Monday, February 14, 2011

Fruit Stand

Oh my, the sun has been shining here in
But it is way too early for Spring here in the
Inter-Mountain West
We still have several months before we can really
count on the weather to bring us sunshine and spring.
I was in the mood for Spring the weekend.
I have this cute little table
that my 80 year old great-aunt painted for me.
Yes, she is 80 soon to be 81 years old and she still paints furniture.
She loves it doing it and says it keeps her young!
And she does a beautiful job. . .

 Look at how nice my Aunt
Paints the furniture
 The is a previous tabletop arrangement.
The sun was shining and I wanted Spring.
The Fruit Stand was created!
 I used things I already have.
Do you remember the ceramic fruit I found at the DI?
Also, the silver pedestal plate I found at DI
Filled with dollar store fruit.
This fruit vignette
Is a nice change from the
Winter &  Valentine Vignette's
I'll enjoy the Fruit Stand for a few days and then. . .  
I will create another vignette.
I will be linking this to several
Blogs this week

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  1. That is great that she still loves to paint furniture. I hope I still love to when I am in my eighties. Good for her! Thanks for sharing this at the party this week.


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