Monday, November 29, 2010

Sorry To Be Neglectful

Well, Hello everyone!
Sorry I have not posted for several days!
Lots of things going on. . . .  like
The Season is upon us and I am busy doing
some crafty projects.
No, I haven't done ALL of these
just some. 
 With paint brush in hand I tackle the job.
 I'll show you these later.
Oh, they turned out so cute. . . .!
One of my favorite pictures. . .Isn't that sweet!
I can hardly wait to have the display finished so I can show you
how it all turns out.
Please come back tomorrow or maybe later today,
I will have a new post on some of my projects. . . . .
Happy Season Crafting!

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  1. I looks like you have been busy doing some fun crafts. I have not had the chance to post much lately either, it is a busy time, Happy Crafting!


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