Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Celebrating Autumn At My Home

Oh, How I Love This Time of Year
It is Autumn !
In my beautiful part of the earth
Mother Nature is showing her beautiful colors of
Golden Yellow, Orange, Browns
and all shades in between.
Along with Mother Nature
I too like to show the beautiful colors of Fall
in my little humble home

Isn't it amazing how candy even has the colors of Fall.
Nothing scary in my home for the Halloween celebration.
No, No,
I like cute!
No scary skulls, or scary witches, or scary pumpkins or ghosts
No, sir! Only Cute for Halloween!
The Fall Angel presides over my home during this time of season
Autumn leaves, orange and red berries and Sunflowers adorn my home
A touch of amber gives a gentle glow in the evening light.
All of this comes together to make an inviting home
for family and friends.
What a beautiful time of year
What a beautiful way to decorate.
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  1. Beautiful! I also love this time of the year - Autumn is so beautiful in Ohio!


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