Sunday, March 20, 2011

An Award!

Oh, Yea!
I am a Stylish Blogger. . .
 My cute and talented friend Cristie
Gave me the Award
Thank you, thank you very much!
 Cristie is my real friend, I mean like in real life.
Not just in Bloggerville.
 We have been friends since grade school
We go back many many years. . .
She is one of the "Friends" that gets together once a month
for lunch. . .  there are about 10 of us old-time friends.
Anyhow, Cristie is so talented!
She has a blog
She re-finishes furniture, photography, flower arranging
She is a Master Gardner. . . knows all about plants.
She is a great Decorator. . .  She loves animals. . . and loves life.
She is a Mom, Grandma, and believe it or not a Great-Grandma.
And most of all she Loves The Lord!
She is just a neat, neat person to know and to have as a friend.

This is her cute little "old" house she has re-paired, and re-stored
And Decorated beautifully. . .
Be sure to visit her at
Oh, I think I am suppose to tell you about myself,
Oh, dear what do I say. . . .?
I love living in Utah, there is no where else I would rather be. .
I am a Mom and a Grandma and I Love it. . .
My family is my greatest joy and they are my best friends.
I love decorating my small space . . . . Apartment living after having
Two beautiful homes, is Hard!
I paint old discarded pieces of furniture and bring new life into them.
Then I can't part with them. . .  The furniture becomes my friend.
I love to Junk. . . . Searching thrift stores, antique shops is the best.
The Lord, My Family, and whatever I can do for others
Is my top priorities in life. . .
I have weathered many of life storms, but that is just Life
And I love Life!
I try to follow the admonitions of Paul
"If there is anything virtuous,
 lovely or of good report
I seek after these things."
Come back again. . . .K


  1. Thanks Karie, that was so sweet of you to do. Had a great time today. Love ya!

  2. Ok Karie, GE Young is me, Cristie..I'm on Jill's computer.


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