Friday, November 5, 2010

Dining Room November Decorations

I love November!
I really do. . .  I love the beautiful fall days
I love the colors of the season
I love Thanksgiving
My first child was born in November
In fact his birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year.
I have a special grandson that was also born in November.
I think November is a Celebration month
I celebrate my Gratitude for my many Blessings.
All month I write in my journal of every large and every small
thing that makes my life so happy and rich.
It is surprising how Gratitude has opened my mind and my heart!
Of course I celebrate by decorating!
Yes, I am still decorating
It is just a constant in my life. . .
 I love the oranges, golden yellow, browns, greens. . . . All the colors of the season
 I am having so much fun decorating my "sideboard"
my aunt and my cousin re-finished for me.
I think it looks so pretty with the oak in my dining room
 It has two areas that I am able to
decorate and do tablescapes
 I crocheted the doily several years ago.
It goes perfect on this sideboard.
 love,  love sunflowers
Did you know their little faces follow the sun?
And that is what I want to do. . . .
I want to follow The SON!
Mmmmm, I love sunflowers!
 The orange glass pedestal compost was a gift
when I got married
44 Years Ago.
It is a dear treasure to me
So there you have it my
November Decorations
for my Dining area.
There will be more to show later.
(Sorry for the long post and lots of pictures)
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  1. Love your pretty dining room decor, I like to decorate for Thanksgiving is almost becoming the forgotten holiday. My second son was born on the 23rd so we usually celebrate his birthday with Thanksgiving. I love your pretty orange compost dish...I love old dishes anyway. Come say hi.

  2. Very pretty and I do love the sunflower dishes. Fall is so lovely. Thanksgiving is around the corner

  3. I absolutely adore fall. Your dining room decorations are very inviting! I think I need to do a fall display now. Thank for stopping by Inside the Barbie Craft Room.

  4. Hi there, new follower from the NFF Blog Hop. I look forward to reading more from you. :)

    Please come by and visit/follow me too. Thanks so much. Marie

    The Things We Find Inside

  5. oh my goodness, i am amazed at how similar my recent post and yours are! i agree with the colors of the season, and i am enjoying your pumpkins and sunflowers.

    your november book is a great idea. i did something a long while ago, when oprah had her grateful journal, but i gave up on that. i'm sticking with thursdays this month!

  6. Hi! I'm stopping by from NFF. Love your blog :)


  7. Wow, we have a lot in common! My oldest son's birthday is on Thanksgiving this year & I have the same dining room table as you! Love your fall decorations & thanks for stopping by & leaving such a sweet comment. Now following!:)

  8. You have the cutest blog! I've loved reading through your last couple of posts, and your grandchildren are adorable! (oh, and "dead boy scout" made me laugh out loud-it IS a boy thing).
    I will definitely be a follower of your creative, crafting, inspiring blog!

  9. Wait, you crocheted the doilly? Wow. Great job. And I love that sideboard.

  10. Just discovered your blog & glad I did. Your dining room is so pretty -- very warm & cozy. It's nice to meet you.

  11. Oh how pretty. Love all of your beautiful fall decorations. Everything is just gorgeous. Thanks so much for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  12. I'm a November lover myself. Such a great month. Such a beautiful season. Such a wonderful holiday. (well, you've got TWO birthdays add in there too.)

    The compote is a beauty.


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