Friday, January 14, 2011

Slumpy Dumpy Mood

Hello, all you Crafty Ambitious
Blogger Friends . .
I am in a slumpy, dumpy mood
I haven't accomplished very much this week
I am sure the January Dump
Dumped on Me.
I started several projects and haven't finished
any of them. . .
The sad thing is I don't care.
My house doesn't look like it belongs to me
And I don't care.

I did go to the thrift store this week
 I found this beautiful red wine glass
 It had two tags on it. . .
Viking Glass and
The original price. . . . $3.00
I got it for $.50

I wish I could have found more than one.
But, I did check out E-bay
And I found more. . .
I also check the Internet to find out more about
The Viking Glass Company
It is always a treat when I can find something
like this little treasure. . .

I do hope I get back into the swing of things
Real soon. . . !
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Thank, Holly!
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  1. The darn winter weather can get to the best of us! Great find. Hope you are are back into the swing again soon! Nice to meet you

  2. January is quite dreary isn't it. I like the red glass you found. I have Royal Ruby Fire King glasses that I have collected for some time now. If you like the Viking glass, you will slowly start picking pieces up here and there. That's how collections get started. Thanks for sharing your thrifty find!~Ames

  3. Oh, I can so relate too the "slumpy dumpy Mood" thing! It's taking me a long time to get into the swing of things since the holidays are over. I am slowly getting there. Maybe it's just you body tellin you that you need a little down time. Just relax and treat yourself to some chilling out time.

  4. I love your red glass. Funny I got a one (the black diamond point you like) and now you found a one. Thanks for joining in JFF!! I am hoping the January blahs leave me soon. hugs, Linda

  5. Really pretty. I admit I too am having a slumpy dumpy January...I cannot wait until February!


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