Sunday, February 6, 2011

Get Away To The Thrift Store

I haven't been to the thrift store
For more than a week. .
I have had a bad cold and the weather
Here in Utah has been COLD!
I know you poor bloggers in the Mid-West, East and South
Have really had some huge snow storms. . .
Utah is usually that way..
But, right now we are gray and cold.
So today I needed a get away
Not too far
Just get out of the house.
I headed to DI (Deseret Industries) and found some treasures.

Love these Ruby Red glass cups. . .
They aren't stamped, so I don't know who made them.
Doesn't matter, I like 'em
 Now, I don't know silver,
I think this just might be Silver
I should have taken a before picture. . . it looked bad!
Tarnished. .
But, with a little tarnish remover and elbow-grease
It turned out very pretty. . .
 Also, a silver candle-stick
It was in the same condition and with a little work
Looks good . .
 I am a push over for ceramic fruit. . .
Won't these look cute in a kitchen vignette?
I spent a total of $5.00 for these treasures. . . .
I am linking my thrift store finds to
Linda at A LA CARTE/Junkin Finds Friday
After the thrift store I went to Home Depot
Commented on my buffet, and she suggested
I put a glaze on it. . .
And Lynn at Cottage and Creek agreed with Marty.
So that is what I did. .
I worked the rest of the day on the buffet
It will soon be ready to reveal. . .
Can't wait to show you. Be sure to come back.


  1. Love your thrifty finds. Your glasses are great, but the silver pieces are real treasures. They are just stunning. Love the fruit also. I can't wait to see the buffet, I know it will look fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  2. oh nice! I love those mugs. Can't believe you snagged these for only $5 total!

    there is only one good thrift shop here but it doesn't get new things regularly & I end up seeing the same things 4 times over. I still love it though :)

  3. those fruits are just too cute, and make me think spring and summer!

  4. There isn't much shopping can't help, is there? Looks like you got some cute things! My grandmother had some glasses similiar to those red ones, and the color sure is pretty. Glad you are feeling better and thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. I love the ceramic fruit, great find! I never have luck at the thrift stores. I guess by the time I get there everyhting is all picked!

    Thank you for the nice comment on my living room post! *smile* XOXO ~Liz

  6. You've got some great finds there! I love the ceramic fruit, such pretty colors!

  7. Wonderful finds! I know the feeling of needing to get out of the house for a little trip to the thrift. You were rewarded with some awesome red cups, gorgeous silver and ceramic fruit. Thanks for joining JFF this week! hugs, Linda

  8. That was quite a haul for only $5. Great job.

  9. Nice Finds!! I can't believe you got all that for five dollars!


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