Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Before everything around me gets a little crazy,
Let me pause for just a moment and say
I am Thankful!
My heart overflows with Gratitude
The list is long, but suffice it to say I have much
to be Thankful for. . . Today
There are many in the world who are suffering
through no fault of their own
and my prayers are with them that the sweet peace of
The Savior Jesus Christ
Will blanket them in His Love and Hope.
As I gather with my little family
This Thanksgiving Day
I will remember those who are no long with me. .  .
And I will thank the Lord for giving me the time I did have with them.
I will Thank Him for the joyous time I have with
My Loved Ones Now.
May I never take it for granted.
I can feel them and hold them,
I can gaze into their eyes.
I can hear their voices, and their laughter and even their tears.
I will Thank Him
for allowing me to be on this earth
to experience the Joy of Life
Living with Abundance,
Love, Laughter, and yes even
For how could I know Joy if I had not suffered Sorrow.
I Thank Him for
The sweet
Happy Thanksgiving!

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