Friday, February 18, 2011

Random Thrifty Finds

I have always like to rummage through
Thrifty Stores, Second Hand Stores,
Antique Stores
Just intrique me. . . they always have.
I could spend hours in my Grandma's basement
Going through boxes of old discarded "stuff".
I have stuff that other people can't understand why I have it. .
(My daughter for one, does not like "old" stuff)
After I have used my creative talents and of course PAINT
And made a thing of beauty, then they are asking
"Where did you get that"? 
(And my daughter wants it)
I thought I would show you just a very small portion
Of the things I have found at the thrift store and re-created.
(My thrift store of choice is Deseret Industries.)

In a few months it will be a year that I launched
Karie's Chic Creations
I have had so much fun doing this blog
And I have met some wonderful bloggers. . .
I have gotten so many ideas and so much inspiration from the
Creative Genius of others, I can't believe the wealth of talent out there.
I started my blog to just showcase some of my crafts,
But soon found that I wanted to showcase other things.
The things I find at the thrift store are so fun to re-create. . .
I will show you more of my creations from the thriftstore.

I have a few more I want to show you  another day.
Hope you will come back to see all the incredible things I have
Found while rummaging in junk thrift stores. . .


  1. I am with you never know what you will find at these great shops, flea markets etc... I love to shop them all

  2. It never ceases to amaze me, what people will throw out or give to a thrift shop! And I love to go see what that is! Great projects, Karie ;)

  3. What great finds...I love to rummage's just such fun! As I read your post...I think and we must be related somehow :)

  4. I'm afraid that your daughter might be a bit like me...afraid to get her hands dirty or to mess something up terribly. Wonderful reclaiming you've been doing!

  5. Great finds! It so much fun to go thrifting .. there is always a surprise waiting around the corner or under a pile of stuff!!!!!!

  6. Great finds and such a great blog...congrats for longevity!!! (with your blog)

  7. Hi Karie, thanks for stopping by. Glad I made it out alive! I love the happy pink. love ya!


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