Sunday, January 30, 2011

Shelf Valentine Vignette

My shelf gets changed often.
I like to decorate it for the various holidays.
One of my favorites is
 As with most of my vignettes
There is nothing fancy about it. . .
Just some cutesy little objects saying
This Is Karie's Home!
 I like creating vignettes
Especially on my shelf. .
I have had this shelf for many many years. .
 Some ribbons around the candles.
Pink, Red, and White Candy in the vase.
Books covered in Valentine paper. .
 Little Winter Birds Singing
 Valentine paper framed
A polka-dot plate
All say the same this is
February and it is Valentine's
 And because I can't seem to make a Word Art
The size I want
I used scrapbook paper for my
Valentine Word Art!
All settled in for the month of
And done with simple objects
That Say
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Friday, January 28, 2011

A Day of Painting

A Day Painting
Oh, I am so anxious to get this finished.
This buffet is the "Big Find"
I told you about in previous posts. . .
No, I didn't find it at DI
DI doesn't get something this nice and in this condition
 I found it on Classified
(for those of you outside of Utah it is a Utah classified on the t.v. station)
 I paid a little more than I normally pay for used furniture
(it was still a steal)
And it is solid wood (I think it is pecan, or something like that)
I know Drexel makes very nice durable furniture.
 The Primer is on!
I know all you wood purists are having a tizzy fit
That I am painting it. . . .
 I left the Drexel stamp in the drawer un- painted.
So future generations will know who made it.
And future generations will probably have a tizzy fit that it is
Painted. . . .
She is a beautiful piece of furniture
And she is going to be beautiful in the color
I chose
Martha Stewart
Faded Ink
You will see her in all her beauty in a few days
This painting takes time and it is hard work.
But, oh, I love doing it.
Be sure to check back. . .

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trip To The Thrift Store

I haven't shown you some of my thrifty store finds lately.
I haven't found very many good finds the past
few times I have been to DI (Deseret Industries).
Darn it,
Everyone has discovered the
Fun of Thrifty Store shopping.
And the neat things you can find.
Here are a few of my found treasures. . . .

 Amber glasses for my table-settings
I searched and searched in November for amber glasses
They aren't fancy, but I like them. . .
 I can't pass up colored glass
This green compost dish will be beautiful on the table
In a setting or alone.
 I like the colors in this basket
And the basket is very durable.
Easter is only a few months away so
This little basket will be fun to decorate with. . .
 Oh, these are a Treasure find for sure. .
$1.50 apiece!
Since I am a milk-glass collector how can I pass these up?
And I don't have a milk-glass lamp.
 This one is hobnail.
Love it.
I call this "sunburst".
I don't know the real name of the pattern.

I think I did pretty good . . . . BUT
I still haven't revealed the BIG treasure I found.
It is coming, I promise I will be revealing it soon.
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Monday, January 24, 2011

Valentine On The Cheap

Well, January is
Just about to exit!
That means February is on the horizone
Sweet Valentine's
Will soon be in view. . .
Don't you just Love Valentine's Day?
I do
And I love decorating for it.
I have lots of decorations
But I wanted to make a few new ones,
So here is the first. .

 It is so Cheap but it is so Cute!
I took a dollar store fake silver tray
Then I clued a heart form to it
Then I filled the heart form with
Cheap fake roses from the dollar store.
It is really eye-catching
And it is C H E A P!
It looks cute sitting on a table,
But I think I am going to add a bow
And hang it.
What do you think?

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Missionary Farewell

I have been a little busy this past weekend
My Grandson
Is leaving Wednesday
To serve a 2 year mission for our church
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
He will be serving in the
Tampa Florida Mission
in the United States of America
His Mission Farewell was held yesterday
I don't have words to express adequately how I feel
But yet the simple word
Carries the most feeling. . .
So all you wonderful blogging friends who live in
The Tampa Florida area
Keep your eye out for a handsome young 19 year old
Missionary from
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
(more commonly know as The Mormon's)
Give him a smile, and if you can invite him to dinner
And feed him some of that good Southern cooking.
He will appreciate it and most of all
His Grandma back in Utah will. . .
God Bless!

Now I am off to Home Depot
I have a project I am getting involved in
to keep me busy while  adjusting to
The changes in my life. . .
I can't wait to show you what it is

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Don't you just love being
It really is where your Heart Is.
Be it ever so Humble
There is No Place Like Home.
I am what you would call a 
I like being home.
I have always loved being a
 My Home is very small
And Humble
I don't have a huge McMansion
Just a simple little place that keeps me happy
 All are Welcome In My Home
Come In
Sit a spell,
Take your shoes off
Get comfy
I want you to feel right at Home.
For my Birthday
 My children gave me this beautiful stone plaque
May this Home be Blessed with
The Laughter of Children
Oh, yes, it must have children's laughter. . .
The Warmth of Close Family
And we are a close family
Hope For the Future
My constant hope is for a good happy future for all
And Fond Memories of The Past. .
Many memories sweep my mind
 I also received this beautiful plaque
Do I ever LOVE being a
 I loved being a Mom
Well, this tops it. . .
It was worth raising my kids just to get my grandkids!
 Of course I received my initial
I tell ya, I love my letter initial
Like I said I am just a
I love making my House a Home

