Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Cloche'

My Christmas Cloche'
It adds a unique classy look to my
Christmas Decor
Oh, it is just a cloche' I created.
But, I like it and it serves a beautiful purpose.
I change it all the time. . .
Of course, it is decorated with Christmas
Ornaments and Greenery
at this time of year. . .
Introduced me to cloche's. . .
I had seen a few in bloggerville but didn't realize
I could make my own. . . .
Then Alison at House of Hepworth
Showed how to make them out of cheese domes
Ye, Cheese domes!
(This one is on a pedestal plate I made)
 I know my cloche is nothing compared to so many others
But, I like it. . .
I have it sitting on a table in my hallway
Filled with festive holiday greenery and Christmas tree ornaments.
 Also with the cloche is this little wicker tray
Filled with different decorations.
Makes a pretty vignette.
I am linking my cloche vignette with
Marty's Cloche Party
You should check out some of the gorgeous Cloches
I am also linking to
House of Hepworth
There's a lot of Christmas decorating ideas
in Bloggerville right now. . .
Merry Christmas


  1. I love your cloche, I use cheese domes also, and they are perfect cloches. Yours looks wonderful all decked out with it's ornaments. Beautiful vignette and I love your apothecary jars also. Gorgeous. Thanks for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  2. Lovely collections...

    The apothecary is so beautiful.

    Have a great week-end.

  3. I love your cloche...I never thought to use a cheese dome, what a wonderful idea. I have always had a hard time finding them. Then I found one {a cloche} and made a floral arrangement in it that is too involved to take apart!!

    Thanks so much for visiting me. You have a great blog!


  4. I like it! I've made my own as well and change it seasonally.

  5. It looks so pretty, and your Christmas vignette on the tray is pretty too. laurie

  6. Hello! I'm over from Coastal Charm. You had me at cloche. Yours are very pretty! Everything looks good under glass, doesn't it? Nice to meet you!


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