Monday, November 22, 2010

Simple Project Turns Backwards

A Simple Craft Turned Back-wards
What was I thinking?
Well, I wasn't thinking. . .
happens quite often
A cute simple Christmas Block craft
Sits in my window
From the outside it looks just fine
 Oh, But look from the inside. . . !
I have no idea how to pronounce that saying!
 It is back -wards
Let It Snow
Somehow in my foggy brain
(caused by a terrible cold)
Hopefully not perma-fog-brain
I put the vinyl letters on
In a not making sense way!
I think I had better end this post
Because I am not making sense right now!
And this project will not get fixed until
I decide to fix it I feel better..  ..  ..


  1. Love the idea, and from outside, it is wonderful. I rather like your new word you created. Just tell people it's a game and they can have a candy cane if they figure it out. lol Hope you feel better. Hugs, Marty


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