Monday, January 3, 2011

January Shelfscape

January is here
And it is time for a new look
Around the house.

I have been lazy slow to take my Christmas decorations down.
There were other things I was more interested in.
But it is done!
 Now it is time to move on. . . .

First thing is to re-decorate the shelf in the living room.
 I love decorating my black shelf. . .
I don't have a mantel, instead I have my black shelf
 I still wanted a wintry scene
So I used the pine candle rings. . .
 My JANUARY embroidery lets you know what month it is. . .
I have done all the months
So I am sure you will see the different months.
 Oh, these little winter birds are so cute!
They are the ones I got for 80 cents
At a After-Christmas sale.
Is a special month for me
My birthday is in January
Also, my brother,
My son
And three grandchildren . . . .
So now it is on to other parts of the house
To Re-Decorate
Don't ya just love January?
Oh, by the way, I heard that if you are born in
You are like the little Penguins.
We survived the coldest time of the year!
January babies are Penguins!

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  1. I don't have a fireplace, either, in our new temporary home. Great idea to use a shelf!

  2. Love the way you use that shelf like a mantle. I don't have a mantle either but we live in a park model mobile home and hubby doesn't want to hang something like that....bummer...Have a great day and Happy Birthday to everyone.

  3. It looks perfect. I love the decor for January and you've made it so interesting. Precious birds. Thanks for joining the party. Hugs, Marty


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