Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010 Costumes

I can't close out October without
Showing-off my Granddaughters
Halloween Costumes
For 2010
So here they are. . . .
 This is the little Queen of Hearts (she is so dang cute)
 And this little sweetheart is a Witch
(gotta have a witch in the bunch)
All decked out in red is the She Devil (which she is not) 
 I think this little beauty is a Bride of a Monster (cute costume)
 Now here is the Dead Cheerleader (my pretty little blue eyed)
 All the little Granddaughters together.
Ready to go out in the neighborhood
They weren't gone too long because the
Little Queen of Hearts
and the
Little Witch
Got scared!
I made a sack of goodies for All the Grandkids
Even my three oldest (who are too old to trick or treat).
Isn't that what Grandma's are for
Spoil the Grandkids?
No matter what age?
(No pictures of the little Grandson, he is off with friends)!
(he was too busy filling his sack with goodies)
Don't ya just get a KICK out of HALLOWEEN?

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