh, it truly defines the word “comfort” in comfort room. :]

    - Chase Conely

  9. Awesome! I am a diehard lover of turquoise also! Haha. Isn’t that weird for a guy? I find it cute, so who cares? :) I actually think that’s part of the reason I won my wife over, since she also likes turquoise. Anyway, you have a beautiful bathroom there, and I think you should consider renovating your whole bedroom with turquoise accents!

    Keaton Oakes

  10. You made the right choice! It transformed your plain and simple bathroom to a much livelier and appealing space. We’re having our house renovated and I’m inspired to paint our bathroom turquoise too!

    -Jovan Bannister


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