Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Trying To Get Things Done

Oh, I am terrible!
I am still trying to get things done. .
The holiday is long past and the
decorations are put away.
The January Dump hit me
And, I don't want to do anything!
Do you remember how I re-decorated my shelf?

 Well, it has just not been right
Not appealing to my eye!
 So, I changed it and changed it.
Finally, I tied a different ribbon around the vase
And I called it good. . .
 The shelf decorations will just have to do. .
I am tired of "fiddling" with it!
 Tried to decorate the table along the wall
It just isn't appealing . . . (oh, not again)
 There are some things I like about it.
These adorable Snowmen tumblers from Fitz and Floyd
I love, and they make me smile.
 My little "January" Precious Moment
I love!
I use to collect Precious Moments. . . but haven't for a long time.
 The little salt and pepper shakers are another favorite.
Yes, I decorate with my salt and pepper shakers.
I like to. . . .I think they add to a table-top setting.
I love my clock. .
My Dad gave that to me many Christmas' ago.
This will just have to do,
Because, I am tired of decorating and re-decorating
For now, anyway!
I am sure tomorrow I will be re-doing. . .
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