Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Don't you just love being
It really is where your Heart Is.
Be it ever so Humble
There is No Place Like Home.
I am what you would call a 
I like being home.
I have always loved being a
 My Home is very small
And Humble
I don't have a huge McMansion
Just a simple little place that keeps me happy
 All are Welcome In My Home
Come In
Sit a spell,
Take your shoes off
Get comfy
I want you to feel right at Home.
For my Birthday
 My children gave me this beautiful stone plaque
May this Home be Blessed with
The Laughter of Children
Oh, yes, it must have children's laughter. . .
The Warmth of Close Family
And we are a close family
Hope For the Future
My constant hope is for a good happy future for all
And Fond Memories of The Past. .
Many memories sweep my mind
 I also received this beautiful plaque
Do I ever LOVE being a
 I loved being a Mom
Well, this tops it. . .
It was worth raising my kids just to get my grandkids!
 Of course I received my initial
I tell ya, I love my letter initial
Like I said I am just a
I love making my House a Home

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  1. I really appreciate your outlook on life. What a sweet mother and grandmother you must be. Your family is blessed to have you! I am now a follower of your lovely blog!

  2. I love those letters. In the pictures they look big and sturdy, where did you find those?
    Visiting from Fingerprints on the Fridge:)

  3. #hat a great reminder about life and our homes. My home makes me happy too.

  4. Love all of your signs and that pink Eiffel Tower!! I love pink too -- just don't often incorporate in into things!


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