Thursday, March 31, 2011

Decorating With Thrifty Treasures

I love decorating with the things I find at the Thrift Store
Oh, believe me over the years I have
Accumulated a lot of "Stuff".
And I love every bit of it. . .
 One of my favorite things to find is
Milk Glass
Ooooo! I love it!
Milk glass is already beautiful. . . .Just some soap and water
And it is beautiful and ready to decorate with
 Just a few days ago I found these beautiful pieces of
Milk Glass
The top one is a large diamond cut
The bottom picture is a small diamond cut.
 I made a pretty pink faux flower arrangement in the one
And a single rose in the other.
The flowers are cheap ones from the dollar store
They look as pretty as the expensive faux flowers at craft stores.
 I have a beautiful spring vignette. . .
About a year ago I found this spring cloche.
It was after Easter, and I bought it for only $1
Ready for this year when I brought out my Spring decorations.
I love it!
Look at the beautiful hand-painted egg.
 A closer look at the Easter Egg.
I didn't have to do a thing to this cloche arrangement,
Just wash the cloche and I had a beautiful
Easter Cloche for this year!
 I can't seem to pass up cute birds. . .
These poor little things were an ugly green. . . Oh, dear!
I washed them and spray painted them white. .
They are so cute and go so well with any
Spring Vignette I create.
I have found when shopping Thrift Stores
You have to see the beauty beyond the current "look"
Take for instance these birds. . .  oh, they were not very pretty
A little tender loving care and some spray paint.
And I think they are Beautiful
Maybe a little like some people.
You have to look beyond the current "look"
And with tender loving care, there is Beauty. .
But, for some they are like the milk glass and the cloche
They are already Beautiful. . .

Hope you are having Sunshine wherever you may live.
Even if the sun isn't shining, you can have
Sunshine in Your Soul.
Please do come back. . . .K
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


We are winding up the month of March
It has been nice to have the Hope
Of Spring that March brings. . .
(the weather is still teasing us here)
I did several decoration changes during this month.
I guess it is the restless feeling I have in me
I can't seem to leave things alone. . .
I want to be changing my house decor
I want to be outside . . . I want to be on the go. . .
I go from one project to another. . .
Is it Cabin Fever?
Well, here are some of the changes I did this month
Nothing major, just little things. . . but change nonetheless.

 Of course my house is decorated for St. Patrick's Day
A little green was added, with shamrocks. . .
 Well, last night the restless bug hit me. . . . I decided I needed another
Spring bouquet. . . 
(faux of course , but faux is good!)
 The little compote I used is one of my Milk glass. . .
I found it just this week at the Thrift Store, DI
 They may be fake, faux but still so pretty.
 I put the bouquet on the side-board in my living room.
For a Change, , , , the living room needed something Pink and Springy
Then I made a small change on the blue buffet. . . .
It all turned out good, and settled my restlessness. . . .
For a few hours anyway.
Now today I am flitting from one project to another!
How about you, do you get that restless feeling?
And do you need some change?
Come back again and see what new changes I have done. . K
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Monday, March 28, 2011

Enjoying The Roses

I have been doing some thinking today.
(Scary I know)
I need to STOP rushing through my life!
The days, and weeks and even months are going way too fast
And I am not savoring the moment.

 I love roses. . . And I love them at all stages
 of their development.
From the tiniest bud
To the full bloom
I enjoy watching them progress.
And so it is with life
I need to enjoy each stage of
My life's development.
I hope to STOP and smell the roses. . . Savor the Beauty
Even when I think I must pass them by. . .
Maybe this beautiful little plaque I found today
Will help me remember the beautiful Rose I have in the Day.
My rose tea cup will help me remember to savor the moment.
though I don't drink tea or coffee,
I love the beauty of a tea cup
Each day is a gift. . .  to be enjoyed and blessed.
  Because I have been given so much. . .
I will cherish each new day. .
I will Savor the Beauty of my life
And Stop and Smell each Rose.

