Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Decorating Fun

Can I just say I am having FUN!
I am having Decorating Fun,
Now, some people may not think that is too much fun
But, I do. . . .
I have a new piece of furniture and I am having fun decorating it.
 My Bountiful Buffet
Is so much fun to decorate. .
I have my Valentine decoration out right now
And they look so cute on the BB.
 My milk-glass lamp with the red & white check shade
(A DI thrift store find)
And I love my little February Precious Moment.
Of course the milk-glass hen looks cute in the vignette
(Another DI find)
 I found this adorable scrapbook paper and had to have it.
If you don't know I love the Eiffel Tower!
I framed the paper and it fits perfect with the
 Valentine Vignette.

Because I was decorating I decided I needed to do some
Spring cleaning. . . yes, spring will come!
So today I washed walls and windows
And re-arranged furniture.
My dining area is small, but it is cozy and inviting and it is
 HOME for me.
I can see there are some painting projects ahead for me.
I have some other things I want to add paint to.
And I think I am going to use the yummy color
Of the Buffet again.
Be sure to come back again.


  1. How cute! Decorating is lots of fun for me- I love changing things around and getting them "just right"!

  2. This is cute, cute, cute! Your dining room is beautiful. I love that buffet.

  3. Loving all that milk glass. I think the hen is adorable. I pretty much love your buffet too. Great vignette!


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