Sunday, February 27, 2011

February- - - A Great Month of Projects

February is on it's way out
March is knocking on the door
Even though I have 10 inches of snow where I live
And more is on it's way. . .
I can see Spring on the horizon!
February was a good month for me
I completed some projects that I am pleased with.
I learned a few things. . . like how to make a
Picture Mosaic
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Keep Finding Things To Paint

It seems that once I start painting
I just want to keep going.
I am looking around my house for things
That need to be painted. . . .
I know you are tired of seeing my paint projects
But, please indulge me. . . .
Here is the latest completed paint job

It started out looking like this
 I really like this plant stand,
I think I got it at Wal-Mart many years ago.
When I got it the deep dark green was the "in" color
Well, I am not into that color anymore. . . . moved to a new one.
It has been in use for all these years,
 and it had a few scuff marks.
 This is how it looks now. . .
I am very pleased with it and it looks great in my home.
 I used the same color I used on the B-Buffet
Martha Stewart's
Faded Ink
Then I glazed it with Ralph Lauren
Poplar Island
 I like the natural top
So, I just brightened it up with
Min-Wax- Provincial
It really looks much better.
Almost like new, only better!
It is fun when you take something you already have
Change the color. . . and you feel like you have
 something brand new.
I did this for nothing. . . I already had the paint and the glaze.
Well, I am off to see what else I can change with paint.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Few Thrift Store Finds

I was not going to the Thrifty Store this week
I have enough "stuff"!
Oh, but I just couldn't stay away. . .
And there is always room for more "stuff".
So here is my junk  "stuff" I found. .
 What if. . . I had not gone, I would have missed this beautiful
Silver dish
And just look at the plate!
 Oh, heaven forbid if I would have missed this beautiful plate.
 And the purple vase. . . . for my dear friend Sue.
She loves colored glass.
I just had to give it to her.
 The amber hob-nail candy dish. . . I couldn't pass that up..
The black vase I know I will use it somewhere, sometime.
And the amber-ish vase, let me tell ya, the picture does not do it justice.
It is beautiful
I simply can not miss a week  going to the DI (thrift store)
I am afraid I will miss something. . . someone else will get it.
I think it is the thrill of the hunt. . .
Just finding that tresures. . . .
I can always make room for "STUFF"
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I will have more thrift store finds to show you, that's for sure!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Solo Cheap Table-Turquoise

I have been on a painting jag!
Yep, a Jag. . .
(don't ask me the definition of that little word)
All I know is I have completed 3 projects
in less than 2 weeks and I am now on number 4 project.
This little beauty I named
Solo Cheap Turquoise Table
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OK this is the before

 I always forget to do a before picture. .
But, you can see this is one of those cheap t.v. tables.
 I bought it several years ago at the thrift store
I  needed something cheap with doors on it. . So
I bought this for about $5.00
It has just hung around doing all kinds of duties as needed.
Well, I needed a table by My Chair
And this little Solo Cheap table is what I decided to use.

I painted it Turquoise
After it was painted I thought
Oh, No! What have I done. Way too bright for my me.
Antiquing to the rescue. . .
I used  Provincial Min-Wax Stain
It toned down the Turquoise
And I like it now. . .

 This little Solo Cheap table
has doors so I can hide my "clutter" that sits next to my chair
Things like
Books, magazines, embroidery I am working on, etc.
You name it, the doors can hide the clutter.
I live in a small space and this little table
Adds to the cozy cuteness of my living space.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Loving Pink

I don't know what is going on with me
But, I am loving PINK. . .
I have always loved PINK but never decorated with it.
Except in my daughters bedroom when she was a little girl.
(I cried when she wanted to change her bedroom to a "big girl")
And my daughter was a little girl a long time ago. . .
So, now I want PINK.
I want to add PINK to everything.
Yes, Accent with PINK.
Why I even want to wear PINK.

My dining area decorated in PINK
 Maybe it is because I want SPRING
And PINK reminds me of Spring..
 Yep, you are seeing correctly. . . That is a PINK Eiffel Tower!
My daughter bought that for me. . . .
Can you believe it?
She said, "Mom I don't know where you will put it
But, you will find a place."
She knows I Love the EIFFEL TOWER
Of course I will find a place for it!
 Spring PINK vase with Spring PINK tulips ..  . .
 And I even have PINK candles.
With a PINK ribbon on the tiny bird cage.
 You know I am also in love with anything with my initial
You'd be surprised how much PINK brightens your day. .
It is gloomy and rainy here in Utah
But inside my little place it is bright and cheerful
With the color PINK!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Random Thrifty Finds

I have always like to rummage through
Thrifty Stores, Second Hand Stores,
Antique Stores
Just intrique me. . . they always have.
I could spend hours in my Grandma's basement
Going through boxes of old discarded "stuff".
I have stuff that other people can't understand why I have it. .
(My daughter for one, does not like "old" stuff)
After I have used my creative talents and of course PAINT
And made a thing of beauty, then they are asking
"Where did you get that"? 
(And my daughter wants it)
I thought I would show you just a very small portion
Of the things I have found at the thrift store and re-created.
(My thrift store of choice is Deseret Industries.)

