Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year In Review Part 2

I want to show you my
Tea Cups for this part of the
2011 Year In Review
I have always loved Tea Cups
Though I don't drink tea or coffee. .
This year I really found some beauties. .
And I have delighted in showing them off
This beautiful tea cup came to me from a fellow collector
I joined Martha's Tea Cup exchange in April
And a lady from Pennsylvania sent me this.
This is one of my favorites. . . I found it while
Visiting my brother in Kanab, Utah
Some of my tea cups I have found while thrifting at DI
 Some have been given to me.

 I have been thrilled to find 3 legged tea cups.
But, the Treasure of all my tea cups is this one
It belonged to my Grandma Dot
It is beautiful and delicate just like she was. .
I hope you enjoyed the journey of
Reviewing my Tea Cups.
Please come back again

Friday, December 30, 2011

A Year In Review

As I close the
Year 2011
I would like to share a few little thoughts with you. . .
I started my little blog 2 years ago. .
Just to show and journal my creative journey
I love the world of blogging. .
I have met some wonderfully creative bloggers. .
Most of all you are all so warm and welcoming
So much talent and wholesome creative energy
Has entered my life.
I hope in the coming year I can continue to blog
And be part of that good creative energy. . .
That is spreading across the world.
With that said I would like to show a few of my
Creations for 2011

My Biggest Project!
My Beautiful Blue Buffet. .
Started with this
 I found it on KSL Classified. . .
I fell in love with it.
I used Martha Stewart's Faded Ink
And then I antiqued it. .
 I have had so much fun decorating it.
My Beautiful Blue Buffet
Will always be a treasure. .
I painted so many thing this past year.
I can't believe how many pieces I actually completed.
(I will show more later)
Along with my painting I have been
Lace and Doilies abound in my home
I constantly have a crochet project going.
Me and Little Zoey (my dog) like to sit in the comfy chair
And watch our nightly shows on t.v. and I crochet!
I also want to show you the wall shelf and grouping I changed. .
I changed it from this. . .
(black is not my thing, what was I thinking?)
 The softer color is more like me
I hope I haven't bored you to death. .
I know I love looking at the things that other bloggers
Do with their homes, and the creative things they do.
I want to show you more of the year in review.
So please do come back again
I do believe I will be linking with

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas

From My Home

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Funny Little Snowy Friends

Oh, how I love
And I especially like my little
They are full of fun and whimsey
I tell you they are Characters. . .
Just look at their faces and their little antics
Frosty was mild in comparison to my little Snowy Friends.
Every time I look at them I
And isn't that what Christmas is about
Smiling and making others feel Happy.
Well my little Snowy Friends
Are doing just that
Making me Happy!
(My little Friends are from Fritz and Floyd)

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It Is Beginning To Look Like Christmas

Well, it is about time?
Yes, it is beginning to look like
Christmas at my Home. .
And it is about time.
I have never been so behind in decorating!
Finally I have a few things to show you.
Hope you enjoy visiting my
 Since I don't have a Mantel. .
My Shelf
Is decorated in holiday style
 This is the wall gallery. . . .
My shelf is blue, and the frames are blue and white. .
I love Red so I accented with Christmas Red.
 Most of my decorations are from years past.
 I love these prints of Santa. . . they remind me of my
Childhood and my Children's.
 I found the three little Angels. . .just this year at DI
I fell in love with them. . .
 Each one is different
 Cute little expressions on their faces.
 I can almost hear them singing Heavenly Joy!
 Tradition, Tradition. . My Christmas if full of
Traditions and Treasures
There are things I have had for many many years.
A life time of years. . .
Each year I bring them out. . .my thoughts turn
To another time and another place.
 To some they may just be objects. . . But
To me they are my treasures. . .of my life and of people I love.
Each holding a special place in my heart. .
So the Mantel Shelf is finally decorated and ready
For The Christmas Holiday. . .
How about you. . .
Do you love to surround yourself with
Treasures and Traditions. . .
At Christmas Time. . ?
I have lots more to show you. .
So Please come back. . .
I have missed you.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Great Christmas Ideas

Well, Hello!
No I haven't forgotten my blog
So much is going on in my little space of the world.
Of course, this time of year is a busy, busy time.
I haven't gotten things at my home ready to show you. .
Sorry! I feel so overwhelmed right now. . .
But, I am going to show you some wonderful
Ideas from other great talented ladies.
You can find so much at Pinterest. .
I want to make some of these cute ruffeled trees. .

Aren't they just the cutest?
Now how about this?
I want my tree and home to look like this
Oh, What a Winter Wonderland!

Well, sadly to say, my place looks nothing like this. ..
I have been making Christmas pillow cases. .
Remember the pile of fabric I have. .?
I am still not finished making
Christasm Pillowcases. .
And to top it off it took me 3 days to thread my Serger. . .
Well, I may be off for a few days. . .
I am trying to get things decorated before
 The holidays are over.
Seriously. . . That is about the way things are going for me.
 I already think I am ready for a
Long Winter's Nap. . .!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tis' The Season For . . .

I am so sorry I haven't posted
I have had Three, (yes 3)
In one week!
I am prone to migraines, but I usually bounce back
But I haven't this time. 
I guess I am getting older and it is
Harder for me to recover.
I will be back in a day or two. . .
Please come back. . . I wil have new things to show you.
(I happen to be the one sprawled out wondering What Hit ME?)
Hugs to all. . .K

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Season Begins

Thanksgiving to me is the
Grand Beginning of The Holiday Season!
How appropriate, as we think of all we are thankful for
We begin the rush to fill-up on more blessings stuff. . .
Oh, let me tell you I love the season
And I am the biggest stuff-giver, and getter there is. .
I actually didn't make the rounds for shopping this weekend...
I spent Thanksgiving Day with a major migraine!
 Then I spent the evening laying on the couch while my family
Played games and ate left-overs. .  It is all ok
But Friday late morning and Saturday I made my way to
I bought a lot of Christmas fabric for projects I am doing.
 OMGosh I love fabric. . .
 I like the feel, the touch, even the smell. . !
 I have already sewed this Christmas Fleece into a
Warm comfy throw, for ME!
 Now just look at this fabric. . .How could you not love it...
Can't tell you what I am making. .. It is a surprise!
 This OTTLITE was on sale. .
Of course, I bought it for ME. .
I wanted one of these lights. . . it will be on my table
Next to my chair where I watch t.v. and do my handwork. .
So. . . I was a happy person to buy all this FABRIC
And save MONEY!
Let the Season begin!
And let the Projects making begin!
Come back again. . .K

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Very Blessed Thanksgiving

May you have a very
Blessed Thanksgiving!
I will be spending my
Thanksgiving surrounded by
My children and grandchildren
With a humble heart giving
Thanks for all I have.

Amen. . .K