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Tabletops Are Changing

I've been doing more
Oh, I know all of you do it too. .
I am constantly re-arranging and re-doing
Today I worked on my small dining room
I changed the side-board several times,
But finally came up with this

 It was a beautiful January 17th here in Utah
Kind of a January thaw.
So, I was in the mood to change things.
 You see a lot of my side-board. . .
I love decorating it.
It has the two levels and that is a decorators delight.
 I have all these children's books and decided to
Bring a couple of them out to display
They are books I read to my children and now to my grandchildren.
 Of course the shelf above the side-board needed to be changed.
This is a picture of the Salt Lake Temple
My daughter gave me for Christmas.
 I added red to the dining table. . .
Just a starter for Valentine in February
My red doily I crocheted.
It really shows up layered with the tablecloth I made.
 The vase is from Martha Stewart, many years ago.
Oh, how I love that vase!
The little milk-glass hen, I found at DI several months ago
Oh, how I love the hen!
And of course my milk-glass salt and pepper shakers
Oooo, I am a sucker for S&P shakers
and especially milk-glass.
 This really cheers me up. . .
The light was so pretty coming through the window.
Wish I could capture it better in the picture.
So there you have it my
Re-Arranged, Re-Decorated, Re-Do!
I am sure I will be changing it. . . .
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And it is fun to see what every one is doing. . .

I Survived Another Year!

Today, I actually think I will make it through
This Month. . . January
It is my birthday today and I am still alive!
I am thankful I made it this far in life
I know lots of people who never reached my age.
I thank the Good Lord every day
 Somehow I am a Survivor!
I hit the slumps every year at this time. . .
But somehow I am able to eventually pull out of it.
I will be celebrating later this evening with my children
But, in the mean time there are "chores" to do. .
cleaning, washing, dishes, vacuuming, dusting etc.

I finally got my little dining area put together the way I want it.
I just couldn't get myself going to decorate it.
Nothing I did looked right.
But, I like it now.
This will be OK, until I add
February . . . . . . . . . Valentine
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Friday, January 14, 2011

Slumpy Dumpy Mood

Hello, all you Crafty Ambitious
Blogger Friends . .
I am in a slumpy, dumpy mood
I haven't accomplished very much this week
I am sure the January Dump
Dumped on Me.
I started several projects and haven't finished
any of them. . .
The sad thing is I don't care.
My house doesn't look like it belongs to me
And I don't care.

I did go to the thrift store this week
 I found this beautiful red wine glass
 It had two tags on it. . .
Viking Glass and
The original price. . . . $3.00
I got it for $.50

I wish I could have found more than one.
But, I did check out E-bay
And I found more. . .
I also check the Internet to find out more about
The Viking Glass Company
It is always a treat when I can find something
like this little treasure. . .

I do hope I get back into the swing of things
Real soon. . . !
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Thank, Holly!
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Trying To Get Things Done

Oh, I am terrible!
I am still trying to get things done. .
The holiday is long past and the
decorations are put away.
The January Dump hit me
And, I don't want to do anything!
Do you remember how I re-decorated my shelf?

 Well, it has just not been right
Not appealing to my eye!
 So, I changed it and changed it.
Finally, I tied a different ribbon around the vase
And I called it good. . .
 The shelf decorations will just have to do. .
I am tired of "fiddling" with it!
 Tried to decorate the table along the wall
It just isn't appealing . . . (oh, not again)
 There are some things I like about it.
These adorable Snowmen tumblers from Fitz and Floyd
I love, and they make me smile.
 My little "January" Precious Moment
I love!
I use to collect Precious Moments. . . but haven't for a long time.
 The little salt and pepper shakers are another favorite.
Yes, I decorate with my salt and pepper shakers.
I like to. . . .I think they add to a table-top setting.
I love my clock. .
My Dad gave that to me many Christmas' ago.
This will just have to do,
Because, I am tired of decorating and re-decorating
For now, anyway!
I am sure tomorrow I will be re-doing. . .
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Friday, January 7, 2011


Do you ever re-do after doing?
A couple of days ago I decorated my shelf
Put away the Christmas Decor
And did the
January Shelfscape. .
Well, I kept looking at it and it just wasn't
What I wanted
So I keep changing it.
I can't seem to get the right look
Here is what I first did and posted about.
Don't like it!
 Just doesn't look right to me. .
Don't like the "tall girl"
Don't like the Fleur de Lise plate
 So I changed it to this. . .
Hmmm, just not right
I Like the plates much better,
The little birds have to stay and so does the candle setting
But, it is still not appealing to me. .
 Just not what I want for my shelf. .
It is a focal point in my living room
It has to be right!
Ok, this is a little better
I added the Fitz and Floyd
Salt and Pepper Shakers
I like them with the birds and the pine candle rings.
It still is not right and appealing to my eye
Is it the ribbon?
Is it the vase with natural balls?
Why am I not getting the look I want?
Well, I will keep changing. . . .Maybe I will find the look I want
Before Spring Decorations go up.
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