Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Meet My "Old" Friends

I want to introduce you to my
Old Friends!
We aren't really "old", we are Vintage. . .
And when I say old, I mean we have been together
Childhood and beyond. .
Really. . . I love these gals.
 We get together once a month for lunch
And every Christmas we have a special party
And exchange gifts.
And we try to plan a little trip together. . .
Last year we took a special trip to
Park City, Utah

 We stayed at the Marriott of Park City.
It was wonderful
 When we are together we laugh a lot
But, we have cried on occasion too. . .
We have all traveled the journey in life with many ups and downs.
 One thing for sure when we are together we are
(They will shoot me for showing this picture)
It shows how "crazy" we can be when we are together. .
From Childhood To Eternity!
We are
Best Friends Forever!


  1. How special to have such wonderful lifelong friends. You all look fabulous and look like you have a ball. Hugs, Marty

  2. What a beautiful post...so special to have life long friends that you still get together with. Thanks for sharing your wonderful mosaic of friends!

  3. There is something beyond special to have friends like that. Looks like a fun bunch.
    You are Blessed.

  4. That is wonderful. I hope to have some photos like that one day...I have a group of friends...2 I have known since second grade!

  5. Old friends are a special blessing, to be sure. Your gang looks to be lots of fun! I meet with two of my high school buddies once a month and we always joke that it's our "therapy" session. Nothing like the comfort zone of girlfriends who have weathered the ups and downs with you. Thanks for sharing and for reminding me of what a gift girlfriends are.
    Hugs ... Lynn


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