Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November Thrifty Tuesday

I just can't believe it is November!
If October has 31 days
how come they went so fast?
It seems like there was only
10 Days in October!
Well, no sense lamenting over it
I just move forward. . .
Today after VOTING!
I went to the lumber store (HD) and the thrift store (DI)
I want to share my thrifty finds. . . with you
 Now that I am loving setting a pretty table,
I am always on the look for cute dishes, plates and bowls
(Oh, gosh, I have always loved collecting plates)
 My picture taking doesn't do justice
to  how pretty these bowls are
they are a creamy yellow. . .  they will go well with the plates
 I think this is "Jadeite"!
Martha Stewart collects it. 
I love it.
I don't find it very often at DI
(had to have it)
 Believe it or not I don't have a nice big glass
mixing/serving bowl
I have been in my own home for 44 years!
And all I have is "Tupperware" bowls. . !
$1.00 for my glass bowl.
(it is about time)
 My picture really doesn't do justice to this beautiful pink
The glass is such a dainty pink
I am thinking of some future day doing a pink table setting.
Here is my start
 Dainty little salt and pepper shakers .25 apiece
I don't have a cornucopia. .
So this 50 cent one is perfect for me
I am going to spray paint it.
Not sure what color yet.
I spent a total of $6.00 today at the thrift store.
I think I got some pretty nice things.
They are useful and I like them.
I will soon have my Thanksgiving Decorations all ready
to show you. . . .
I will be linking this post to some great Blog Parties
Hope you will visit them. . .
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And a new Blog Party
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Thank you so much to these great ladies for taking
the time to host.


  1. great finds! i especially love the orange bowl with the wheat on it. so fantastic!

  2. Isn't it great that $6.00 can look like so much more? You have some nice finds there.

  3. Great job and perfect treaures!!

    Come and see my latest find, would love your comments, I will also have a new giveaway soon!

    Art by Karena

  4. Wow, you did great for $6.00 - Pyrex AND Jadeite. I believe that is a Fire King Jane Ray Jadeite sugar bowl (without lid). I found one just like it at a garage sale for 10c, and looked on ebay to see what it was. The Pyrex pattern is called Autumn Harvest - perfect for November.

  5. My mom used to have those dishes with the flowers on them-we used them for years-don't know where they went-I agree it's fun to set a pretty table!

  6. Everything looks great! I used to collect Jadite, but not so much anymore. I'm with ya on setting a pretty table. I think I need another dish cabinet for storing all my new dishes. This is fun and you found some nice things! Blessings! ~ Ames

  7. Wonderful finds! Love the Pyrex bowl and the Jadeite! Thanks for joining the Junkin Finds party! I would only ask that you add a link to the party on your post! Thanks so much!

  8. My fave is that blue bowl, love the color!!

  9. You found some nice things. I love the orange bowl. It would be so pretty in a fall tablescape.


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