Monday, November 29, 2010

Sorry To Be Neglectful

Well, Hello everyone!
Sorry I have not posted for several days!
Lots of things going on. . . .  like
The Season is upon us and I am busy doing
some crafty projects.
No, I haven't done ALL of these
just some. 
 With paint brush in hand I tackle the job.
 I'll show you these later.
Oh, they turned out so cute. . . .!
One of my favorite pictures. . .Isn't that sweet!
I can hardly wait to have the display finished so I can show you
how it all turns out.
Please come back tomorrow or maybe later today,
I will have a new post on some of my projects. . . . .
Happy Season Crafting!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Before everything around me gets a little crazy,
Let me pause for just a moment and say
I am Thankful!
My heart overflows with Gratitude
The list is long, but suffice it to say I have much
to be Thankful for. . . Today
There are many in the world who are suffering
through no fault of their own
and my prayers are with them that the sweet peace of
The Savior Jesus Christ
Will blanket them in His Love and Hope.
As I gather with my little family
This Thanksgiving Day
I will remember those who are no long with me. .  .
And I will thank the Lord for giving me the time I did have with them.
I will Thank Him for the joyous time I have with
My Loved Ones Now.
May I never take it for granted.
I can feel them and hold them,
I can gaze into their eyes.
I can hear their voices, and their laughter and even their tears.
I will Thank Him
for allowing me to be on this earth
to experience the Joy of Life
Living with Abundance,
Love, Laughter, and yes even
For how could I know Joy if I had not suffered Sorrow.
I Thank Him for
The sweet
Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Simple Project Turns Backwards

A Simple Craft Turned Back-wards
What was I thinking?
Well, I wasn't thinking. . .
happens quite often
A cute simple Christmas Block craft
Sits in my window
From the outside it looks just fine
 Oh, But look from the inside. . . !
I have no idea how to pronounce that saying!
 It is back -wards
Let It Snow
Somehow in my foggy brain
(caused by a terrible cold)
Hopefully not perma-fog-brain
I put the vinyl letters on
In a not making sense way!
I think I had better end this post
Because I am not making sense right now!
And this project will not get fixed until
I decide to fix it I feel better..  ..  ..

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving Table Ideas

It will soon be here
whether I am ready or not!
For the last few weeks I have posted some
 Table Setting and
Centerpiece ideas.
As we get closer to
Thanksgiving Day
I thought I would show you some of my ideas. . .
Hope it will help you and add to your creativity. . . . .

 The fanciest things at my table are NOT Things
They are my
Family and my Friends

 Just good old fashioned
Together Time
 Thanking the Lord
For the blessing He sends us.

Cherish your time with family and friends
Pray for those who suffer
Most of all have a
Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thrift Trip

I found a few pieces of junk treasures when I went to the
Thrift Store This Week
Sometimes I am amazed at the things
I find, other times it's junk not so great..
This time it was ok!
 All this for $4.50
 My granddaughter was with me,
That is how I ended up with a stuffed animal
He is kind of cute!
It is a little Pug Puppy
She wants a real puppy so bad!

 I am always on the look-out for dishes
These plates really caught my eye.
I will be using them for one of my
$.50 a piece, how could I pass them up!
 I actually got this for the frame.
I already have the same
saying framed and hanging on a wall in my home.
Is the center of our home
A guest at every meal
A silent listener to every conversation.
Look at this!
Oh, yes, a candelabra
I could not believe it. . .
Do you remember the one I made from junk
back in October for Halloween?
I looked and looked for a candelabra back then!
$1.50 for this beauty
Ya, I am going to fix it up and use it!
I am thinking of spray painting it silver.
I think it will add beauty to my dining room table.
Yep! I know some will think it is junk

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Turquoise Accent Bathroom

I am a little obecessed with Turquoise
I would like everything done in Turquoise.
I just love the color
I think it is
and pleasing to the eye.
I accented my bathroom in Turquoise
and here are a few pics to show you
My Bathroom is nothing spectacular like so many
It is rather plain. (I live in an apartment)
But I recently did some changing of color
it makes a big difference.
It doesn't take much to change the accents in a room
Since I have to have white walls
I accent with a lot of color
is my favorite
New rugs are always fun to have and they can give you a pleasing change.
There is that cute Quatrafoil Stool I painted.
Oh, how I love it!
New shower curtain
Re-painted shelf
New towels and rugs
and there you have it my
soothing, calming and pleasing to the eye
Turquoise bathroom
(and done on the cheap!)

I am linking my Turq bathroom to
The CSI Project
challenge this week
Bathroom Re-Do

Temple Picture

Not feeling too well today!
Oh, nothing serious, just a pesty
Don't you just hate getting a cold?
Stuffy nose, sore throat, headache. . .
Just feeling crappy all over!
But, I wanted to share with you a beautiful picture
I recently framed.

 As you know I am a "Mormon"
So temples are very important to me.
This is my favorite temple
The Salt Lake Temple
In Salt Lake City, Utah
I was married there to my husband Lloyd.
It is a beautiful addition to my living room.
My daughter and I attended a workshop to make our pictures
of the Salt Lake Temple.
I wish I could give you the name of the photographer,
but the name was never given.
Whom ever it is, took a beautiful "shot" of the temple.
I painted the frame and gave it a little distressing.
The people at the workshop provided the
Gel that I applied to the picture. 
It gives it an "oil painting" texture.

I still need to finish the wall grouping
where my Salt Lake Temple is hung.
I enjoy looking at my picture and family and friends
who come to visit like seeing the
       Salt Lake Temple. . . .

