Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oh, Christmas Tree

What is Christmas
Without a Christmas Tree?
A few years ago I down-sized.
After living alone in a large house I moved to a small space.
When Christmas came around I didn't know
where I would ever fit a tree.
I thought maybe I would do away with a Christmas tree
Just decorate, but No Tree!
Oh, that was never going to happen.
My children, and my grandchildren would never allow that!
 So I down-sized the Tree.
 It isn't the same as my large tree,
But, I am ok with it. . .
And it gives my home a festive Christmas feeling.
 I really changed things, , , , I went with a silver and white theme
I had always had a "Memory Tree"
All the ornaments I had collected over the many years. . .
But, I just decided I needed a change.
 I love a Christmas Tree in the evenings when the lights are on
It gives such warm glow to the room . . . .
 These little Snowmen characters frolic under the tree.
They crack me up. . .  Aren't they cute?
 This little Precious Moment Christmas Boy is checking out
a little critter. . .  My Grandson gave that to me one Christmas. . .
The Snow Globe adorns the table also. 
There is that precious little boy again.
The Spirit of Christmas is filling my home with JOY!
Hope you feel it too. . . . .

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Be sure to visit them . . . . They work so hard. . .  Thanks gals.


  1. I love your Christmas Decorations. I'm glad you still do a tree every year- I haven't done mine yet; been to busy with the baby. But we're going to get to it this weekend. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your tree with white ornaments is beautiful! I love the Precious Moments figurine, and the little snowmen!


  3. Beautiful, and what a great way to take some stress off by down-sizing. I love the snowmen, too! :) Thanks for linking it to the Christmas SFS! -shaunna :)

  4. Love your tree and those snowmen playing around are great.

    Nice to met you.

  5. I've always wanted to do a white tree....maybe I should show my husband this! It's all beautiful!!!


  6. Karie, Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful tree and decorations at my party. The silver and white tree is very elegant and so pretty. I love the little snowmen underneath.
    Have a fabulous holidays and thanks again.

  7. Your decorations are so cute. Each of my ornaments is so special to me. My parents kept saying they would not get a tree after we all moved out and got married...and my brother and I gave them the evil eye. They always have a tree, just smaller.


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