Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010 Costumes

I can't close out October without
Showing-off my Granddaughters
Halloween Costumes
For 2010
So here they are. . . .
 This is the little Queen of Hearts (she is so dang cute)
 And this little sweetheart is a Witch
(gotta have a witch in the bunch)
All decked out in red is the She Devil (which she is not) 
 I think this little beauty is a Bride of a Monster (cute costume)
 Now here is the Dead Cheerleader (my pretty little blue eyed)
 All the little Granddaughters together.
Ready to go out in the neighborhood
They weren't gone too long because the
Little Queen of Hearts
and the
Little Witch
Got scared!
I made a sack of goodies for All the Grandkids
Even my three oldest (who are too old to trick or treat).
Isn't that what Grandma's are for
Spoil the Grandkids?
No matter what age?
(No pictures of the little Grandson, he is off with friends)!
(he was too busy filling his sack with goodies)
Don't ya just get a KICK out of HALLOWEEN?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween

Well, we are just about done with
is soon here!
My little ghosts, goblins,witches and monsters
are all excited for the big day!
How about yours?
I can't reveal any costumes yet
(that will be after Halloween post)
But I can show you what last year was like. . .
Last year I had fairies, rock stars, pretty little witches, a lion, and Dracula. . . . 
 My little Fairy, Zada
 The Diva Rock Star, Sara
 This my adorable and lovable Lion
She is the cutest Lion I know!
 This is Jared, the only boy in the mix of little girls
I have two other grandsons, but they are much older
So my Jared hangs out with the girls cousins and his sister.
Oh, he is a cutie. . . .
Don't know for sure what he will be this year
Last I heard he wanted to be a "Dead Boy Scout"!
(It's a boy thing)
Sara, Zada, and Maya made me this cute little spider. . . . 
It will be a treasure, as all things the grand kids make are treasures to me. 
So, I wish you a safe, happy, fun
Hope you and your "characters" are all safe!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Table Setting

I'm just so happy to share this
Table Setting
It is the first time I have done a
Table Setting (Tablescape)
For Bloggerville to see.
I hope you like it.
 I use to have lots of pretty table ware
But then I down-sized and many of my beautiful dishes I gave away.
Silly Me!
I have started to collect again
 I find many of my plates and bowls at the thrift store
And I buy lots of things when department stores have them on sale.
I found these napkins and napkin rings 50% off
 My cute witch shoes are salt and pepper shakers
I just found them this year
(among my many collections are salt and pepper shakers)
 The pumpkin bowl I think is adorable.
So happy and cheerful
 The orange plates and the bowls are new
But the salad plate I found at DI (thrift store)
I have always loved a pretty table setting.
But, once my children grew up and my husband died
I just kind of lost my desire to "fuss" over a cute table setting
You know what?
After visiting each week
And seeing all the great blogging gals that link up to their parties
I started to miss the days of decorating a table
So I think I am back to "fussing" over my table settings
It will take me a few times and I will be
back in the groove again.
Thanks to all of you gals that show your TABLESCAPES
I have visited many of your blogs
You inspire me!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Friends The Ghosts

 I like GHOSTS!
I only like MY Ghosts!
The ghost in the photo above has been with me for 40 years.
I like him, well, maybe I love him. . . .

I made him, yep, I gave him life. . .
These little characters, crack me up!
They are so full of Ghostly personality. . . Aren't they the cutest?
They just add so much fun to my table decor.
I love them!
As far as Ghost love goes my Ghosts are my favorites.
They have been with me for a long, long time.
I am really attached to them.
At the end of October when I have to tell them good-bye
I kind of feel lonesome for a day or two without my
Ghost Friends,
But, then out comes my Turkey Buddies, and I feel good again.
( I know I am weird, I give life to inantimate things!)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Last Minute Halloween Decor

You would think I was done with
Halloween Decorating
But there  always seems to be
something more that I want to do!
This little project I did for my
 They were so simple and easy
They are orange and black tiles
I found the ghosts and BOO and bats at Wal-Mart
They are little sticky things
 My patio area needed to have decorations.
This is just a pumpkin and a wreath sitting on the
yellow chair, that I love.

