Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's Beginning To Look Like?

It is looking a little more like
at my home. . .
I have really been slow this year
Normally I am further along with decorating
than I am right now. .
Oh, well,
will be here whether I am ready or not!
This year I have added a few new things to my decor
I love the "old" things I have
So many memories. . . .
 I found this beautiful "cut work" table-runner
On sale at Kohl's and I just had to have it
Goes perfect on my side-table my Aunt and Cousin gave me.
 The picture doesn't do it justice.
It is much prettier in person. . .
 I am really liking the "mercury glass" look
Found these at Michael's
Of course on sale!
 Two of my Precious Moments figurines
December and January
They have been with me for a long long time
The vinyl Christmas tree picture is new.
 They are really "precious"
I have all the months that I have family birthdays in
December is my Daddy and it is also my Wedding Anniversary
(for another day and another blog post)
My daughter gave me this
She knows how much I like Robert Duncan paintings.
Each day I am adding more decorations.
This weekend the TREE goes up!

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