Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Solo Cheap Table-Turquoise

I have been on a painting jag!
Yep, a Jag. . .
(don't ask me the definition of that little word)
All I know is I have completed 3 projects
in less than 2 weeks and I am now on number 4 project.
This little beauty I named
Solo Cheap Turquoise Table
And I am going to Link this up to

OK this is the before

 I always forget to do a before picture. .
But, you can see this is one of those cheap t.v. tables.
 I bought it several years ago at the thrift store
I  needed something cheap with doors on it. . So
I bought this for about $5.00
It has just hung around doing all kinds of duties as needed.
Well, I needed a table by My Chair
And this little Solo Cheap table is what I decided to use.

I painted it Turquoise
After it was painted I thought
Oh, No! What have I done. Way too bright for my me.
Antiquing to the rescue. . .
I used  Provincial Min-Wax Stain
It toned down the Turquoise
And I like it now. . .

 This little Solo Cheap table
has doors so I can hide my "clutter" that sits next to my chair
Things like
Books, magazines, embroidery I am working on, etc.
You name it, the doors can hide the clutter.
I live in a small space and this little table
Adds to the cozy cuteness of my living space.


  1. This is so cute. Isn't it just magical how a little paint and glaze can transform a boring piece into something so chic? I love it.

  2. Beautiful! Great job, I am a major fan of turquoise!

  3. Great table and storage is also a bonus. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  4. I really like this piece, you gave it a real retro wow! You got skills girlfriend!

  5. great color. was that laminate? did you just prime it, that's all? i am taking notes here, lol!

  6. Beautiful color. Color is perfect for spring and your little table is so much better painted. Very cute! Thanks for linking up!

  7. I really like the turquoise also! Thanks for stopping over at my "place"!

  8. I think I have this exact same tv stand and it is hideous! I've been dying to paint something turquoise and you've totally inspired me! :)

  9. Great colour. I like this colour so much. It looks very beautiful and seems very attractive in entrance room.
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