I hope you are having a wonderful Spring Day
And savoring the beauty of your life.
Please do come back again. . . . .K
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

What A Wonderful World

Oh, what a beautiful world we live in
So much Beauty and Wonder to Behold
 The Beauty takes my breath away
 If you've never been thrilled
 to the very edges of your soul by a flower
 in spring bloom,
maybe your soul has never been in bloom. 
~Terri Guillemets
Spring A Time of Discovery
A Time to Rejoice
A Time to Renew
The sky is so blue
The colors of earth so bright.
Maybe if there had never been a winter,
 Spring would not be so Glorious!

Happy Spring To You. . .  K
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Friday, March 25, 2011

A Little Pink-ish!

I told you before I am always changing things. . .
Kind of like my life and the weather!
Constant Change.
This time I wanted some PINK
I am so tired of dreary looking days
And I want to see "real" flowers.
Thank goodness for Wal-Mart
They have a huge selection of "real" live flowers.
And they have PINK
 The beautiful PINK Azalea's really did brighten my day
 A bouquet of faux flowers doesn't hurt. . .
They are PINK and look pretty good in the vignette.

Well, why not add a wooden flower. . . sure, it is PINK!

All Pretty in PINK
 I know you are probably tired of seeing my buffet
In all the pictures. . . .but I change it all the time.
It is just a fun piece of furniture and so pretty.
 Real live PINK Azalea's
Faux PINK flower bouquet
And of course the PINK wooden flower
It all makes me feel so much better. . . .
A little change never hurts anyone.
Hope you are having a beautiful PINK day wherever you are
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Little Thrifting Never Hurts Anyone

One day this week I was just feeling "low"
So, off I went to the Thrift Store.
Sometimes I just like to browse around
And see what is there.
But, this time I did find a few little pieces of junk Treasure
Let me show you what I found. . .
Milk glass. Can never pass that up. $1
I do believe that is Transferware. $1 for both cup and saucer
Adorable china flower plates 50 cents a piece
(With the mark of Crown Staffordshire England)
Each plate has a name on the bottom. (Interesting)
Also found this adorable quilt. .
Not a mark on it and in perfect condition.
(I know DI washes everything before it goes on the floor)
I gave it a good hot washing, and it is beautiful. $3.00
Then. . .

This beautiful frame. . .It really isn't the color
I am going for right now, but I thought I could paint it. .
A nice man saw me holding the frame and debating
Whether to buy it or not.
He came rushing over with this beautiful print. . .
It went perfect with the frame. . . .  and I really like it.
And I don't want to paint the frame. . .
I just so happen to have the perfect place for it.
Total cost for the frame and print. . . $4
Well, I felt pretty good after my time at the thrift store.
Come home with my junk treasures
Gave a good sign and had a Diet Coke. 
I feel much better now!
Oh, the joys of being a JUNKER!
I do believe I will hook up with other
Treasure Hunters.
This is Linda's last time hosting the party. Next week
We will be at a new hostess,

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Just what is the value of a friend. . .?
Oh, let me tell you,
They are more precious than rubies,
More rare than diamonds,
Their reach is beyond the Universe. . .
The older I get the More Valuable they become. . .
They are not only Friends, they are Angels.
I know you have heard me talk about my
High School Friends. . .
Well, our friendships began long before High School
Grade School and Childhood!
We were together today for lunch

 We are an eclectic bunch. . .
 We try to get together as once a month.
 We listen to each others Joys, Triumphs and . . . .  Trials.
 We had a few missing today. .
Normally  we have about 10.
What a cute bunch of gals. . .  Love you guys!
We keep asking each other,
"Where did the years go?"
"Has it really been that long ago?"

Do you still get together with High School Friends?

