Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Sunday of Christmas

I love the Sunday before
What is Christmas without Church Services?
Today was an exceptionally good day at my Church. . .
The talks were wonderful
The choir was out of this world
The children singing brought tears to my eyes
And everyone singing the
Traditional Christmas Songs
Sounded like Angels.
My Heart Was Full
And Tears were shed!
 I gave the lesson today to all the Young Women in my Ward
 Each Young Woman received a candle which had a poem
attached to it.
This is what was on the tag:

The Christmas Candle
May the Light that shone on the Christ Child
So many Christmas' ago
Fall on you this Christmas Night
And set your face aglow.
May it shine from your eyes
May it rest in your mind
May it burn in your Spirit bright
May the Peace it spoke to a weary wold
Bring Joy to your Heart tonight.

As we Celebrate Christmas with
Family and Friends
May we have Him in our Hearts
Jesus Christ Is
The Reason For The Season

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