Saturday, January 1, 2011

I Just Want To Be Like The Others

I wonder sometimes what on this earth
I am doing in Bloggerville!
Really, I am so insecure about my blog posts!
(Don't get me wrong I love blogging)
I started
In July 2010

But I tell ya, I wonder sometimes what on this
earth I am doing. . .
My picture taking has a lot to be desired. .
(Something I have to work on)
My ideas are not original. . .
(I usually copy something or someone)
I recently started to do Table-setting. . . (Tablescapes)
Oh, let me tell you
I have a long ways to go!
I have always loved pretty plates and dishes. . .
But I hang them on the wall. . . !

I love plates!
I even hang them up high, close to the ceiling . .
I really do like to hang plates!
This is more like the "crystal" I use!
I just want to do tablescapes like some the blogs I follow
sigh, cry, tears
Look at this beautiful Christmas Tablescape created by
(Dare I say we used paper plates a different kind of plate?)

Does gorgeous Tablescapes. . .
Every Thursday she hosts
Oh My Goodness, there are some incredible
Well, I tell you, I am not giving up!
No sir, Not Me!
I will keep working on the picture taking
And I will continue to copy admire others. . .(how else do I learn?)
And I will continue to look for nice dishes I don't hang on the walls.
 Hopefully my tablescapes will come close to looking
At least half way decent. . .


  1. Hello Karie. I'm Cheryl. Thank you for the nice comment on my blog. I have been blogging for about 2 years now and I feel the same way you do lol. I guess some of us just have that special flare. Plates are pretty items to collect and I am looking forward to seeing your future tablescapes. Hey, at least you have tried a tablescape. I have been too chicken. (Well, and frankly on a tight budget till I finish school.)


  2. We all start somewhere! I'm still learning how to use my camera, still learning the in's and out's of blogging! Look at your talent and your big heart!!!! Don't give up!!!

  3. O, darlin' have a great blog. I love coming here.
    I, too, love tablescapes. I just can't afford all the pretty dishes (Social Security Budget, ya know) so most of my dishes are from thrift shops.
    I do have fun with them, tho. And, even tho I KNOW I can't come even close to all the beautiful tables in Blogland, I still love to play with them.:))
    hugs, bj


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