Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Parties Are So Fun

It is always fun to join in the celebration
Of the Season
With good friends. . .
Me and this group of ladies have been
Friends since Childhood. . . .
Our friendship seems to grow
Sweeter with age!
 After Dinner Chatter
 We do a lot of chatting. . .
 This is our sweet Hostess
And these are pictures of her beautiful home.
 In the Family Room a display of trees
 I love the entry way. 
Do you love the Santa or what?
She has a beautiful stairway that leads to the next level
(sorry I didn't get a picture of it.)
 The large Christmas tree in the formal living room
 The Nativity Scene is Beautiful
Displayed on velvet  green leaves. . .
 She has a lot of darling decorations she has
collected over the years.
Every room is decorated with  Christmas decor. .
 This Christmas Cactus is huge!
I have never seen one so big and pretty
She said it is over 30 years old
In the summer they take it out on the deck
And bring it in when it gets too cold outside.
Oh, the evening was wonderful. .
I love being with these dear "old" friends.
We will be doing this for many more years
We love being together.
Especially at Christmas Time.
Merry Christmas

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  1. What fun!

    I am a new follower (only 1 more til you reach 100!!), maybe you'll return the favor? :)

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