Please come back again . . . .K

Monday, March 21, 2011

Grandma's Tea Cup

My Grandma Dot
Was very special to me.
She was my nurturer, and my security
When my Mother died I was only
7 years old and
Grandma Dot
Took me and my Brother into her home and heart
She was a gentle soul and loved us dearly.
She taught me so much
How to Love, How to Trust, How to Care.
She died over 46 Years Ago.
And I miss her.
I only have a few of her earthly possessions,
And one of them is this
Beautiful Tea Cup and Saucer
 She had very few possessions
But she had more love and compassion than anyone I know.
 Her little tea cup and saucer sits in my curio. . .
Protected from any harm. .
Just like my Grandma was with me
Protecting me from any harm.
 Grandma had such a delicate touch.
She taught me some of the finer things of life.
She taught me how to crochet and how to embroidery. . .
I thought at the time I could never do the beautiful crochet work
That my Grandma did. . .
I think she would be proud of me now.
I know where my Grandma is
And I know that someday I will be with her.
I will feel her delicate touch on my cheek,
I will hear her soft voice
And I we will be together once again.

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The Spring Thing

I am really not sure but I think it is suppose
To Be Spring!
In all reality I guess Mother Nature is doing Her
Spring Thing!
That would be Rain, Wind, maybe even a little snow. .
Inside my Home I did a few little
Spring Things
 Took down St. Patrick's Decorations on the shelf
And added some of the Spring decorations.
 Looks much better. . .  with colors of Spring.
 What is more Spring-ish than birds, and speckled eggs?
And Little Miss April.
I know it isn't April (yet), but her umbrella reminds me of Spring.
 A touch of Spring was even added to my bedroom
Cousin Louise made this darling pillow for me.
 It looks so cute on my bed. . .
I will have to show you my bedroom later.
I have been doing some changes in there.
I am trying to decide if I want to tackle painting the dresser and chest! will be lots of work!
 Spring Welcome!
Oh, yes, Spring is welcome at anytime.
I am going to change the color of my shelf and picture frames.
Yep, I am tired of Black. .  it really isn't my style.
I kind of got caught up in the black craze a year ago
But it just isn't my color. . . . so as soon as it is good weather
And I can go outside to paint. . .  the wall will be changed.
I am not quite sure on the color..  . . I just know Black is going.
Hope you are having a wonderful day
Wherever in this beautiful world you may be. .
Please do come back again. . . . .K.
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

An Award!

Oh, Yea!
I am a Stylish Blogger. . .
 My cute and talented friend Cristie
Gave me the Award
Thank you, thank you very much!
 Cristie is my real friend, I mean like in real life.
Not just in Bloggerville.
 We have been friends since grade school
We go back many many years. . .
She is one of the "Friends" that gets together once a month
for lunch. . .  there are about 10 of us old-time friends.
Anyhow, Cristie is so talented!
She has a blog
She re-finishes furniture, photography, flower arranging
She is a Master Gardner. . . knows all about plants.
She is a great Decorator. . .  She loves animals. . . and loves life.
She is a Mom, Grandma, and believe it or not a Great-Grandma.
And most of all she Loves The Lord!
She is just a neat, neat person to know and to have as a friend.

This is her cute little "old" house she has re-paired, and re-stored
And Decorated beautifully. . .
Be sure to visit her at
Oh, I think I am suppose to tell you about myself,
Oh, dear what do I say. . . .?
I love living in Utah, there is no where else I would rather be. .
I am a Mom and a Grandma and I Love it. . .
My family is my greatest joy and they are my best friends.
I love decorating my small space . . . . Apartment living after having
Two beautiful homes, is Hard!
I paint old discarded pieces of furniture and bring new life into them.
Then I can't part with them. . .  The furniture becomes my friend.
I love to Junk. . . . Searching thrift stores, antique shops is the best.
The Lord, My Family, and whatever I can do for others
Is my top priorities in life. . .
I have weathered many of life storms, but that is just Life
And I love Life!
I try to follow the admonitions of Paul
"If there is anything virtuous,
 lovely or of good report
I seek after these things."
Come back again. . . .K