In a few months it will be a year that I launched
Karie's Chic Creations
I have had so much fun doing this blog
And I have met some wonderful bloggers. . .
I have gotten so many ideas and so much inspiration from the
Creative Genius of others, I can't believe the wealth of talent out there.
I started my blog to just showcase some of my crafts,
But soon found that I wanted to showcase other things.
The things I find at the thrift store are so fun to re-create. . .
I will show you more of my creations from the thriftstore.

I have a few more I want to show you  another day.
Hope you will come back to see all the incredible things I have
Found while rummaging in junk thrift stores. . .

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bonanza of Silver

Wow! Someone is cleaning out their
Silver Chest. .

Last week I was able to buy two pieces of silver

(Last weeks finds)

And this week I found four pieces
They look terrible when I buy them.

 I haven't worked on the covered dish
It is really going to need a lot of elbow grease and lots of time!
 But, I bring them home and use tarnish remover
And LOTS of elbow grease.
 They look much better
The picture really doesn't do them justice
The little candy dish (I guess that is what it is)
Is just dainty and so pretty.
The creamer and sugar bowl will be very useful.
I have never owned pieces of silver.
So, I am thrilled to find these for only a few dollars.
All six pieces cost me less than $5.
It always amazes me what you can find at
The thrift store (Deseret Industries).

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Meet My "Old" Friends

I want to introduce you to my
Old Friends!
We aren't really "old", we are Vintage. . .
And when I say old, I mean we have been together
Childhood and beyond. .
Really. . . I love these gals.
 We get together once a month for lunch
And every Christmas we have a special party
And exchange gifts.
And we try to plan a little trip together. . .
Last year we took a special trip to
Park City, Utah

 We stayed at the Marriott of Park City.
It was wonderful
 When we are together we laugh a lot
But, we have cried on occasion too. . .
We have all traveled the journey in life with many ups and downs.
 One thing for sure when we are together we are
(They will shoot me for showing this picture)
It shows how "crazy" we can be when we are together. .
From Childhood To Eternity!
We are
Best Friends Forever!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Fruit Stand

Oh my, the sun has been shining here in
But it is way too early for Spring here in the
Inter-Mountain West
We still have several months before we can really
count on the weather to bring us sunshine and spring.
I was in the mood for Spring the weekend.
I have this cute little table
that my 80 year old great-aunt painted for me.
Yes, she is 80 soon to be 81 years old and she still paints furniture.
She loves it doing it and says it keeps her young!
And she does a beautiful job. . .

 Look at how nice my Aunt
Paints the furniture
 The is a previous tabletop arrangement.
The sun was shining and I wanted Spring.
The Fruit Stand was created!
 I used things I already have.
Do you remember the ceramic fruit I found at the DI?
Also, the silver pedestal plate I found at DI
Filled with dollar store fruit.
This fruit vignette
Is a nice change from the
Winter &  Valentine Vignette's
I'll enjoy the Fruit Stand for a few days and then. . .  
I will create another vignette.
I will be linking this to several
Blogs this week

Valentine Wishes

Valentine Wishes for you. . .
May your day be spent with those you love
Cheerfully, exchanging gratitude for one another
Count your blessings
You have loved and you are loved.

Blessings to all
Love Birds
Ask someone special to be
Your Valentine
Hugs, Karie

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Trying To Figure Out How To Make Photo Mosaic

A Valentine Mosaic
I have been playing around with the
Mosaic Maker at
I have tried and tried to figure this out. . .
Yeah! I did it!
So here is an extra post for Valentine
A Photo Mosaic

My first Collage/Mosaic
Oh, I am definitely linking this to
Stop by and see the different Mosaic's that are made by bloggers.

Isn't it just amazing what you can do with the computer . .
I can figure most things out. . ..  just takes me awhile.
Try making a Photo Mosaic.  It is fun.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Forgotten Valentine

To My Forgotten Valentine
I love you!

I am going to share something
I rarely share with anyone.

There is someone I have loved very much
He is the "other" love of my life. . .

Jim and I married later in life

 We had a wonderful life together.
Together is all I wanted
Jim always told me he had searched for me his whole life. .
I was all he needed.
Life is full of changes. . .  some times very hard changes.
And with love can come a broken heart.
I will always love Jim
My Jim passed away October 2010
Someday, we will find each other again.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Decorating Fun

Can I just say I am having FUN!
I am having Decorating Fun,
Now, some people may not think that is too much fun
But, I do. . . .
I have a new piece of furniture and I am having fun decorating it.
 My Bountiful Buffet
Is so much fun to decorate. .
I have my Valentine decoration out right now
And they look so cute on the BB.
 My milk-glass lamp with the red & white check shade
(A DI thrift store find)
And I love my little February Precious Moment.
Of course the milk-glass hen looks cute in the vignette
(Another DI find)
 I found this adorable scrapbook paper and had to have it.
If you don't know I love the Eiffel Tower!
I framed the paper and it fits perfect with the
 Valentine Vignette.

Because I was decorating I decided I needed to do some
Spring cleaning. . . yes, spring will come!
So today I washed walls and windows
And re-arranged furniture.
My dining area is small, but it is cozy and inviting and it is
 HOME for me.
I can see there are some painting projects ahead for me.
I have some other things I want to add paint to.
And I think I am going to use the yummy color
Of the Buffet again.
Be sure to come back again.