Thursday, October 21, 2010

Last Minute Halloween Decor

You would think I was done with
Halloween Decorating
But there  always seems to be
something more that I want to do!
This little project I did for my
 They were so simple and easy
They are orange and black tiles
I found the ghosts and BOO and bats at Wal-Mart
They are little sticky things
 My patio area needed to have decorations.
This is just a pumpkin and a wreath sitting on the
yellow chair, that I love.

 The door on the patio needed to be more festive
So I added the Halloween Witch.
I have had my decorations for many years.
But over the years I have given my children most of my decorations.
Those precious little Grandchildren love this time of year
and Grandma is more than happy to decorate
and make things for them.


  1. You did a great job decorating! And I LOVE your yellow chair!!!


  2. I agree, I love that yellow chair with the pumpkins in it. Great ideal. Great blog with tons of great ideals! Thanks for sharing and for visiting, drop in anytime, loved hearing from you.


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