 The door on the patio needed to be more festive
So I added the Halloween Witch.
I have had my decorations for many years.
But over the years I have given my children most of my decorations.
Those precious little Grandchildren love this time of year
and Grandma is more than happy to decorate
and make things for them.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween Candelabra

I did it, I did it!
I made a
Halloween Candelabra!
Almost like Martha's.
This is Karie's version of
The Halloween Candelabra
(I don't know why that candle looks crooked it isn't in real life)
I can't believe I found the parts to make this.
I found these two brass candle holder thingies
at the thrift store (DI)
But I didn't know if I could use them or not.
Called my son Mark to see if brass could be unsoldered.
Ok, can ya help me with this?
He did help me, but I was left with these two candle thingies and I didn't
know how to hook them to this. . . .
 I had Gorilla Glued a wooden candle holder
to two wooden bases.
I stayed up one night until 2 AM trying to figure out how
to get the two brass candle holder affixed to what would be the base.
(I think Gorilla Glue can accomplish anything. . . . . Wrong!)
Son-in-law, Russell, he can figure this one out for me.
Sure enough he did.
(no picture of him wiring the brass candle holder to the wooden base)
Spray Paint and we will soon have our candelabra.
I also had to spray paint the beads.

When you take Junk, literally Junk!
And create something as cute as this
Sweet Satisfaction!
Oh, yes, sweet!
Martha isn't the only one that can create!
And she doesn't get the thrill of using JUNK!
I have to say there were a couple of gals in Bloggerville
that did candelabras
I don't remember who they are
but they inspired me more than Martha.
I am linking this up with several Linky Parties this week. . .
be sure to check my side-bar for the great
gals that put on these parties.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I Am Back In The Swing

I am back to creating and blogging!
Oh, it feels good to be back
I know you probably didn't even notice I was gone!
I only posted twice last week
But, I am back now!
Thought you might like to see a few of the things
I was doing while I was MIA.
Of Course I went to DI (Thrift Store)
Isn't that Blue Glass beautiful?
And the picture. . . . do you see that?
It has a signature but it is a print!
Do you have any ideas about it?
I liked the picture.
So it is mine now
I think I spent $5 that day at DI
I have also been doing some counted cross stitch.
I like to sit in the evenings watching my t.v shows
(Dancing With The Stars, Law And Order, The Office)
Doing my "hand-work"
I can't just sit and do nothing
I have to keep my hands busy.
It is relaxing to me to do my hand-work in the evenings.
Oh, dear I have to close this post
Law And Order is on.
I missed my blog and I am glad to be back.

I will be linking this post with:
Under The Table Dreaming/Showcase Sunday
The DIY Show-Off/ Fall Festival

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Having A Creative Come Apart!

Oh, Seriously. . .
I am having a Creative Come Apart!
I have not come up with anything
that is the least bit creative.
This has been going on for several days.
Maybe if I visit Bloggerville
I will feel better. . . .
Isn't that the cutest apron?
Now look at those cute little things
I visited Marty at
I especially like her
So many talented ladies link up to her party

Oh, I feel much better after my walk through
Now maybe I can create something. .
Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lamp Re-Created

I didn't get my project done in time to enter it in the
Challenge for this week.
We were challenged to make something that was
Ballard Design Inspired.
I may not have finished in time for the challenge
I have a beautiful "new" lamp for my home
What could be better
To top it off
It was  oh, so much cheaper.
This is what I started with
I bought 2 lamps from DI
each costing $3
(I am getting ready to spray paint)
This was my inspiration
From Ballard Design.
Lamp base $69
Lamp shade $40
Oh, No!
Not paying that!
This is Karie Design
And oh, so much cheaper
Lamp base $3
Lamp shade $1
(already had the shade, fabric $1)
Oh, so cute in my home

I had never done a shade before
Now I know some tricks I would do next time.
A Karie Design
Thanks Ballard for the idea.
Hmmmm, I like mine best.
But I am linking this to  my other Bloggy friends.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Celebrating Autumn At My Home

Oh, How I Love This Time of Year
It is Autumn !
In my beautiful part of the earth
Mother Nature is showing her beautiful colors of
Golden Yellow, Orange, Browns
and all shades in between.
Along with Mother Nature
I too like to show the beautiful colors of Fall
in my little humble home

Isn't it amazing how candy even has the colors of Fall.
Nothing scary in my home for the Halloween celebration.
No, No,
I like cute!
No scary skulls, or scary witches, or scary pumpkins or ghosts
No, sir! Only Cute for Halloween!
The Fall Angel presides over my home during this time of season
Autumn leaves, orange and red berries and Sunflowers adorn my home
A touch of amber gives a gentle glow in the evening light.
All of this comes together to make an inviting home
for family and friends.
What a beautiful time of year
What a beautiful way to decorate.
Thank you for stopping by.
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