P.S. A gentle blogger told me the name of
the photographer of this beautiful picture
Keli Blain
You can buy a kit at
Poppy Seed Projects

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Friends The Turkey's

Hello, Hello!
I want to introduce you to
My Friends
The Turkey's
When I opened my storage box of
Thanksgiving Decorations this year
I was so happy to see my old friends
The Turkey's
Hey, they have been with me longer than
some of my children. . . .
And I am proud to say I created them!
Yep, I gave them their little personalities. .

 Little Missy here,
she is the sweetest little thing.
She has a gentle soft way about her.
 This is Master Show-off
Oh, he is a character.
He just cracks me up every time I look at him!
 This is The Grandpa
He is somber and doesn't put up with much
He is missing his little Grandma and the four little Turks
(I can't find them)
He has been with me the longest. . . .
 Oh, here is the General. . .
Yep, he oversees the flock. . .
He is just a big old tender 
Tommy Turkey. .
 Now this little feller, He is alone
He lost his companion
She broke into pieces, and has gone to the
Graveyard of Turkey's.
My little flock of Turkey's get a lot of love!
What would we do with out Turkey's?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November Luncheon

The Perfect Table-Setting for a
November Luncheon
 Nothing fancy. . . .
Just a cozy simple table-setting
For Friends gathering on a cold November afternoon. . .
To enjoy food, and good conversation.
 The dinner plates I have had in my collection
I found the cute salad plate and bowl at Wal-Mart this year.
 I layered three different table linens
The round tablecloth is from Martha Stewart
I have used it for many many years.
 The table center piece is nothing fancy
But very colorful and November-ish (I just made that a word)
 The Pumpkin Salt and Pepper Shakers are
part of my collection of S&P Shakers
The Turkey I made,
Again many years ago.  (40 years)
The Pumpkin plate adds to the beautiful colors of Autumn
I will be serving Soup and Salad
Along with homemade rolls
And a pumpkin dessert. . .
Hmmmmm, I can't wait!
Mainly because it will be fun to

Monday, November 8, 2010

Together With My Girls

I haven't told you about my
Girl's Night
Well. . . . all of the guys in my family
son's, son-in-law, grandson's
went Bear Hunting in the
Uinta Mountains
 Average Mountain 12,500 feet. . . 
So, while the guys were in the cold, mud, wet mountains. . .
 Me and my girls got together to have a fun night of
Crafts, Goodies, Laughing, Talking and Movies
 My daughter-in-law cut the wood
and I sanded.
 The girls each painted and decorated their blocks
They did their names. . . . .
 They turned out so cute and creative
I love seeing the creativity of the girls. . . .
 My oldest granddaughter did the letters of her
high school. . . THS
One did just the letter "J" for our last name.
 I did Give Thanks
Because every day I give thanks for these beautiful
girls in my life. 
They and their Mommies make my life complete
And there is not another place I would have rather been than
with my "Daughters" on Friday night.
Just one last look at this. . . .
She did such a great job cutting the wood.
I love women with power-tools
. . . . . . . . . . . . .
Oh, and one last thing. 
We all slept over that night. . .
What a blast!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Dining Room November Decorations

I love November!
I really do. . .  I love the beautiful fall days
I love the colors of the season
I love Thanksgiving
My first child was born in November
In fact his birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year.
I have a special grandson that was also born in November.
I think November is a Celebration month
I celebrate my Gratitude for my many Blessings.
All month I write in my journal of every large and every small
thing that makes my life so happy and rich.
It is surprising how Gratitude has opened my mind and my heart!
Of course I celebrate by decorating!
Yes, I am still decorating
It is just a constant in my life. . .
 I love the oranges, golden yellow, browns, greens. . . . All the colors of the season
 I am having so much fun decorating my "sideboard"
my aunt and my cousin re-finished for me.
I think it looks so pretty with the oak in my dining room
 It has two areas that I am able to
decorate and do tablescapes
 I crocheted the doily several years ago.
It goes perfect on this sideboard.
 love,  love sunflowers
Did you know their little faces follow the sun?
And that is what I want to do. . . .
I want to follow The SON!
Mmmmm, I love sunflowers!
 The orange glass pedestal compost was a gift
when I got married
44 Years Ago.
It is a dear treasure to me
So there you have it my
November Decorations
for my Dining area.
There will be more to show later.
(Sorry for the long post and lots of pictures)
I will be linking this to the following Linky Parties:

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

First November Tablescape

Just pulled out the
November Decorations
And I am trying to figure out how
I want things to look.
I will be changing every day. . .
I know I am not the only one that does that. Am I?
I have so many Thanksgiving decorations . . . .
 And I love all of my decorations!
Some have been with me for a long long time
I am delighted every year when I open the storage box
It is like renewing old acquaintances!
 I like how the sunlight comes through my dining room window
in the November. . .
In the afternoon it lightens everything up so much.
 This little Turkey has been with me a long long time.
I just love her!
I made her many years ago, when my children were young.
 I don't know if I could do that good of a paint job now.
I haven't done detailed painting for so long.
 My table cloth was also made by me
I really like it also.
It is so full of color and so many different leaf prints.
I make most of my table clothes and table runners
 I found this oil painting at the thrift store (DI)
several weeks ago.
It is signed by someone and dated 1979
It was only $5.00
I just couldn't pass it up!
It goes well on my wall in the dining room
during the Autumn time.
So here you have it my Table scape for Today
I am sure I will be changing it.
I move things around all the time.
I will be adding this to several Linky Parties
Check my side bar for all the great bloggers
That Host these Parties
And Please Visit them.